Meh wantz chokwitz!

One fine day, Daniel and Ryan were in the underground lab when Tyler hopped in though the tube transport. "Hey, guys!" he said. "Hi, Tyler," said Ryan. "Whatcha workin' on, Dan?" Tyler asked. "I'm seeing if I can make chocolate an alternative power source," said Daniel. "Uh, in English please?" Tyler asked. Daniel sighed. "I'm making a teleporter powered by chocolate," he said. "Oh, cool!" Tyler said. "Ryan, hand me that 2 by 4 wrench," Daniel said. "Sure thing," said Ryan, handing him the wrench. Daniel took it and loosened a bolt. The teleporter lit up and buzzed. "IT WORKS!" Daniel shouted. Suddenly a blue light projected from it. "Da da?" said a voice. Harry hopped out and into Tyler's arms. "It really DOES work!" Ryan said. Harry turned and saw the tiny chocolate fountain Daniel was using to power the teleporter. "CHOKWIT!" he screamed, lunging for the chocolate. Tyler held him back. "Woah, no you don't, silly boy!" he said. "But meh wantz da chokwitz!" Harry protested.

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