Chapter 1:Bob

Bob was a lonely green bird.He always was left out.He wanted to find new friends and thats when he seen a group of pigs.He ran off to spy on them."I wonder what they are doing?"said Bob.CRACK!Bob fell.Bob landed in the face of a pig."OH NO!Ive got to run..."said Bob until he fell once again into a heap of coal.Rolling and rolling away,Bob had to find a way to stop until he seen something very dangerous."IM HEADING INTO A ROARING FLAME!"cried Bob.What could he do..

Chapter 2:The sidekick

Suddenly,three small birds jumped in front of the fire.They got out water pistols.A fourth bird fell on top of Bob and pushed him to safety.The other three birds vanished."WHO ARE YOU?"said Bob."I am Jimmy,those three other birds you seen were my clones called Jim,Jake and Josh.Now hurry we have to get out of here before the pigs use their ground shacker to destroy this place!"said the bird.The duo ran and ran."We have to fly!"said Jimmy."But us birds dont fly!"said Bob."OH YES WE DO!"said Jimmy as a jetpack came on his back.Jimmy put Bob on his back and they flew of.

Chapter 3:Great Power

Bob started to glow."AHHH!WHATS HAPPENING TO ME??"roared Bob as he fell."OH NO!"said Jimmy as his clones went after Bob.Lightning hit Jimmy and his clones.They changed into more heroic costumes.The clones,Jimmy and Bob landed on the ruff cold floor.They heard a beep beep."OH NO!They are going to blow this place up!"said Bob as he started shivering.Bob shot a ball of electric at the bomb making the bomb roll away."OH NO!RUN AFTER IT!"said the Fat pig as he rolled off."We have to follow them!"said Bob as the group ran after them.

Chapter 4:The place

Jimmy and Bob ran as fast as they could."These caves go forever!"said Jimmy as they went into their 5th cave.Bob started to glow."Lets do this!"he said as shooted electric at the pigs.The ground started to shake."You know whats going to happen right?"said Jimmy."Yep!SNOWBOARDING!"said Bob."Wait wha..AHHHHHH!"said Jimmy.20 minutes later,the two birds landed on two other birds."Hey watch out where ya going!"said the red one."WHO ARE YOU?"said the yellow one."My name is Bob and this is Jimmy.What are your names?"said Bob."My name is Daniel,the yellow one is Ryan,the green one is Clover,the orange one is Tyler and that one is Lewis!"said Daniel.The new friends joined together so they could defeat evil birds and the pigs.


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