A Black Sleuthwing.

Sleuthwings (Scientific name: Abscondracoavea) are a genus of Dragon-Birds that have a few abnormally powerful capabilities and adaptations that other Dragon-Bird genera don't have. They can fly at extremely fast speeds, have unique colors, and sometimes have venom. Sleuthwings tend to be silent most of the time, unless they are flying really fast or fighting. They also tend to be very sneaky, and try not to let anyone see them. Sleuthwings don't have spikes, but they do have soft scales. Sleuthwings are found on Shipwreck Island, Angry Bird Island, and Bird Island.

Capabilities and Traits


Some venom is harmless to birds, but not for smaller animals. Some venom will just make you pass out (which is sometimes used in types of bird insomnia treatment), and some venom can kill you if not treated. Quite a few species of Sleuthwings don't even have venom.


Every species of Sleuthwing has a color, but sometimes they can have two. For example, the Speed Sleuthwings have a combination of light brown and light purple.


Angry Birds Story Wiki Picture 23

A Speed Sleuthwing.

The speeds of Sleuthwings depend of the aerodynamics of their wings. If their wings are short and bumpy, that would only make them fly about 50 mph at the most. If they have long and smooth wings, they can reach speeds up to 770 mph, like the Speed Sleuthwings, which has different shaped wings than most species of Sleuthwings.

Height, Weight and Wingspan Length

Sleuthwings like Orange Sleuthwings and Blue Sleuthwings have an average wingspan of about 3.4 meters long, shorter than the Wandering Albatross's wingspan (3.6 meters), Sleuthwings like Black Sleuthwings and Invisible Sleuthwings have an average wingspan of about 4.7 meters, Gravity Sleuthwings have an average wingspan of 4.9 meters, Grenade Sleuthwings have an average wingspan of 5.8 meters, and Speed Sleuthwings have an average wingspan of 6.3 meters. An average Sleuthwing weighs about 275 lb (124.738 kg) and it's height at an average is 4.7 meters tall.


Sleuthwings got their name from the word "Sleuth", which means detective, meaning they are very sneaky, and the word "Wing" just means that they have wings. The scientific name, Abscondracoavea, comes from 3 latin words. "Abscondita" (meaning hidden), "Draconem" (meaning dragon), and "Avem" (meaning bird). It basically means "Hidden Dragon-Bird". It is because when the Sleuthwings were discovered, birds saw that they were very sneaky and tried to stay hidden until they could ambush prey. So, all the 3 latin words were combined into "Abscondracoavea", and that's the name origin.


The taxonomy of Sleuthwings are below:

Higher Classifications

DOMAIN: Eukaryota
KINGDOM: Animalia
PHYLUM: Chordata
SUBPHYLUM: Vertebrata
CLASS: Reptilia
SUBCLASS: Diapsida
ORDER: Draconae (Dragons)
SUBORDER: Monsdraconae (Mountain Dragons)
FAMILY: Dracoavus (Dragon-Birds)
SUBFAMILY: Nonpedesdracoaves (Non-footed Dragon-Birds)
GENUS: Abscondracoavea (Sleuthwings)

Lower Classifications

These are some Sleuthwing species:


Sleuthwings can pose a few threats to birds and pigs. They are listed below.

  • Stabbing with venomous tail, or if not venomous, just stabbing.
  • Crushing and smashing by squeezing together prey with wings with extreme pressure.
  • Biting with very sharp teeth.
  • Burning prey by exhaling fire.


The life cycle of a Sleuthwing is very long, considering Sleuthwings can live up to 275 years. Here it is:

Sleuthwing Growth Chart


Sleuthwings generally live in rocky, mountainous areas. They live mostly in Shipwreck Island, but they also are scattered around in the valleys of Angry Bird Island and Bird Island. Here is a range map of Sleuthwings:

Angry Birds Story Wiki Picture 27


All species of Sleuthwings are omnivores, but they primarily eat meat. It is a myth that they eat birds, but they actually don't eat birds. Instead, they feast on small, herbivorous dragons. They use their tail to stab the dragons and get the parts out that they want to eat, like the heart or lungs. They also eat lots of other reptiles, like chameleons, small snakes, tortoises, and even baby crocodiles, but that can be dangerous, since the adult crocodiles can attack the Sleuthwings or scare them off. But, since Sleuthwings are omnivorous, they also eat plants. They eat lots of fruit by literally swallowing it whole, they eat a few nuts as well, and they also eat lots of leaves off of trees.

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