Chapter 1: What Does It Do!?


"♪ Delivery is here, delivery is here! ♫" Daniel sang as he rushed to the front door. He opened the door and a big box appeared. "What's that, Daniel?" Kashy asked. "Ahhh, nothing much," Daniel replied. It had a label that read, "Time Warp Machine" on it. "Hey, it's not nothing, it's a machine that has to do with time traveling," Tyler said. "Naah, it's more like as a caveman, pirates, scientists, robots, and more," Daniel said. "Ugh, my brain hurts, I still don't know how it's not the same to time traveling," Kashy said.

Chapter 2: Stephanie Isn't Necessary

Daniel cut down the box, and came out bubble wrap and the machine. "BUBBLE WRAAAP!" Kashy and Evan said, grabbing the bubble wrap. A pink bird came out of the box. "Hey, I ordered a machine, not a machine and a girlfriend," Daniel said, confused. "Oh no, no, I'm just yer tour guide, Stephanie," the pink bird said. "Uh... Stephanie, sorry to tell you this, but it's not necessary, we can be on our own," Lewis said. "I have to be here with you, you know. Now, any questions?" Stephanie said. Kashy shouted, "Ooh, ooh! Can we-" "Oops, times up- "But I didn't-" Stephanie pressed the button on the machine. FWOOSH!

Chapter 3: Stranded

Suddenly, they were in some space portal, swirling around very fast. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! TOO, FAST, GONNA BAAARF!" Kashy yelled. "NOOOO, KASHY, DO NOT BARF!" Ryan shouted out loud. "BUT I NEED TO!" Kashy replied. "DO IT AFTER WE GET HERE!" Evan screamed. "WHY CAN'T I NOW?" Kashy asked. "BECAUSE I'M RIGHT BELOW YOU!" Ryan yelled back. About 3 minutes, they landed on an island. They stood in the sand, after such a long time. "A-are we th-there yet?" Kashy asked. Daniel replied, "Yes, we are. Now, we're in some kind of island..." as he got on shore. "It's a nice view here, though," said Stephanie. "Okay, now back to the Time Warr-warp... thing..." Tyler suddenly stopped talking. The Timer-Warp 3000 was near the ocean, and was slipping in. "STOP THE MACHINE, NOW, NOW, NOW!!!" Ryan screamed. Ryan was an inch close to the machine, and PLOP! "Oh, no!" they all said, worriedly. "Ryan!" shouted Evan. Ryan laughed akwardly. "Heh, heh, oops."

Chapter 4: Pirates...

"Great, Pinky," said Stephanie. "Now you got us stranded here." "Who ya callin' Pinky, Pinky?!" Ryan shot back. "That's enough, you two." Daniel said. "Ryan can't always control his speed, he didn't bump the machine into the water on purpose. If we can find the right tools, I may be able to rebuild it." Suddenly they heard a sound. "What was that?!" Daniel said. Through some vines came a band of pig pirates. "YAAARGH! What be the plundering sound?!" the Captain shouted. "Captain, I'm pretty sure it's the birds in front of your eyes," one of his minions shouted. The Captain looked up, and saw the gang. "CHAAARGE!" the Captain said. The minions raised up their sharp swords. "Guys, I have a plan," Ryan whispered. "What is it?" everyone else said. Daniel shouted, "LEAVE THE TIME MACHINE IN THE WATER AND RUUUN!" and ran. They climbed, jumped, and crawled until they found a hiding spot. The minions came to the Captain and said, "Captain, they are nowhere to be found!" and the Captain yelled, "ARRGH! I, CAPTAIN PIGRAM, SHALL NO BE INSULTED! YE BETTER FIND 'EM QUICK, OR YE HEADS BE COOKED!" "But we didn't even insult yo-," "NOW!!" "Aye, aye, Captain," the minions said, worriedly.

Chapter 5: And it Crosses the Line

The gang had continued they're escaped. They peeked out in the bushes, and saw not one pirate. "I'll carry the time machine from the water," Ryan said. and dived in the deep ocean. The pirates had returned to the bare sand. "Sire, are you SURE pepperoni is made out of tomatoes?" a minion said. "Eh... not really," King Pigram said, reluctantly.  "Wait, when did we talk about this?" another minion said. Ryan came back from grabbing the time warp machine. "I GOT- it... HOLY BIRD, WE NEED TO USE THE TIME WARP MACHINE AGAIN!" Ryan said. He pressed the button and pushed it to the gang's direction. They were warped to the present before Captain Pigram snatched Ryan's tails. "NOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled. When the gang was in the present, Stephanie said, "Okay, never to go there ever again..." and the others agreed.

The End

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