The pigs have found the machine! What will the flock do to avoid disaster? Find out in the shocking conclusion to Subject of Time!

Chapter 1: Reeeaally Big Problems

"Alright, give us the machine! Or we'll hurt... eh, what's your name again?" a pig said, in the kingdom of King Pigram's. The gang was trapped in a steel cage, and so were the babies. "Eh, oh well, give me the machine!" the pig commanded. "Geez, if you want it so bad, King Pigram has it," Kashy said, in the cage. King Pigram was trying out the buttons. "What does that button do?" King Pigram said, and pressed it. Pigram's pirate anncestor appeared. "YARGH, WHO BE THIS DOPPLEGANGER OF ME?!" the pirate yelled. King Pigram quickly pressed the button again. The pirate disappeared, but a cave pig appeared in his place. "Eh, ooga booga!" it said. King Pigram pressed the button again, shrinking one of his minions down to a baby. Pressing the button again didn't return the minion to normal, but shocked King Pigram super hard. "YOWCH!" he screamed. Mid-shock, he pressed the button one more time, stopping the electricity. Ryan tried his hardest not to laugh. Scared to press the button again, King Pigram tried pressing another. "WAIT, PIG, NOOO!" Daniel screamed, and all the birds and pigs were sucked in the machine. FWOOSH!

The gang found theirselves floating in a blank space. The pigs were there too! Then, Lewis realised where they were. "The Space-Time Continuum." He gasped. Kashy looked at him. "Where are we?" Ryan asked, confused. Tyler spotted the pigs using the machine to escape in a portal. "GUYS!" He yelled. "We've got a problem."

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