What happens when the residents of Angry Birds Island get turned to 4-year old kids?

Chapter 1: A LITTLE help!

The gang were going to work on a project, on a robot. "Shoot, I need to know what it feels like to be a robot," Daniel said. "Oh NOW you say that," Kashy mumbled. "Ryan, can you go to the Time-Warp machine and press the transformation button that says Robots?" Daniel asked. "Uh... sure," Ryan replied, and walked to the machine. The buttons were very high, so Ryan used a stool, and pressed the button. "Are you sure this is safe?" Ryan asked, pressing the button. FLASH!!

Chapter 2: Shoot, wrong button

Cute baby ryan Redesign

Why does everything look so big?

"Hey Dan- wow, robots look like babies..." Kashy said, in a high-pitched voice. "WAIT, WHAT!?" Daniel screamed. He looked at a mirror, jumping up and down. "RYAN WHAT HAPPENED?!" Daniel said. "What the bird!? I thought I pressed the Robots button! I guess the Young button by accident. Sorry, again" Ryan said. "It's okay, we just need to reach up the button. STACK UP!" Matrix said. They were like a tower, and reached up. Daniel was the top one, and Lewis was the bottom. "Hurry up there!" Lewis quickly said. "CAN'T... REACH, IT!!!" Daniel said, trying to press the Present button. Collapse! The tower fell in pieces. It was too far away. "Dang it!" Daniel said.

Chapter 3: Small creatures, BIG problem!

The gang jumped outside. "I thought the Time Warp was supposed to take it to another portal, or something," Kashy said. They saw huge piles of trash everywhere. "Okay, that'll do," Kashy said. Not only were the gang kids, but the whole ISLAND! "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Clover shouted, coming over. "Uh, long story short, Ryan accidentally pressed the wrong button on a machine," Tyler said. "So this was your fault!" a baby Stephanie said, hopping over. "I shoul've known!" she said, glaring at him. Ryan sighed. Harold came by saying, "Hey, what happened?! I was just playing video games when blam! I was 3 feet shorter!" The gang were surprised. So surprised that they forgot about the machine, already. Meanwhile, at the Pig's Fortress...

Chapter 4: Just like Hamm!


"AWW GREAT!" King Pigram yelled. "I'M A STUPID BABY! CAN ONE OF YOU KNUCKLEHEADS MAKE A MACHINE THAT MAKES ME TURN TO MY REGULAR AGE?!" he screamed. "Yeaaah... I guess" a pig said, and went to Mechanic Pig. The gang went to his fortress. "Pigram, you look just like Hamm!" Ryan said. "I'M NOT ADORABLE!" King Pigram insisted. "So you think Hamm is adorable?" Ryan asked. "No!" Pigram said. "Yes," Ryan said. "NO!" "Yes!" "NOO!" "YES!" "NOO! NEVER!" "YESS!" "OKAY, STOP IT, PLEASE!" Matrix commanded. "Shoooot... I t-think forgot something," Daniel said, reluctant. "What is it?" Lewis asked. "WE NEED TO BE TURNED TO THE PRESENT!" Daniel remembered. "C'mon, let's go!"

Chapter 5: Victory for all!

They ran to their home, with Pigram and pigs, and other birds. They reached home. "Okay, form a tower!" Tyler said. They stacked up to a longer tower, and went to the machine. Daniel jumped up and down, and pressed the Present button. Everything was back to normal. Trash was cleaned up, and everyone was back to their own age. "Where's the pigs?" Clover asked, confused. They saw the pigs stealing the eggs and attacked them before anything could happen.

The End