Daniel, Ryan, Tyler and Ernie were Playing ball, when something whooshed by. it was black, and ten times their size. it wasn't Mighty or Mighty D, that was for Sure! they heard a Screamish sound then "ROOAAAR!!!" it Dive-bombed them. Daniel Pushed Ernie out of it's way and Drew his Sword. the thing Flew back up into the sky, and Screamed again. Tyler stared at the sky in shock, and Ryan flipped through his Book of Animal-birds. "What was that?" Tyler said, Shivering. Ryan flipped through Legends, and landed on a page that read "The Dark Dragon, AKA Scorn" Ryan could have sworn Someone screamed when he flipped to that page. he read the story of the Dragon "it all began during medieval times, the rulers of Angry Birds Island were once Kicked out by a Dark Dragon, who claimed himself King. but a group of Brave Birds Defeated him, and he flew off to find a new land to conquer. but the group gave a warning for all to hear. ' take this warning, for Scorn will Return! ye must forge a new weapon, for darkess always rises Again' if he Does Return, take out the page, for a map is on the other side". Daniel Thought, and he said "I Bet that Was Him, and he wants to Rule Once Again. we have to Stop him!"

How Will they Stop Scorn the Dragon?

Find out in part two!

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