The Angry Birds Story Theme is a song by The Birds.


Tyler: Birds, they live in paradise

They're Birds

Yeah, you think it would be nice

All: But they're eggs are always getting stolen

Tyler: They're Birds, they eat sardine cans (On an island)

But the pigs have demands

They take the (take the) eggs (eggs) and

Hide in big structures (structures)

Out of nowhere

The Birds shoot form the sky

They touch a pig and- oh, my

They made it die

(Daniel and Ernie gutair solo)

Tyler: The Birds are whom the pigs most hate

But sometimes

They lower their rates

When there's a reflex to feel safe

All: But they never are (no)

Tyler: But try as they might

The pigs never suceed

Becuase the eggs weren't laid to

Be feed (Be feeeeeed)

Birds (gutair strum)

Bird (gutair stum)

All: Birds, birds, birds, birds

Tyler: Birds (hey hey hey)

Birds (hey hey hey)

Birds (hey)

Birds (hey)

Birds (hey)

Birds (drum closing by Ryan)

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