The ‘world’s most original mobile game franchise’ TM has finally gotten a true sequel that is not a movie tie-in or holiday bs. The first Angry Birds was a carbon copy of Crush the Castle with birds. Angry Birds Space fairs much better then the first game with a interesting gravity mechanic taken strait from Super Mario Galaxy ,a fun superhero gimmick, and of course that the game setting is in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccee! As much as I hate the previous games, this one is marginally better. The game is however, very, very short. You can beat it within a hour or two depending if the randomness of the
gravity is on your side. The only downer is that greedy Rovio is now doing ‘level packs’ that require further purchases. Rovio is going to become EA before we know it, whoops too late! I still recommend giving the ‘free’ portion of game a shot. I just hope we aren’t bombarded by endless merchandise but we all know the answer to that.


Less than a week after its release, Angry Birds Space managed to reach an amazing point, the total download which reaches 10 million times! Well to help you get a perfect score in this game, this time provide a guide in the form of videos taken from the IGN website and also WikiGameGuides.


Hopefully that has not been able to get a perfect score, or stuck at a certain level can be helped with this guide ya! Happy listening!

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