The Angy Birds Interactive YouTube Adventure is a game that can be played on YouTube, hence the title. One must go to the channel called "angrybirds", and then on the channel, they must click on the "Custom" tab to play.



(The game starts out looking like a normal YouTube user page, but begins to gitch into a recorded video message recoded by Daniel. Evey 5 seconds the video starts to static a bit.)

Daniel: Hey! Hey YOU! All right, I wanna make this clear. All the pigs have built this big lazer that has it's been teleporting them into random YouTube videos! (Pic of lazer appears in top right corner) And you gotta help us! All right. So, you're gonna have to travel all over YouTube, find the pigs, and click them to pop them! Okay, Daniel out. (Video shuts off, the NFL ON CBS theme plays and the words "The Angry Birds" appears, "Angry Birds" being in it's famous font. Then a gold "INTERACTIVE" appears. Then, the YouTube logo appears with the word "Adventure" to the right of it. After 2 seconds, the logo shines and a yellow "Play" button flies in. After clicking on the "Play" button, the song stops, the whole user page explodes, leaving a picture of the pig's secret hideout. Ryan pops up.)

Ryan: Sorry! My bad! (holds up TNT stick and giggles, hops off screen. We then zoom into the pic of the pig's castle and see a helmet pig talking to King Pigram.)

Helmet Pig: Okay, sire, we now have complete control over YouTube!

King Pigram: Eggcellent. While they're trying to fix the videos, we can easily take their eggs! (Red letters in Angry Birds font appear over Pigram's head, which reads, "Pop King Pigram!", and button appears around King Pigram for 3 seconds.)

If Player Does Not Pop King Pigram

(King Pigram and Helmet Pig turn to screen)

King Pigram: Intruder! (Helmet Pig zaps screen with ray gun, leaving the words You Lost!)

If Player DOES Pop King Pigram

Helmet Pig: Intruder! (camera runs away from Helmet Pig and past other pigs, and jumps into a wormhole, while in wormhole, gets transmission from Tyler, and like Daniel's video, statics every 5 seconds.)

Tyler: Great, you made it past those pigs and have entered the wormhole! Now you're headed to the first video that the pigs got to. Find the hidden pig and pop it! See you later! (Transmission ends and a button appears that says "First Video" appears.)

The First Video: Bacon ala mode

Uploader: FoodNetworkTV

(Helmet Pig hops onto table where chefs are cooking)Helmet Pig: Bacon ala mode? That's rasict to pigs and delicious at the same time! (Carl hops next to Helmet Pig)

Carl: Ha! I found you. (looks at screen.) Quick! Pop him! (Helmet Pig moves around really fast.)

If Player Doesn't Click Anything

Carl: What are you waiting for??? DO IT!!!!!!

If Player clicks on Carl:

Carl: Ow! Not ME! HIM!

If Player clicks on Helmet Pig:

Helmet Pig: AHHHHHH! YOUR MOUSE!!! YOUR CURSOR!!! THEY COMBINED ARE TOO STRONG!!!!!!! Ugg... (Helmet Pig pops)

Carl: Awesome! Now you can go to the next video, or you can watch the entire video in peace. Carl out. (Two buttons appear, one saying "Watch This Video" and the other saying "Next Video"

Second Video: Annoying Orange: Bacon Invaders (ft. Harvey from EpicMealTime)

Uploader: realannoyingorange

(When Bacon says "Hey, Cherry Girl!" There's a hidden fruitball in the background on the black toaster, and a medium pig is on it. Video pauses, but pig does not.)

Pig: Yikes! You found me! (screen goes black for a few seconds, but then shows picture again)

Pig's Voice: Come and find me! (another white box appears, red letters in Angry Birds font, "Click around to find the pig!" (player must roll mouse around screen untill they find the pig, who is now UNDER the toaster.)

Pig: AH! Keep your mouse away!

When Player clicks pig

Pig: Ow! I'm outta here! See ya at the next video, loser! HAHAHAHA!!!!! (Pig dissappers, leaving behind two buttons that say "Next Video" and "Watch This Video".)

Third Video: Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail 2

Uploader: eddsworld

(When Matt says "It hurts my teeth", the pig from the last video appears.)

Pig: Well you know whats going to hurt Edd? ME STEALING HIS SUBIES!!!! You know his subscribers.

Edd: NOOOOO!!!!!!! Oh well, we might as well let that demon thing posses our house that let that swine take all my subscribes. ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! (A DDR-type game begins where the player has to press the right buttons when they light up on screen. You need the arrow keys to play. The correct arrows needed to press to win the game are up, down, up, down, left, left, right, right, up and down, left and right, up, down, left, right.)

If player gets 80%

(Edd punches pig.)

Pig: AYE! (Pig explodes!)

Edd: All right!

Tom: Now what should we do? (The same two buttons appear.)

If player does NOT get 80%

Pig: (Punches Edd)

Edd: Aye! (falls down dead, Try Again appears and the DDR-esqe game starts again)

Level 4: destroy Lienad

(When you click "Next Video",it instead brings you to a new Transmission by Daniel, this time live.)

Daniel: good, you disinfected all the Videos. but now i need help, Lienad is on the loose and i can't keep up with him, i'll need your help!

(You are teleported to Daniel's location, and Lienad is tearing up some recommended videos, and he takes troll comments (like "FIRST!" as in being the first one to comment on a video), and throws it at Daniel, injuring him)


(Lienad chases Daniel, confusing you)

If Player clicks Daniel:

Daniel: HEY!


If Player Clicks Lienad:

Lienad: OW!

Daniel: QUICK! PRESS "W"!

If Player Presses "w":

(water flows unto screen, and Daniel comes up and jumps into raft)

Daniel: well, that worked!

(Lienad sticks head out of water)

Lienad: This isn't over! (Ryan pops up next to Leinad)

Ryan: Are you sure? (Pumps TNT, explosion occurs, Leinad diappears)

Daniel: Boy, am I glad you popped up, Ryan!

Ryan: Pop up? (Hops on to raft, shakes water off)

(Daniel and Ryan Repair your windows as you go to the next video)

Fourth Video: Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Computer Errors

Uploader: ThunderBirds TV

(We skip to the first error which says: CAUTION!!! Pigs are still invading YouTube even AFTER some disinfected all of the videos!!!)

Microsoft Sam: What the *bleep*? How is that possible?!?!

Fat Pig: (hops on screen) IDK BUT YOUR GONNA DIE!!!

Rainbow Bird: Not if WE have anything to say to that!!! (Rainbow Bird and the other Angry Birds, plus Edd, Orange, Nyan Cat and Awesome Face appear, with Nyan Cat wearig shades.) All we need is a weapon. (A blank box appears.) Type in the lethal weapon in that blank box.

If the player types in "gun"

Rainbow Bird: (takes out a gun) Well, ok. (Shoots at Fat Pig, but the bullet bounces off of him.) Da heck? Oh well. You're just gonna have to think of something else.

If the player types in "cheese"

(Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends appears)

Fat Pig: Can I help you?

Cheese: I like chocolate milk.

Fat Pig: Well, I have none...


(The characters talk over Cheese)

Fat Pig: Really? Is that it? U RLY THINK THAT CAN DEFEAT MEH!?!?!?

Rainbow Bird: Just wait and find out.

(2 hours later)

Fat Pig: AHHHH!!!! I CAN'T TAKE I ANY MORE!!!!! (Takes out a bazooka and shoots himself. Cheese stops. The number of points that appears after the Fat Pig kills himself is 23,456,789,098,765,432,123,4567,890,098,765,421 points.)

Rainbow Bird: Awesome! You saved all of YouTube. Now let's all get some chocolate milk!

Everyone except Rainbow Bird and Microsoft Sam: YAY!!!!

m(Everyone walks away and we fade to the credits.)

If the player types in "grenade"

Rainbow Bird: (throws grenade at Fat Pig and ducks) GET DOWN!!!!! (All the birds duck and the grenade explodes, killing the Fat Pig. After 2 seconds, the smoke goes away.) WOO HOO!!! WE DID IT!!!!!

All the birds: Yay!!!

Microsoft Sam: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay woot!

(Cuts to the credits)

If the player types something unrecignized

Rainbow Bird: Uh, hello?

Tyler: TOTALLY 404!

if the player types "Daniel"

Daniel: uh.. Me?! you see, the fat pig is 18 by 14 by 12, and i'm only four cubed, i'm too small.

Rainbow Bird: ya sure about that?

(Rainbow Bird throws Daniel at the Fat pig, but he only causes a bruise)


(Tyler gets hit into by Daniel, who bounced off the fat pig like he was a trampoline)

Rainbow Bird: Ooh! are you two okay?

Tyler: I'm okay, but Daniel's not.

Daniel: did you remember he's FAT?!

Strawdina: that didn't work! type something else.

if player types "Goo"

(Music changes to "Threadcutter" from World of goo, and Gooballs start falling.)

Daniel: Gubius Naralcoms!

Tyler: What?

Daniel: Gooballs.

Rainbow bird: what will they do? BUILD him to death?

Daniel: watch.

(all scattered goos turn into match goos and a fire appears next to the fat pig, and a Sticky Bomb goo falls and is added to the tower, which now is on fire)

All: FIRE!!!

(Bomb goo explodes, and the Fat Pig dies, but he doesn't Poof, he just turns pale)

Rainbow bird: did his eyes just-

(Suddenly, the Fat Pig explodes, his blood splattering EVERYWHERE!!! everyone runs off)

Tyler: That is so gross!

(Blood drips down, then the credits play, but with the song in G-major and the background is blood red.)


("The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars plays.)

Created by Rovio Entertainment and YouTube.

"Bacon ala Mode" by Food Network TV

"Annoying Orange - Bacon Invaders" by realannoyingorange

"Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail Part 2 Rooftop Rumble" by Edd Gould

"Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Computer Errors" by ThunderBirds101


Tuomo Lehtinen (lead programmer)

Miika Virtanen

Antti Laitinen

Atte Järvinen

Mika Rahko

Marco Rapino

Kari Kuvaja


Raine Mäki

Harro Grönberg

Mikko Häkkinen


Jaakko Iisalo


Daniel Google T. Bird - Himself

Candhfan621 - Rainbow Bird

Ryan T. Yellow Bird - Himself

Tyler G. Franks - Himself

Fat Pig - Keith Ferguson

Microsoft Sam - Himself

Paul ter Voorde - Edd

Jpace92 - Sergeant Major Kululu


Posthumus Zone (NFL on CBS Theme)

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Friday by Rebacca Black

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.

Dedicated to Edd Gould (1988 - 2012)

Rainbow Bird: Thanks to you for restoring peace to YouTube. Rainbow Bird out.

Copyright 2012 Rovio Entertainment, Gagfilms, Thunderbirds, Google.

(You are then escorted to a theater, where you can watch bloopers.)

Secret Ending

(There is a 49% chance that, instead of the credits and bloopers, this will happen after you defeat Fat Pig.)

Lewis: Thanks for all your help, but there's still more to do!

Frostbite: Go through all the videos and look for Ricky Shea.

Lewis: Then click on him for a Super

Frostbite: Secret

Together: Ending!

Lewis: Will you do it?


If You Choose Not To Help

Black Woman from Smosh: OH HELL NAW!!


All The Birds Sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" to the Pigs.


(Game ends, the song stops and the credits play)

Bloopers and Lost Scenes

Blooper Reel

(The first scene is the intermission that Daniel gives you at the beginning.)

Daniel: Hey! Hey YOUTUBE! Wait, YouTube, wth?

(Next blooper, from the Super Secret Ending, instead of Never Gonna Give You Up, the song Friday BY Rebbaca Black plays.)

King Pig: I LUV THIS SONG!!!!

(Next blooper, in the middle of the DDR game, but the video box starts to fade, and then the first related video cracks open, revealing Kululu from Sgt. Frog. He laughs the same way he does in Sgt. Frog Abridged by The Midnight Frogs.)

Kululu: HEGH!

(Next Blooper, During the Annoying Orange video, when the Bacon calls Little Apple "Cherry Girl".)

Kevin: Hey, Cherry Girl!

Little Apple: You know what, *bleep* you! I am not a Cherry!!! I AM A *bleep*ING LITTLE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Director: Cut!

(Next Blooper, during the Goo scene, when Daniel starts setting up the goo balls)

Tyler: FIRE!!!

(Rainbow bird shoots at the fat pig, accidentally hitting Daniel, but it bounces off of him)


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