Mysterious gem

The mystirous gem

Chapter 1: The New Bird

In the middle of the forest on bird island, a portal opened, and a black bird wearing sunglasses jumped out.The bird pulled out a red-black gem and placed it in a hole that the portal formed. Then he carefully covereded the hole again.

Chapter 2: Daniel's Discovery

Daniel was having a peacful stroll in the forest when he heared a deafening boom. He ran to were it came from and saw a bird infront of a portal. It was a black bird wearing sunglasses. "Hi, who are you?" asked Daniel. The bird jumped back in surprise. "Um, I'm Andrew" he replied. "But who are you?" "I'm Daniel" said Daniel. Andrew looked surprised, again. The Daniel? You mean of The Gang? You're the guy's I've been looking for! I finally found your demension!" said Andrew. "Uh, yeah, okay?" said Daniel, confused. Quickly, come! We need your friends in the 99th Dimension!" And with that, he pulled Daniel with him into the portal!

Chapter 3: The 99th Dimension

They landed in a world that was very similar to bird island, but was not. It was hotter, there were less trees and Daniel couldn't see any birds. Only pigs. "Where's all the birds?" Daniel asked. "The 99th dimension has been taken over by pigs. That's why we need the help of your team! They say you guys are the best pig-slayers ever!" "So, should I go get my friends, then?" asked Daniel. "Of course you need to! Hurry back!" Daniel jumped back into the portal.

Chapter 4: The Pigbots

When Daniel came back he had not just Ryan and Tyler with him, but also Evan, Kashy, Clover and Lewis!

"Thats more than Tyler and Ryan" said Andrew "but we can really use lots of help to take out those pigbots over there".

"Um, pigbots?" said Ryan

"Over there" replied Andrew, pointing to some robotic pigs that had just appered and encircled them.

"Ah." said Lewis

Chapter 5: The Battle

The pigbots advanced, and the birds were ready for them. Ryan smashed through 3 with one burst of speed, while Daniel zapped them over and over. Clover span himself around like a razor blade, cut one pigbot in half, then boomeranged back, killing another one. A pigbot leapt at Tyler, but he inflated, sending the pigot into another one and destroying them both. Lewis used his imagination which killed sevral pigbots istantly. Kashy exploded, destroying some pigs and sending amny more flying. Evan burnt down a tree, making it fall and squash a pigbot, then launced a exploding fireball to kill more pigbots. Andrew shot twin lasers from his sunglasses, killing a pigbot, then stabbed another in the back with a dagger, destroying the battery. Soon there were no pigbots left.

Chapter 6: Dark Daniel

"That was easy" said Tyler after the battle was done.

"There weren't many pigbots there. They pigs have over 100,000 pigbots in thier army!" replied Andrew.

"How did this happen, anyway?" asked Evan.

"Many reasons" said Andrew "Pigbots, ambushes, systematic egg stealing, but the main reson was that we were betrayed".

"By who?" asked Kashy

"Dark Daniel," said Andrew.

"Dark Me?" said Daniel.

"Yes, Dark you" said Andrew.

"I'm confused" said Ryan

"We all were when it happened" replied Andrew. "It happened like this. Dr Pigtastic invented a cloning machine. However, it backfired, making all the clones evil. When he cloned Daniel (it took a whole army of pigs to capture him) Dark Daniel was made. Dark Daniel killed Dr Pigtastic and about 30 other pigs before he escaped and started killing birds. Daniel managed to stop him, but he was injured greatly and was killed later by Dark Daniel. Since 99th dimension Daniel is no more, I was chosen to get help. No-one knew that I could dimesion-hop, but I can, did, and after a very long time, got you guys. So that's the story of our predicament."

Chapter 7: In King Pigrams fort...

Plump king

King Pigram

King Pigram, His High and Mighty Majesty, also known as a greedy fat hog by The Gang, was unexpectedly interrupted when Dark Daniel came into his throne room. "What do you want?" asked the king in a scared voice. Dark Daniel was sort of a scary bird.

"I kept my part of the deal. Now you keep yours. Hand over the gem that's lets you dimension-hop" said Dark Daniel. King Pigram looked around nervously.

"What gem?" he asked.

"Stop playing stupid. Hand it over" demanded Dark Daniel.

"I don't have it" said the king softly.

"WHAT! WHERE IS IT?" screamed the evil bird.

"That black bird with the sunglasses stole it! It's not my fault!" whined King Pigram. Dark Daniel managed to regain some of his composure.

"Get it back. If you don't have it for me in three days, you'll be sorry" said Dark Daniel ominously. And with tat, he turned and left the room.

Chapter 8: Traps

"Wait" said Andrew. "King Pigram usely keeps this area booby-trapped" It was late that night and the birds had been walking alll day.

"What type of traps?" asked Daniel.

"Mines, hidden things that launch poisned darts at you, the usual" replied Andrew.

"So how do we get past?" asked Evan.

"I'll call Korb, my best friend" Andrew pulled put a mobile phone and talked into it.

"He'll be here in a few minutes" said Andrew after closing the mobile. "so we have to wait"

"Is there nothing else to do?" asked Lewis


"Are you sure?"


Chapter 9: Korb

No one anticipated what Korb would look like until he got there. He looked like a cobra's head fell with a bird into Daniels mixer-thingy and Korb popped out. "Ok,a snake bird, did I mention I was scared of snakes?" asked Daniel. Korb shrugged. "I'm no that ssscary, unlesss your a pig" "Well, Korb, what do you think?" asked Andrew. "I think sssome green bacon would be just divine" he replied. Everyone except Andrew laughed. "I meant about the traps, how do we get past them?" Korb looked around, sniffed the air and said "Just go around them" "Oh," said Andrew "i didn't think of that" Everyone laughed again.

Chapter 10: Welcome to the party

The birds arrived at KP fortress. 5 guard pigbots tried to stop them entering, but Korb pressed a button on his belt, and the pigbots fell to the ground, dead. They kept walking. More pigbots came, but Daniel zapped them. The kept walking. Even more pigbots came, but Ryan and Tyler defeated them easily. They kept walking. More and more pigbots attacked, but Evan, Lewis, Kashy and Clover destroyed them. The reached the door. Andrew threw TNT at it, breaking it and the birds went through. 100 pigbots were waiting for them, but the birds destroyed 15 in one second, then 10 more fell to Korbs strange button, and the rest ran. They kept walking. Daniel drew his lightsaber and cut throughout the throne room door. Inside was King Pigram and a lot of pigbots armed with swords. "Welcome to the party" King Pigram said.

Chapter 11: King Pigrams falls

Before it could react, Daniel slashed pigbot in half with his lightsaber. Ryan grew to twice his natural size and started smashing. Tyler inflated. Clover used his Nightmare-o-sphere. Lewis also used a lightsaber. Kashy and Andrew exploded. Korb threw an object that looked like a grey dynamite stick with a button on top. It blew up several pigbots. But there were to many pigbots. Soon they were pressed up against the wall. "What do we do?" asked Lewis. Korb grimly took a large metal sphere out of his belt. "If we go down, we're taking the whole palace with us" Just then they heard a scream. Dark Daniel was pointing his sword at King Pigram. "Those birds are RIGHT THERE, IN THE PALACE, and you can't get ONE GEM of ONE BIRD with an ARMY OF PIGBOTS! What excuse for a king are you?" "" said King Pigram. "I don't know why I shouldn't kill you write now. In fact I will!" and all of a sudden, he through his sword over his shoulder and threw King Pigram out the window! His screams cold be heard until they ended his a thund and a popping sound. The pigbots stopped. There eyes faded. They all fell down.

Chapter 12: The final obstacle

More coming soon

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