The gang has been transported into another subject of time! Will they survive like the last time?

Chapter 1: NOOOOOO!

"Ugh, cleaning up the basement is boring." Matrix said. He had been cleaning the basement because of a bet. Hey, what's this?, he thought. He pulled out a machine. "OH COOL, can't wait to show this to my friends!" he said, and went to the house. The gang was in the living room, watching TV. Daniel moaned, "I'm bored, I want to do something like- "GUTS AND GUYS, LOOK AT THIS!" Matrix said. "No, something other than that." Ryan said. "What does this button do?" Matrix said. "WAIT, WAIT, MAX, DON'T!" Kashy yelled. "OH NO!" Daniel worried. FWOOSH!

Chapter 2: Dumb Luck

"Whup, we have no Stephanie. Oh well!" Ryan said. "I'm right here, you triangle!" Stephanie said from the bushes. "We're in uhhh... prehistoric times..." she said. "WHAT?! MILLIONS OF YEARS AWAY FROM HOME!" Daniel said. "I think our home is there," Tyler said, pointing to the badly-built rocks. "I think we should explore," Lewis said. "Wonder what it feels like to have dinosaurs," and walked. They stopped by to see cave-pigs, with a TNT box. "This is bomb! It go boom!" a pig said. "Throw rock at it! Ooga booga!" another pig said. The pig went far away. and threw a bone. "TIKI! RUN RUN!" the pig said. They ran. "Well that was strange," Lewis said.

Chapter 3: Yuck, how do they survive?

"I wonder what the food tastes like?" Kashy said. "Yeah, I wonder..." Tyler said. The gang went to a restaurant called, "FOOD OOGA" and ordered food, of course. The chef came with their orders. Ryan took a bite. "MFFMFFF! WHERE'S THE BATHROOM?!" Ryan yelled. "Oooga tiki poopie!" the chef said, pointing to the bathroom. Ryan immediately went to the bathroom. "I think we should go now..." Evan said. They paid rocks, like money. Daniel picked up some leaves and dirt. "I should keep these for the present," he said. "Sooo... what do we do now?!" Kashy said. "I'm getting bored, let's get back to the machine," Stephanie said. "Agreed," Tyler said.

Chapter 4: DINO-SAW-US!

"Oh no, I forgot the directions to the time warp machine," Evan said. "We should explore more then, I guess..." Ryan said. They came upon a group of dinosaurs. "Or find the machine," he said. They carefully sneaked away from the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the dinosaurs followed them. They didn't know the dinosaurs only ate plants. Then they hit a dinosaur's leg. The worst part? It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. "OH MY BIRD!" they said. "WE NEED TO ESCAPE!" Tyler said. They ran as fast as they can. "OBVIOUSLY!" Kashy said. Since Ryan was the fastest, the gang grabbed him by his tail. "OW, MY TAIL HURTS!" Ryan said.

Chapter 5: To the present!

The birds hit into a tree. "OW! OUCH! OWWIE!" they all yelled. The t-rex caught up. and gobbled them all up.

Sadly, this is The End

Haha, just kidding! The real part is:

The gang had swerved left to right, dodging everything. Maybe not everything. Lewis got covered in leaves. "HURRY, HURRY" Kashy yelled. "I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN!" Ryan said. He turned left, and hit something. It was the time warp machine, and he pressed the button. They all warped to another place. "Whoops!" Ryan said. He pressed the button once again. Back to the present! "I think I have a bruise!" Tyler said. "Me too," Lewis said. "And I have a stomach ace," Ryan said.