This story is about how Void is discovered.

Chapter 1: Unexpected Movement

One day, Ryan was popping pigs. Clover was with him, moving pigs like he's a conveyor belt to Ryan. A pig suddenly moved away from the two birds. The two saw the grass shivering and a black flash coming by. The grass trampled. Ryan was wishing they would look for Evan, who isn't with the Gang for a while. "I guess that one was Evan." Clover said. "But he's yellow and he wears GLASSES," Ryan replied. "Let's see. He could be wearing a black bird costume." Clover sighed and followed the trampled grass. They saw a black triangle in the end of the track. The triangle was similar to a yellow bird. "Evan?!" Clover shouted. "Evan? I am not Evan." A voice replied. A pig moved toward the back of Ryan and knocked him down. A black pig with purple eyes was staring at Clover. The black unusual pig screeched and attacked Clover, but nothing seemed to happen. Clover vanished into a puff of smoke and appeared behind the pig. "Hello there." Clover said as he popped the unusual living bacon. "That's bacon for me!" All the grass trampled. Clover and Ryan sensed a force moving the two of them away from the triangle. As the triangle turned, Clover gasped. Daniel, who was watching, saw the triangle had a beak and eyes. An electrified battery came from nowhere and hit Clover right in the chest. "Ouch!" Clover shouted as he fell onto the grass. The battery exploded, forcing Ryan and Daniel outwards. Clovbot replaced Clover, while Clover appeared on the tip of the mountain. "Attack and weapon systems ready, master Clover." Clovbot said. "Good." Clover replied. He jumped off the mountain, an iron boat below him. He landed safely. Clovbot released a thick fog. The triangle completed turning, resulting into a yellow bird colored black. "My name is Void." The black yellow bird said. "What is that fog? Hidden attacks are useless." Clover vanished into a puff of smoke, appeared behind Void and threw Void into the fire nearby. Void moved unusually; he boomeranged back. His beak isn't open. Clover fell without anything hitting him except a strong force. "Master Clover!" Clovbot exclaimed. Clovbot fired electrified batteries at Void. "That's my power, too!" Void said as his copper shield conducted the electricity.

Chapter 2: Team versus Dark Leader

Ryan and Void fought. "Much like boxing." Clover said. "Hey, you pink stomach bird!" Void said. Clover vanished into a puff of smoke, reappeared behind Void and pulled the dark canary to him. Clover spinned and threw Void towards the wall. Void dropped down like he's from the sky. Daniel fired lasers at Void while Clover hit Void hard on the back. Clover vanished into a puff of smoke, reappeared in front of Void and hit him right on the eye. Void passed through Clover's beak. "You know, intangibility is always my health." Void said. Time stopped, and Void let Clover move like he would let himself do so. The two fought, Clover vanished into a puff of smoke, reappeared sticky on the ceiling and let time continue. Void, as he hovered toward Clover, was blasted by Daniel. Nothing seemed to happen. Clover vanished into a puff of smoke, reappeared on Void and made him fall down by turning heavier and heavier. Clover returned his normal weight and shot Void off using the slingshot. "Trajectory. Backwards." Void said. He boomeranged back and hit Clover right on the beak. Void dashed past Clover and hit him right on the back. "OUCH!" Clover shouted. Ryan tried to help, but Void knocked him off. Daniel tried to help both, and poisoned Void. Clover stared at Void with pure lime eyes, and lime acid came from Void's body. "That's a pretty good ability," Void said. As he hissed. Clover made his pupils green, and the acid duplicated. Clover's unusual eyes went back to normal, and the acid vanished. Void exploded, forcing the three birds back. An orange ball inflated. It was Tyler. Tyler deflated to normal. He forced Void off using his inflating ability and squished Void with an orange Clover that inflated. The two went back to normal, Clover being green again. Evan, as a canary similar to Void but with purple eyes and pink pupils, caused Void to stare at him. Evan screeched and fought Void. An explosive egg hit Void right in the eye. Edna hit Void right on the beak. Void screeched. "Is this egg-like bird as powerful as me? NO!" Void said.

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