Chapter 1:The portal

Bob and the gang lay on the ground playing around with balls."Hey catch this!"said Bob as he threw the ball in to air.Suddenly,the ball vanished and a portal opened."AHHH!"said Daniel as he,Ryan and Tyler got sucked in."HELP!"said Jimmy as he,Lewis and Clover were sucked in."OH BOY!"said Bob as he was sucked in...

Chapter 2: Evil rises

Ryan,Daniel and Tyler landed in Hoth."Why are we here?"asked Tyler as he got up."This is the not the same Hoth this is a different world,"said Ryan as he looked around."Use the force.You shall,"said A black figure."Yoda?"asked Daniel.It was Darth Vader!"I get it!Everything evil in our world is good here and everyone good in our world is evil here!"said Ryan.

Clover,Lewis and Jimmy landed on top of a hot ground."AHH!IT BURNS!"said Clover as he jumped up.The 3 birds looked at each over as they seen that they had their space suits on.They were on the Red Planet! "Please say we're not trapped in a different world," said Lewis as he though about staying there forever. "OH EAGLE! BOB! LOOK!" A Yellow bird raced past.A Big Brother Bird stomped forward.A black bird glared at them."Surrender!"said the three birds."RUN!"said Jimmy as the three of them ran off.

Chapter 3:Wheres Bob?

Bob landed face first in a plane.It wasn't a normal plane,it was a plane made out of little blocks of wood.It started to fly."OH NO!"said Bob.Bob started to get hit in the face by the the front of the plane."Stupid Pig!"screamed Bob as he fell and landed on the wing.The pig glared at him and then got out a huge ray."NICE PIG???"cried Bob.Bob bit at the wing making the wing break off the plane."WOO!"laughed Bob.

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