The Angry Birds Space Interactive Adventure is a game you play by going to www.angrybirds

The Logo is a sign with Angry Birds Space in its famous font, Interactive in gold letters and Adventure in black.

The Game

It starts off with a view of the sky. The the camera moves down and you see Daniel near a rocket.

Daniel: Oh hello. You're here. Some pigs are trying to destroy Pluto for no good reason. We need to stop them. But our rocket won't start! (Ryan comes out of the rocket)

Ryan: The fuel line is broken. (Ryan looks at you) We need your help!

Repair the fuel line

(There are three wires to connect, green, blue and red. One wire should not be connected. The correct answer is red.)

If Player leaves green or blue out

(Rocket explodes)

Daniel: What! That didn't work! (Screen turns black, with "You Lose" in red letters.)

If Player leaves red out

(Rocket starts working) Daniel: All right! Ryan: Let's get in. (Ryan and Daniel enter the rocket, so do you. You find Tyler, Kashy, Lewis, Evan, Andrew and Rainbow Bird also inside. The rocket takes off)

The Moon

(The rocket lands on the moon)

Tyler: Whoa! (All the birds get out. A pig is seen refilling a ship with petrol called the Bad Piggie 9.)

Pig: Um...

Andrew: Can I kill it?

Daniel: Well, all right...

Andrew: Yay! (Andrew launches himself a the pig, but gets blocked by a force field.

Pig: Ha! There's a test to get to me! (Andrew, who is hurt looks at you)

Andrew: Well? (A test begins, similar to the Moron Test. There are 20 questions.)

If Player scores less than 14 questions right

Pig: Epic fail! (Screen tuns black, with red "You Lose".

If Player scores 14 or more questions right

(Force field shatters into small fragments) Pig: Uh-oh (Pig runs into the Bad Piggie 9)

Evan: Oh no you don't! (Evan launches a fireball at the Bad Piggie 9, but misses)

Evan: Aw man. (The birds take off in pursuit)


(The rocket lands on Mars)

Evan: Welcome to Mars.....where I'm gonna get recharged.

(Evan jumps into lava)

Evan: WHOO HOO! (Evan starts sinking, and the lava is revealed to really be quicksand)

Evan Oh (A astronaut pig appears)

Astronaut Pig Ha Ha!

Evan Pop it! Pop it! Pop it! (The Astronaut Pig starts flying around quickly for 5 seconds)

If Player clicks nothing

(Evan sinks)

Astronaut Pig Owned! (Screen turns black, with "You Lose" in red letters

If Player clicks Evan

Evan: Ow! No, click the pig!

If Player clicks the Astronaut Pig

(Astronaut pig poppes instantly, but the suit doesn't.)

Evan: Yeah! (Evan grabs the suit, climbs into it and escapes)

Ryan We should go now. (The birds enter the rocket)

The Asteroid field

(The Birds are in the rocket, which is shaking)

Rainbow Bird:What's going on?

Kashy(the pilot):We're in the asteroid field! (Camera moves out the window, to see the Bad Piggie 9)

Rainbow Bird:Get it! (Bad Piggie 9 moves at super-sonic speed,avoiding asteroids)

If the player clicks Rainbow Bird

Rainbow Bird:Ow,not me,that!

If the player clicks the Bad Piggie 9

(King Pigram leaps out,with 10 minions,5 helmet pigs,2 moustache pig,and Doctor Pigtastic)

King Pigram :Grrr....BIRDS!We almost reached Uranus!

Dr.Pigtastic:Never mind,sire.I have a surprise!(clicks button) (mini spaceship appears,with astronaut suits in it)

Dr.Pigtastic Come on in sire!

(pigs get in spaceship,and zoom to Uranus)

Kashy:GET THEM!(spaceship moves at super-sonic speed)(mini game appears to avoid the asteroids)

If the player hits 10 asteroids

(The spaceship bursts, the birds freeze,and in big red font,TRY AGAIN appears)

If the player hits less than 10 asteroids

(spaceship zooms to away)


(The rocket is orbiting around Jupiter)

Lewis: What's happening?

Kashy: We're stuck in Jupiter's gravity field! (One of Jupiter's largest moons loom up ahead)

Kashy: We'll have to land! (The rocket lands)

Tyler: Daniel, what does this button mean?

(Tyler presses button, and rocket escapes gravity field)

Tyler: Oh.

(Pigs zoom by, and crash on Io)

Daniel: Well, they had bad luck.

(Pigs escape ship in suits and float towards Saturn) 

Tyler: oh, COME ON!!

Daniel: They won't reach Saturn on our watch!

(as Daniel and Lewis turn on their lightsabers, new game begins where you have to Navigate both of them through the Moons of Jupiter.)

If Player only hits 18 or over

(Daniel and Lewis barely catch up to the pigs, with the Spaceship following them. Daniel is rather battered, and Lewis is not as battered. both get back into the ship, and fall unto floor knocked out, "Try Again" appears)

If Player hits 8 moons or under

(Daniel and Lewis zoom back into the ship, only teeny bruises, and follow the now-closer-to-them pigs)(Don't have bruises at all if they haven't hit any moons at all)


(Rocket approaches Mimas, much to the terror of everyone except Terence, Lewis, Daniel, and Ryan)



Daniel: that's just Mimas, but it looks like the Death Star, doesn't it?

To be continued.

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