Sorna, in a new look.

Even the Smallest brick can kill a bird.
— Sorna's infamous line from the final episode of season 5, "Bricks Ahoy!"

Sorna is the 5th most powerful Antagonist faced by the gang, and the keeper of the the Golden Brick, which trapped the Quartet (and everyone on the island except her) in a lego reality(Bricks Ahoy!).


Early History

Sorna was once a regular bird, like everyone else. but she wanted to be more. so, during the 2nd Marvel explosion happened, she killed the Enchantress, only to become the same person. using her newfound power, she tried to use her powers for good, blaw blah blah, corruption, ect.

The Golden Brick

after she was defeated, Sorna flew to an island (now known as Sorna's Island). there, there were mountains of gold, washed ashore from merchant ships unlucky enough to not escape the current. but among the treasures was a relic that destroyed the island... The Golden Brick. it's power was to destroy a island, and then suck all of it's in habitants into a void where almost anything is real, and EVERYTHING is a lego set.

Return to The Island, and destruction of Piggy Island

coming soon.

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