"1+1=2, oh yes, my new invention, the robird! A personal assistant for everyone in the flock, ooh 10:00 breaktime, hehehehe!"

- Starry Ella teaching some youngbirds.


Starry Ella is an intelligent chick who has a secret crush on Brocco. She loves to gossip around with Carer and is one of the only females in the Flock. She teaches youngbirds as a side occupation and has, at some points, started to act childish herself. She is normal on power and has the ability to push objects with a tractor beam and trap objects in star shaped bubbles with her star shaped bubble wand. Don't forget, when she's angry, she's really angry. When she isn't, she one clever bird in the lab. The laboratory is a club where youngbirds and smart birds like Little Camp go. Her feelings are hurt easily, although she is one of the good in the Flock, however, if things don't really work out, she can be one bad bird. She likes to gossip about girly things with Carer, and futuristic plans with Little Camp.


Powers: Pushing objects with a tractor beam and lifting objects with her star shaped bubbles produced by her wand

First level appearance: 5-20

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Female

Species: Fluffy Pink Galah (actual species) | Magic Chick Bird (Made up species)

Strength: Normal

Birth Date: September/October (12:00) 31st, 2003

Size: Small-Regular

Occupation: Angry Bird Original | Main Character

Starry Ella likes: Solving problems, mysteries amd being intelligent.

Starry Ella loathes: Desforestation and Bullying.


Affliations: Laboratory, The Flock, The Flock in space, A+ Birdschool, The Original Flock.

Nickname: Clever girl.

Known Aliases: Mum's little helper, Uniquey.

Family: Flamro (Big brother), Angryhacker (father), Toxic Terence (Big brother), Pecky (mother), Brocco (boyfriend).

Birdsonality: Dramatic, Semi-Childish, Intelligent.

Languages: Telepathic, Animal, English, Birdwise, Pretty much nearly everything!


  • Her childish sense of humour makes her popular - particularly with the Ice-Bolts.
  • She can do magic.
  • She was the first, along with Flamro, to discover buttons and levers, so she and the rest of the Flock, built the laboratory.
  • She can be a chatterbird sometimes, making the dumb and unintrested birds bored for a while.
  • She is the fourth (full version) | fifth (lite version) bird to be unlocked and is in the original flock.
  • She was the first to discover and build the automatic shooting grappling hook.

How to draw Starry Ella:

Just draw Stella from Classic AB but with a darker pink and black eyes

You may cut out the picture you have drawn!

Rage Rating: 3/5

-By Blazefire(R)

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