Angry Birds Story Wiki Picture 23
Speed Sleuthwings are a species of Sleuthwings that can fly faster than the speed of sound, causing a sonic boom. It is because it's wings and tail are so sharp and so aerodynamic, that the Sleuthwing can catch up to extreme speeds. It's wings are shaped different that most Sleuthwings. Another cool thing about them is that they use bio-sonar to track down their prey. They also have night vision, and can see in the dark like a cat. They can be found in Sleuthwing Valley, but they are hard to find. They usually lurk up in the mountains, taking care of their young. They usually don't attack anything unless they find that it poses a threat to them. So don't mess with Speed Sleuthwings!


  • Colors: Light Brown and Purple
  • Poison: None, relies on it's strength
  • Radar: Yes
  • Fear Factor: Extremely scary if you bother it too much.
  • Fighting Factor: Very strong and very accurate, uses it's extremely sharp tail to stab or it's very tough wing to smash.
  • Hunting Ability: Uses bio-sonar to track down anything in it's way.