Strawben was Strawdina's first ever Mate. when Daniel and Ryan where babies, a Human shot him when the Human found them. he was believed to be dead, but faked it and jumped into the Human's pocket when nobody was looking. he reappeared when he found his way back to Angry Birds Island just in time for the Marvel Party. it was revealed that Daniel's smarts come from him, and before he and Strawdina ever met, he had spilled a potion on himself that made him Bulletproof, and immune to pain. he might also be the reason for Dulk, because he can become a similar form called Strulk.


  • Full Name: Strawben John Redmond
  • Allies: Code1234, Daniel, Sign Painter, Ryan, Strawdina, Gang, CosmikcUB466
  • Foes: Pigs, King Pigram, Dark Strulk
  • Aliases: Strulk (occasionally), Punisher-bird (Avengebirds), Pun!sher655 (flock and the goo)
  • Personality: Inventive, clever
  • Hometown\ Planet: Concord Dawn


  • Strawben is 1 of 7 members of Code1234, and is the team leader
  • out of all 7 members of code1234, Muffler is Strawben's best friend, and former colleague
  • Strawben's personal story reveals that the Rio game may well be another gamma testing.
  • As revealed in Avengebirds 2, Strawben's favorite film is BatBird.
  • Strawben is a Padawan from Concord Dawn, as revealed when Obi-Wan tells Daniel "your father was a friend of mine's Padawan, he was found on Concord Dawn during the Mandalorian Raid."
  • He has a twin brother called Redrick, who is Lewis' Dad.

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