Hellooooooooooo There! Uhm... Erh... Let's just, uh.. Begin the story, all right?

Chapter 1: Join the Starfleet? Nah.

On a small Restaurant near Honeydukes, Angry Bird Island, A.K.A. McDonald's, 19 Year old Tyler, Ryan, Daniel, Lewis, Evan and Kashy decide to have a Burger. As they entered, a beautiful red Bird stood there ordering the new CBO (Hey, McDonald's ain't paying me for this!) Kashy gave her a happy look. "Ha, Kashy! She's nice!" Said Lewis, bumping him. "Eh, yeah... Guess so..." Replied Kashy, nervously. "Hey, hey, hey... Kash.. I can, you know.. get you too... together..." Said Tyler with a big smile. "Erhm... I don't--" "HERE I GOOOOOO!" Tyler said. "Sorry, Kashy.." Ryan said. "What? I don't even like HER, I GAVE A LOOK TO THE CASHIER!" Kashy replied.

"Hey, girl.. See that black bird over there? He likes you." Said Tyler. "Well, thank you." She replied. "Can you, like.. Tell me your name?" "Uh, No" She said. "Then I am gonna have to make one up for you!" Said Tyler. She chuckled. "It's Uhura" "Uhura!? No way! That was just the name I was gonna make up for you!" Tyler said. She laughed. "And, what's your last name?" "That's it" "Oh, then what's your first name?" "None" She replied. "C'mon, tell me. Or is it you don't have last names from where you come from?" Tyler asked. A Buffed up guy appeared from behind "This thing bothering you, Lieutenant?" He asked "No, thank you" She replied. "You sure?" He asked again "Yes" "Why does he ask you a lot if you're good?" Asked Tyler. "I only asked her 2 times, Idiot" The buffed guy replied "Relaaax, Cupcake... It was a Joke..." Said Tyler, with a smile. "Hey, Moron. Maybe you can't count, but there's four of us" He replied angrily. "Well, get me some more and we'll be even" Mr. Buffed guy didn't think it two times. He punched Tyler in the face, and another one grabbed him before he fell. The gang ran to help, and the other two guys stood there. Finally, he punched Tyler again, and left him laying on a table.

A wild, noisy whistle was heard, and the Buffed guys left, as a man walked to Tyler "You alright, son?" he asked "Maaaan, you whistle really loud..." Tyler groaned. The gang rapidly went to him. Uhura gave Kashy a smile and left. Lewis bumped him again. "Not her!" Kashy said. "Y'know, I couldn't believe it when the Guards told me who you were" Said the Man. "Yeah? And who am I? Captain Pike?" Asked Tyler "Well, not him. He's in front of you. What I mean is, you are the Grandson of Your Grandpa" Said Capt. Pike. "Yeah? Tell me something I don't know" "You and your friends seem tough. You should join the Starfleet Academy, study 4 years, and you could be captain of a ship, like me" Said Pike. "Neh, I don't think so.." Said Tyler. "If you change your mind, the ship to the Academy leaves tomorrow at 10:00 on Riverside Shipyard" Said Pike as he turned around and left. "Oh, one more thing: Your Granfather was captain of the USS Kelvin for 12 minutes, and with that Kamikaze attack he did, he saved over 5,000 Lives. I DARE you to do better" He left. "Funny guy.." Said Tyler. "We should go man!" Said Daniel. "Eh, you can go... I don't think so"

Chapter 2: "I May Throw Up On Ya"

Tyler woke up at 9:30. He rubbed his eyes, and thought Maybe I SHOULD go... mmm.. Nah. I only have like, 20 minutes.. Wait.. I can still... Yes, yes, YES! He got dressed, and ate an Egg sandwich on his way to the Shipyard. There was the ship going to the Academy. He saw Captain Pike. "But if it's you, Franks" He said. "Four years? I'll do it in three" Tyler said as he gave the Captain a pat on his back and entered the ship. "Yeah, you wish" The captain murmured. As he entered, Tyler saw all his friends in different seats, none of them empty. But there stood a single seat empty, and he sat on it. "You need a Doctor, Sir!" Said a lieutenant as she entered with another Bird. "I'm telling you, I don't need a doctor, I AM A Doctor!" The Bird said "Sir, return to your seat please!" "Yeah, Well I wanted one with a window!" He shouted as he sat next to Tyler. "I kept telling her I was afraid of flying, I always was" He murmured to himself. The Bird looked at Tyler "I may throw up on ya" He said. "I think these things are pretty safe" Tyler said. "Space is disease and danger, wrapped in darkness and silence" He said "Well, hate to break it to you, but Starfleet operates in space" Said Tyler "Got nowhere else to go, Mum kicked me outta the house, all that's left is my Bones.." He grunted, as he pulled out a soda out of his pocket. He slurped, and pointed at Tyler with the straw. Tyler took a sip. "Tyler Franks" He said "Leonard McCoy" He said.

Chapter 3: Kobayashi Maru

3 Years Later, in the far reaches of space, near a black hole, a Spaceship called Narada floats. Inside were the Romulans, a Human-Like Alien type. The captain, Nero looked directly at the Black Hole, and just suddenly, a Starship flew out of the Hole "Sir. It's him" Said his commander. Nero smiled "Hello, Old Friend" He said as he chuckled evily.

Back at the Academy, The gang and McCoy walk out of class. "Hey, Bones. I think I'm taking the Kobayashi Maru again tomorrow" Said Tyler "Again!? You've failed that Thing two times! You must not feel embarrasment to try it AGAIN!" Said Leonard. "Whoa, what's the Kobe-Yoshi Maroon?" Asked Lewis "It's a Test. It's, more like a Simulator in wich, in this case Tyler, sits on the Captain chair and he commands a fake Starship. It's really difficult" Said Daniel "I took it once -Said Kashy- And.. Erg." "Well, See you later" Said Tyler "Where are you going?" Asked Ryan "Uh... Study.." Said Tyler, and quickly left. Leonard sighed "Studdy, My Butt".

The next day, Tyler sat on the Simulator chair. He could personally ask for his fake starship crew, wich included Daniel, Evan, Ryan, Leonard, Kashy, Lewis, and Even Uhura, since Captain Pike said "at least pick one woman"

"All right SIR -Said Uhura sarcastically- The Klingon ships are shooting us" "All right, Let them try" Said Tyler. Leonard looked at him "ALL RIGHT?" He asked "Yup" Said Tyler as he took a bite of his apple. "They have us on their watch" Said Daniel. Tyler smiled. "They Hit us!" Exclaimed Ryan. "Shields lost at 32%" Said Lewis "...And they have us on their watch, Again" Said Evan "All right, let 'em try" Said Tyler. In the simulator screen, the KIingon ship launched a missile, wich misteriously bounced on the fake Starship, and it hit the Klingon ships. The crew gasped. "Told ya" Said Tyler with a smile. Captain Pike and another Bird, a Vulcan called Spock saw everything in the Camera room. "How the Heck did that kid beat your test?" Asked Pike. Spock frowned. "I don't know"

Chapter 4: The Hearing

The next day, the whole Academy was called to a hearing.

"Tyler Gregory Franks" Said the Judge. Many birds laughed at the Gregory. "Please step forward" He said. "Yes, sir" He said. "Evidence has been got that you installed a subroutine on the Kobayashi Mary test" Said the Judge. Tyler stood there not knowing what that meant. The Judge sighed. "In other words, you cheated. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" He asked. "Yes, I believe I have the right to face my accusor" Replied Tyler. Spock frowned, as he walked towards the Judge. "Yes, Franks" Said Spock. "Well let me tell you, I didn't cheat. The WHOLE test is a cheat. You programmed it to be Invinsible" Said Tyler. Spock sighed as he was about to yell back at Tyler, when a Cadet interrupted, and ran directly towards the Judge "What Is IT!?" Asked the Judge. The Cadet murmured into his ear. "Wh-what?" The Judge asked. "Well, we've received a distress signal from Vulcan, Hearing dismissed. ALL HEAD TO THE SHIPYARD!" He shouted. Spock got scared, thinking of what could be possibly happening to his Home Planet. "Who was that pointed-eared idiot?" Asked Tyler "Your accusor?" Asked McCoy "Yeah" "Well I don't know, but I don't like him".

Chapter 5: Enterprise, Kelvin, Voyager, Defiant and Farragut

The whole academy went to the Shipyard, and a Cadet stood there assigning everyone to different starships (i.e. USS Enterprise, USS Kelvin, USS Voyager etc.) He started assigning everyone "Uhura, USS Kelvin. Galio, USS Voyager......   ....Redmond, both of 'em, USS Enterprise. .....Bomber, USS Enterprise. ....Peterson, USS Enterprise. .....McCoy, USS Enterprise. ...Franks-Redmond, USS Enterprise. "He didn't mention my name" Murmured Tyler.

Uhura went to Spock. "Excuse me, Mr. Spock, but Was I not one of your best students?" She asked "Indeed you were" Said Spock. "And then why was I assigned to the KELVIN?!" She asked. "It was, to avoid favoritism"Said Spock. "No, I'm assigned to the Enterprise." Said Uhura. Spock fixed something on his Tablet "I believe you are" He said.

Tyler ran to the Cadet along with Leonard and Lewis. "Cadet, you didn't call my name!" He said. "Mr. Franks. You are suspended from any Academy activity by Judge Brown" Replied the Cadet. "Sorry.. Bro" Said Lewis. "No, it's all right, go. The Ship's gonna miss you" Said Tyler. Leonard gave Tyler a pat and left. About to reach the ship, Leonard stopped and sighed. "Dang It!" He exclaimed as he turned around, grabbing Tyler and taking him away

"Whoa, Bones! Where are you taking me!" Tyler asked. "Medical Bay, I'm gonna get you in that ship" Said Leonard. "Whoa, you're a good friend" Said Tyler as Bones made him seat on a Medical Bed "And how exact-- OW! -Exclaimed Tyler- WHAT WAS THAT!?" "I Injected you Fretod. It's a Disease. You'll start loosing vision on your left eye" He said "Yeah, I already have. But, how's this gonna get me on board?" He asked. "You'll see".

Chapter 6: As YOU Were!

Leonard grabbed Tyler by his hair and took him to the ship that lead to the Enterprise. "Who... McCoy" Said the Guard "Mh-hmm" Said Leonard "And... Franks. Wait... You're not allowed to enter" Said the Guard "Well, as the Medical Doctor I am, I refuse to leave my patient alone! Or are you gonna explain to Pike why his main Doctor isn't on board?!" Said McCoy. "You do not have proof he is infected with something" Said the Guard. "Man, look at him! He clearly has Fretod!" "Oh.. all right. As you were, Dr." "No, as YOU Were!"

More Soon

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