Speed Attack! Title Card

Angry Birds Toons Episode 1: Speed Attack!

Speed Attack! is the first episode in Season 1 of Angry Birds Toons.

Plot Summary

When the Pigs steal the Eggs in a super-fast van, only one bird can stop them-Ryan!

Episode 1: Speed Attack!

(Scene starts with Ryan relaxing under a tree)

Ryan: Ahhh. It's so nice to just relax and take a load off your mind.

(The Pigs' van speeds past, with eggs in back.)

Ryan: Huh? Those look like-

(Ryan starts to panic)

Ryan: EGGS!

(looks around, eventually spotting a hot chilli and a sweatband)

(Scene cuts to piggy van)

Pig 1: This is a great idea! They'll never get us!

(Driver Pig sees Ryan in distance)

Driver: Yeah....

(Ryan bumps into van)


(Ryan leans on van while it is boosting)


(Van crashes into rock and Ryan leaves with the Eggs)

(Scene cuts to Ryan telling a bedtime story to Hamm)

Ryan: You see, they had the speed, but not the skill.

Hamm: Hee hee. Dada fast!

(Ryan winks at screen, and credits roll)

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