Technical Difficulties Title Card

Angry Birds Toons Episode 7: Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties is the seventh episode in season one of Angry Birds Toons.

Plot Summary

The pigs create a show in order to hypnotize the birds to get the eggs. Will their plan work?

Episode 7: Technical Difficulties

(Episode starts with a few birds watching a show, while two decide to leave. A pig walks up to a stage holding a microphone, and then we go from the bird's television to live.)

Host: Hello everybody! Welcome to the hit show, Pig's Show! I am your co-

(Technical Difficulties shows up, and then the host is shown whispering behind the curtain)

Host: I am your host, Porke! Now, we are going to... umm... oh yeah! We are going to stee-

(Technical difficulties show up)

Host: Li-

(Technical Difficulties show up)

Host: Ok, we will-

(Static appears)

Host: Not again!

(One pig is shown watching the show live)

Pig: Again?

(Pigs wearing hardhats appear in the background as Flamro flings at them all, then the host ends up standing on a burnt stage)

Host (Turned around): Well, that was unexpected. Now, les-

(Technical Difficulties and the host appears on screen this time as Zoey flings at him, causing the unstable stage to collapse)

Host (Injured): Ok, lets ignore everything and just steal the eggs.

(Eggs appear in distance)

Host: Aha! There they a-

(Scream is heard as King Pigram is randomly flung, along with Flamro and Zoey, destroying the background.

Host: Well, GOT TO GO!!!

(Host runs away as the building is destroyed, and we cut back to the TV, showing the birds laughing)


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