The Capture

Daniel groaned as he woke up. He looked around and saw he was in a cage, and so were Ryan, Tyler, and Frostbite. They had been captured by King Pigram, who planned on feeding them to the Fat Pig. "The tough part about being a bird," Ryan said. "Every last pig always wants you." " Wait, I have an idea!" said Frostbite. "Daniel, don't you have that thing on your goggles where you can call the closest goggle bird?" "Oh, yeah," replied Daniel, and he sent out the contact wave.

The Only Hope

A long way away from where they were, Lewis sensed with his goggles that he was being contacted, and sensed that his friends where in trouble. So he ate some near by Super Seeds, and found out that he was now in his new form of Super-Lewis! 'So this is what Dan meant when he said that every Goggle Bird has a special power waiting to be unlocked!' Lewis thought with pride as he flew off to save the day.
Super Lewis


The Rescue

When he arrived, he saw the weakness of the cages through his super goggles. But then, King Pigram's army spotted him. "OH COME ON!" Lewis yelled as he flew to the cages. Then using his super speedy flight, he cut the chains holding the cages. Suddenly, the floor opened up to reveal lava. The birds were going to fall into it.....

The Exciting Conclusion!!!!!!

Suddenly all the doors on the cages opened up, and the birds flew out. With the birds lined up, ready to fight, the tension rose higher every second. Pigram was chuckling.

"You really think that you weak, ignorant, balls of puffed up feathers are going to defeat my army!" He maniacly hissed. "Well, someone is stupider than they look. Guards, ATTACK!"

The Final Battle

Working together, the birds battled the pig army. A pig approached Daniel. Daniel's goggles lit up, and he ZAPPED the pig, vaporizing it. Tyler backed a few pigs into a corner and inflated, squashing them. Frostbite created a trail of ice and stood at the ennd. The pigs slipped on it and rammed right into him, freezing them all. Lewis used his imagination to take out the rest of the pigs. TThen Ryan waved his wand and turned all the pigs into bacon. All except... King Pigram! He had escaped. But the birds were happy to be home.


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