Hello everybody! Tyler here! The Sixth Year Story is here! (AAAAAW YEEAAAH!) Let's begin with a pretty weird chapter:

Chapter 1: At Spinner's End

It begins on the Malfoy's house.. Narcissa (Draco's Mum) and Bellatrix (Her Sister) Are watching the news. "This morning, a Bridge in Angry Bird Island was destroyed by several Death Eaters, marking the beggining of a Second Wizarding War" Said Fudge in the TV. "I'm also announcing, that Mr. Rufus Scrimgeour will replace me as the new Minister of Magic" Said Fudge. "We better go" Said Narcissa, and they both left.

They arrive at Spinner's End, and enter a house. Snape was there. "Hello, Severus" Said Narcissa "Hello, Narcissa... Bellatrix" Said Snape "Hi, Sev.." Said Bellatrix. "Since you're proffesor at Birdwarts, I would like to ask you a favor" Said Narcissa "What Is It?" Said Snape "I want you to protect my son, Draco. The Dark Lord has given him a Task. Can you please protect him?" She asked "Well.. Yes" Said Snape "Swear It" Said Bellatrix "The Unbreakable Bow" Said Bellatrix "Fine" Said Snape. Severus and Narcissa stood next to each other, while Bellatrix pointed her wand at them. "Do You, Severus Snape, promise to protect Draco Malfoy until his task is done, and in case he fails, will you do the Task?" Asked Bellatrix "I Promise" Said Snape. Light came out of? Bella's wand and covered them both "Now.. If you break the Promise.. You.. Die" Said Bellatrix.

Chapter 2: Will and Won't

Lewis and Tyler are messing around in their house, when a knock on the door appears. "You Open It" Said Tyler "No, You Open It" Said Lewis "No You!" "No, You!" Finally Anne interrumpts. "I'll Open It, Just-- Stay Quiet" She said "Fine" They said. She opened it and saw Dumbledore. "Hello There Anne.." He said "Wow, Dumbledore!?" She asked "Yeah, That's Me. Feels like we haven't seen each other in 20 Years" Said Dumbledore.

They sat in the couch. "Listen, Tyler. I'm so sorry for the Death of Remus" Said Dumbledore "My Husband named him his Godfather.. Did you know that? They were very close friends" Said Anne "Yeah, I Know. In fact, that's why I'm here for" Said Dumbledore. "This.. Is Remus John Lupin's Will" Said Dumbledore. He started to read it. "to Tyler and Lewis, I leave my house at 12 Grimmauld Place. It also has it's House Elf, Kreacher" Said Dumbledore, reading "But, wasn't he Just Tyler's godfather?" Asked Lewis "He said he actually thought of you both as their Godchildren" Said Dumbledore "Sweet!" Said Lewis. "Well, That's All" Said Dumbledore. "Lewis, Tyler. I need you to come with me" Said Dumbledore. They both agreed and left.

Grimmauld Place

Number 12, Grimmauld Place- Tyler and Lewis new house!

Chapter 3: Horace Slughorn

They went out the door. "Grab my hands" Said Dumbledore. Tyler grabbed the left and Lewis the right. Lewis saw that Dumbledore's right hand was black, like burned, But didn't really care. They apparated out of there, and Apparated on another place, called Godric's Hollow. They saw an old, destroyed house "Let's Go" Said Dumbledore. "What?" Said Lewis "You'll get used to it" Replied Tyler. They entered...

"Proffesor, Why are we going there?" Asked Lewis. "An old friend lives there. We gotta convince him to go work at Birdwarts again" Said Dumbledore "Oh. But, He lives in this -- Trash Can?" Said Lewis, looking at the house all destroyed. "Well.. You can say so" Said Dumbledore. Dumbledore pointed his wand at a purple couch "Come On, Horace. We know you're there" He said "What?" The brothers asked themselves. The couch started moving, and it transformed into an old, Grey Bird. "You want to take me to Birdwarts again?" Said The Bird "Horace.. Long time no see. Kids, this is Horace Slughorn, an ex-Proffesor at Birdwarts" Said Dumbledore "And Horrace.. These are Tyler and Lewis Franks. They're Step-Brothers" Said Dumbledore "Ergh.. Hi" Said Slughorn. "What happened here?" Said Dumbledore pointing at all the Destroyed house "Death eaters, they came looking for me" Said Slughorn. "Guess You'll be safe Working at Birdwarts" Said Albus "Fine.." Said Slughorn. They waited for Slughorn to pack his stuff, and went out. "I'll take you to the Weasley's. Your always welcome there" Said Dumbledore. "But, Proffesor.. Our stuff..?" Said Tyler "It's already there." Said Dumbledore. They apparated in the Weasley's house.

They arrived in a puddle near the Weasley's. "Ugh, Couldn't he leave us closer to the house?"

The Weasley's House

Asked Lewis "Yeah, Now I'm all wet" Said Tyler and started walking. Meanwhile, in the Weasley's.. Ryan, Autumn, Muna, Daniel and Hermione were there. Ryan went to the Kitchen. He saw Tyler's big bag that Said DO NOT TOUCH UNLESS YOU'RE ME And Lewis' bag too. "Hey, Ron?" He shouted "Yeah?" Ron replied "Are Tyler and Lewis in there?" Said Ryan "No!" Said Ron "Lewis?" Asked Daniel "Yeah, Have any of you seen 'em?" Asked Ryan "Not here" Said Muna "Not here either" Said Hermione. Autumn looked in the Window. "Wait.. I see them, they're outside" She said. "Really?" Said Ryan. "Yup" She said. They went with them and hugged them. They then went upstairs and talked about how Lucius Malfoy was imprisioned in Azkaban.

Chapter 4: From Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to Borgin and Burkes

After spending a week in the Weasley's the gang go to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies. After all the boring shopping, they go to Fred and George's Business, the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. They see a lot of cool stuff, and Tyler buys some Magic Dust, allowing him to quickly escape a scenario and a pair of Extendable ears. Hermione buys a Pink Pygmy Puff as a pet, and Ryan buys some Puke Pills, to escape from classes. Ryan notices Draco outside. "Pst.. Tyler" He called "Yes?" Said Tyler "See Draco there?" Said Ryan "Ugh, Draco" Said Tyler "Can I borrow your Invisibility cloak and go spy on him?" Asked Ryan "Sure" Said Tyler, and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan slowly walked with the Cloak On, Trying to spy Draco.. And he went to Borgin and Burkes, a Dark wizarding shop.

Ryan putting on the Cloak to spy on Draco

He heard Draco talk about repairing "The Object" and Draco showed the Owner a Mark, that Ryan thought was a Death Eaters Dark Mark. He went back inside and told everybody. They couldn't think of what "The Object" was, but they knew the Mark was of a Death Eater, wich Draco obviously was.

Chapter 5: The Slug Club

Back on the Birdwarts Express, Tyler, Ryan, Lewi-- Everybody is sitting quietly on their cab, when Slughorn knocks on the slide door "May I borrow Tyler, Ryan, Daniel and Hermione?" He asked. "Um.. Sure" They said. They followed Slughorn to his cab. And saw some other students there too, "This, Is the Slug Club. A club for the smartest Birds in your school" Said Slughorn. The reunion ends, and the gang goes back to the Train. Ryan, who still had Tyler's invisibility cloak calls the rest of the Trio to go investigate Malfoy.?

The Trio spy on Draco.

They slooooooowly walk to where he is sitting and stay quiet "So, I might not come back to Birdwarts next year, the Dark Lord has given me a task" He said. Suddenly, Draco switched themes and started talking about other stuff. Then, the gang arrived. Draco's friends got up "Coming Draco?" They said "Be there in a while" He said. He got up and walked to the door to lock it "Didn't your mum tell you not to spy on people?! Petrificus Totalus!" Said Draco. and a loud thud was heard, and Draco took the Cloak "Oh, Three Birds, I hit the Jackpot!" Said Draco. He kicked them in the nose, put the cloak on, and left. Muna, Autumn and Hermione then entered. Muna and Autumn put on their goggles, just in case. They saw something in the floor. "What's That?" Muna asked and touched the cloak, and then removed it "Oh, We found them!" Said Autumn "Really!?" Said Hermione and saw them "Finite Incantatem!" Said Autumn. and the Trio went back to normal.

Chapter 6: The Half-Blood Prince

Back on Birdwarts, Dumbledore announces that Snape is finally gonna be D.A.D.A. Teacher, and Slughorn is taking his place at Potion's Master. Daniel and Tyler had never taken Potion's class, since Snape was the teacher, but since Slughorn was the new teacher they agreed to take the class. At their first class, Slughorn tells everybody to take their potion books "Uh.. Proffesor, we don't have books" Said Daniel "Fine, go on and grab those two from that library" Said Slughorn. They saw two books, a Brand new one, and an old used one. Tyler and Daniel ran as quick as possible to get the new book, but Daniel won. Tyler sadly looked as he had the old book. Upon closer inspection, Tyler notices his book has written in the front page: This book is property of the Half-Blood Prince But doesn't really care. Slughorn announces that whoever brews a Lava potion correctly, will win a bottle of Felix Felicis, a Potion that grants the drinker extremely good luck for a whole day. The gang follows the Instructions on the book, except Tyler because his book has sentences written all over:

  • What the gang's book says: Apply Juice of ten Jelly Beans
  • What Tyler's book says: Apply juice of ELEVEN Jelly Beans

Tyler then succesfully brews the Potion and wins the Felix Felicis.


Left: The Rest of the Gang's books Right: Tyler's Old Book

Chapter 7: The Sleuthwing of Gravity

Daniel hopped up to the roof of the castle, when he saw something flying around the left turret (tall room with a cone-shaped roof). it landed and watched Daniel. it was a Grenade Sleuthwing mixed with a Gravity Sleuthwing. a parcel was tied to it's chest with the words? THE ABARKAR OF GRAVITY printed on it. "Please take out the package"? the sleuthwing said in Sleuthwingese. Daniel pulled out the package in the bag on the Dragon's chest, and took it to Dumbledore, where once Daniel gave it to Dumbledore, it instantly exploded. Daniel fell to the floor, and? CRACK!? Daniel's glasses went flying right of his face, and a student stepped on them. Dumbledore looked at Daniel, who was too surprised to care, or even know, his glasses had gotten stepped on. "You got fooled into a dirty trick, my friend." Dumbledore said as Daniel finally got out of his daze from the explosion. Daniel saw his glasses cracked, and ran away.

As Daniel hopped away, students started running away. Daniel couldn't stop bumping into things, other students, walls, clay lockers, and ? finally he hit against a door and turned around saw what the students were screaming about. Despite his positively BLURRY vision, Daniel could see the Sleuthwing that gave him the package had followed him. Draco saw Daniel against the door without his glasses, and laughed. "KLUTZ!" Draco laughed, then walked away. Daniel took out the only other thing that he brought along that was like his glasses, his Hawkeye mask. Daniel had put Contact lenses in his Hawkeye Mask to see what he was shooting at. Daniel hopped along, getting laughs from fellow students, and jeers from Slytherins. The Sleuthwing had stopped following him after that. Draco bumped into Daniel, knocked off his mask, and stepped on it. He picked up the Contact lenses, and crushed them. Daniel simply sat down, there was no use walking if he couldn't see where he was going.

Chapter 8: The Quidditch Players Election

Tyler, Ryan and Lewis happily hopped through the halls and heard Draco talking "I'm finally finishing you" He said "Avada Keda--" "Expelliarmus!" Interrupted Lewis. Tyler opened the Half-Blood Prince's book, and read one of the pages Levicorpus: Levitates a Bird by It's tail. Can throw it somewhere else Said in the book "Levi--? Levicorpus..?" Casted Tyler and Draco was lifted. As Tyler moved his wand, so did Draco. Tyler finally threw Draco in the air, and rescued Daniel. "My Goggles" Said Daniel "Don't Worry. Accio Goggles" Said Ryan, and Daniel's goggles appeared. They put them on Daniel and went to Quidditch's First Practice. The new players were about to get picked.

Lewis and Tyler, Both Captains told the Keepers to try to catch Several Quaff;es They were gonna throw. They told the Beaters to hit the Bludgers and all that stuff. Finally, only two keepers were left: Cormac McLaggen and Ron. McLaggen was beating the Magic outta Ron, so Kashy and Evan decided to help a little. Everytime a Quaffle was going in McLaggen's direction, they would cast the Confundus spell, making him dizzy and confused. Eventually, Ron got to be the keeper, and Evan and Kashy chest bumped.

Chapter 9: Silver and Opals

The gang goes to Hogsmeade one day and find Slughorn "Hello, Franks.. Redmonds.. Wallaby" He says "I'm Weasley, Not Wallaby!" Said Ron "Hahahaha!" Laughed the gang. They go to the three Broomsticks and drink a soda or something. But Ryan sees Draco going out in a hurry. Then they go back to Birdwarts, and on the way, they find Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson, two members of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Just as the gang aproaches to say Goodbye, Katie is lifted into the air, and then she's shaked all over the place and then she falls

Katie is lifted into the Air and drops the Collar. The gang and Angelina can do nothing but watch...

"Katie!" Screamed Angelina "What Happened?!" Asked Daniel. "I told her not to, But she put it on!" Angelina said "What?" Asked Daniel "The Collar! She was supposed to give it to Dumbledore!" Said Angelina "Wait, You wanted to give THAT To Dumbledore?!" Asked Tyler "She told me that Somebody told her to. She didn't tell me who!" Screamed Angelina. "Mmmh.. Weird" Said Ryan.

They took Katie to the Hospital, and Snape and McGonaggall examined the collar "It was Cursed" Said Snape "Yes. Do you know who gave it to her?" Asked McGonaggall to Angelina "No. She just said that a Person told her to give it to Dumbledore. She barely touched it" Said Angelina "If she barely touched it. What could have happened to Albus if he had put it on" Asked McGonaggall  "He would've died" Said Snape.

Chapter 10: The Secret Riddle

Dumbledore calls Tyler to see a Memory, just like the one he saw two years ago, about Igor Karkaroff. But this time, It's about another person "I want to show you a Memory. Of when I first met Birdemort.. Or, Tom Riddle at least" Said Dumbledore "Why Is it you wanna show it to me?" Asked Tyler "No reason" Said Dumbledore. He poured the Memory on the Pensieve, and Tyler saw in it.

(In the Memory)

Dumbledore was walking in the street and reached an Orphanage, called "Wool's Orphanage". He entered. "Excuse me, I would like to see Tom Riddle" Said Dumbledore "This way, Sir. Are you Mr. Dumbledore?" Asked The Lady. "Yes, I Am" Said Dumbledore. They entered a room, and a little Kid was there. "Hello, Tom" Said Dumbledore "Are you a Doctor?" Asked Tom "No, I'm a Teacher" He said "That's not true. You're a doctor and you came to examine me, right?" Asked Tom. "No, I'm a Magician. A Magician Teacher" Said Dumbledore "Prove It" Replied Tom. "Fine" Said Dumbledore, and then Tom's closet burst in flames. "Go, Open It" Said Dumbledore. Riddle slowly walked and opened his closet. He took out books, and money "Stealing is not good Tom" Said Dumbledore "I didn't steal it.. Well.. Not on Purpose" Said Tom "What do you mean? Did it just appear in your closet?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes" Said Tom "Do you think you have Special Powers?" Asked Dumbledore "I can speak to Snakes. I can hurt others without trying to." Said Dumbledore. "Well. I can take you to Birdwarts.. And teach you how to control those powers" Said Dumbledore. "Ok" Said Tom..

(Back In Birdwarts)

"Is that all, Sir?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. You can go now" Said Dumbledore.

Chapter 11: Felix Felicis

It was Herbology Class, and the gang was excited about Slughorn's Christmas Party. Tyler, Lewis and Ron, Players of the Quidditch team were worried about Katie not playing, so they decide to recruit Dean Thomas "No, Not Dean! He's been Smooching my Sister!" Said Ron "He's the only choice!" Said Tyler "Yeah, we promise he won't bother at all" Said Lewis. "Fine" Said Ron. They then turn around, and guess what they saw? Dean and Ginny Smooching. "Ew.. Gross" Said Tyler "Yuck! Not in Public.." Said Lewis "See!? See!? Ugh, I can't stand that guy!" Said Ron "It's Ok..." Said Tyler, But It was too late. Ron walked towards Ginny and separated her from Dean "What are you doing!?" He said "Well, Isn't It obvious!?" She said "You.. You Can't Just kiss him!" Said Ron "My love life is none of your bussiness! You're just upset 'cause you've never kissed anybody before!" Said Ginny. Ron stood in awkward silence while Ginny and Dean walked away. The next Quidditch Match, while Tyler stood flying in his broom, looking for the Snitch, He noticed Ron all sad, and not doing anything "Ron, The Quaffles!" Said Tyler "Nah, I feel bad.. Even Ginny gets to kiss somebody." He said "Well.. We better hope we don't loose" Said Tyler and went looking for the Snitch. They lost 170-200, Thanks to Ron.

The next week, the gang warns Ron that they must not loose this match against Slytherin, or their possibility to win the house cup is gone "I just can't.." Said Ron "C'mon... Ok, What about this... I promise to take it easy on you!" Said Evan "Nah.." Said Ron "Fine.." Said Evan. Tyler then grabbed a cup, and Poured Some Felix Felicis on it. "Here, Drink It" Said Tyler "What's That?" Said Ron "My Luck Potion. Drink It, It will help" Said Tyler, and Ron drank it

Ron "Drinking" the Felix Felicis Potion

"How do you feel now?" Said Ryan "Great!" Said Ron, and him, Tyler and Lewis headed to the Field.

Ron then stopped EVERY Single Quaffle Slytherin threw at him, and they eventually won! They won 240-180, and the Gryffindors had a party in their common room. And Ron confessed his Love feelings for Lavender Brown, whom kissed him and Ron got sooooo Happy he-- Well, Oh Nevermind! "You wasted your Potion on him?" Asked Kashy, But Tyler didn't answer "That's Cheating" He said "Not like causing a Confundus charm on McLaggen" Said Tyler "That's Different!" Said Kashy "Fine, here, look" Said Tyler, and showed Kashy his full glass of Felix Felicis "You just made him believe he drank it" Said Kashy "Yup" Said Tyler "Nice" Said Kashy

Chapter 12: The Unbreakable Bow

Almost ready for Slughorn's Christmas party (Two days away) Tyler helps Hermione look for some books in the Library. "So, Ron just kisses Lavender in front of my face!" Said Hermione "And how does that bother you?" Asked Tyler "She KISSED him in front of my face, that's DISTURBING!" She said "Yeah, Guess you're right" Said Tyler. Hermione looked at a girl "See that Girl?" She whispered "Yeah?" said Tyler "That's Romilda Vane. She wants to give you a Love Potion so you go with her to the Party" Whispered Hermione "Doesn't she know I'm going with you?" Tyler said "Psst! She only wants you because she thinks you're the Chosen One!" Said Hermione "Well, I AM The Chosen One" Said Tyler in a weird voice, and Hermione hit him in the head witha Newspaper "Ow! Just.. Kidding.." Said Tyler.

Back at the Party, Daniel tries a Candy, but spits it out as it tastes disgusting "What the Bird is that?!" He asked "I dunno" Said Ryan. They then see Draco snickering, and tell Hagrid about it. He takes Draco out, but Snape interferes.

Snape taking Draco away from Hagrid

He takes Draco to an empty class, and the Trio follows "Listen, I promised your mom I was gonna protect you, but that doesn't mean you can go and do Stupid Things everytime!" Said Snape "Leave me alone!" Said Draco and left. The trio returned to the Party kinda freaked out about Snape HELPING Draco.

Chapter 13: A Very Frosty Christmas

At the Weasley's, the gang celebrates Christmas as always. The trio tells the Weasleys what they heard about Snape helping Draco "Nah, Maybe Snape just wanted to know what Draco's plan was" Said Mr. Weasley "I don't think so, sir. He looked very angry" Said Ryan "Mmmm.. Oh, Look! The Minister Scrimgeour!" Said Mr. Weasley. The minister entered and asked Tyler if he wanted to work at the Ministry, but Tyler, remembering all his bad experiences at the Ministry denied the work, and Scrimgeour left dissapointed.

Chapter 14: A Sluggish Memory

Dumbledore called Tyler and Lewis again to see some memories he found "This, are the memories of Tom Riddle" Said Dumbledore, and put one on the Pensieve "Take a look at this one" Said Dumbledore, and they saw through the Pensieve.

They see an older Tom Riddle, asking his Uncle Morfin Gaunt about his family. Morfin says that Tom's father was a Muggle, and that his mom never actually liked Tom's father, Tom Sr. Morfin said that the only reason she married Tom Sr. was because he was giving her Love Potions, and that's why they never loved Tom. Tom quickly ran to his parents' house and killed his parents, and he also took Tom Sr.'s Gold Ring.

"He killed his mum and dad" Said Lewis "Yes, but I think this memory is more important" Said Dumbledore and pured another memory into the Pensieve...

In this memory, young Tom Riddle asked Proffesor Slughorn about a Dark Magic called Horcruxes. "Proffesor, yesterday I saw something at the Library that made me curious" Said Tom "Yes, Tom?" "I heard about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are for?" Asked Tom "No.. Tom!? How do you know that!? Get out, now!" Said Slughorn, and Tom left.

"That's Slughorn's memory" Said Dumbledore "That's All?" Said Tyler "Yes. I believe that's not the real memory. That was modified by Slughorn. Tyler. Lewis. What I want you to do is make Slughorn give you the REAL Memory, since it can help defeat Birdemort Once and for all" Said Dumbledore "Sir.. What's a Horcrux?" Asked Tyler "A Horcrux.. Is an object in wich a Dark Wizard puts a part of his soul... So that when he dies, he can be brought back to life with help of that Object" Said Dumbledore "So, you believe Slughorn DID Actually tell Tom about the Horcruxes and that's how he's been coming back?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. But We're not sure. That's why I want the memory" He said "Ok, Sir. We'll get it" Said Lewis, and they both left.

They entered Slughorn's classroom, (They already explained everything to the gang, and they went with them) and Slughorn saw them "My, My... What are Ten Birds doing all in my classroom right now?" Asked Slughorn "Actually, proffesor.. Yesterday I saw something in the Library that made me curious" Said Lewis, repeating Tom's exact words. "Yes, Lewis?" Said Slughorn "I heard about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are for?" Asked Lewis. Slughorn stood quiet for a moment and looked at them "No.. Not really.." Said Slughorn "You Sure?" Asked Ron "Yes, I Am!" Said Slughorn "Is that what you told Tom Riddle!?" Asked Ron, stupidly. "Ron!" Said Evan and pushed him "Tom Riddle.. Dumbledore sent you, didn't he!?" Asked Slughorn and left. "Ron, You're an Idiot" Said Ryan "I'm Sorry... It's just that I keep thinking about Lavender" Said Ron "Ugh.." Said Daniel, and they left.

Chapter 15: Birthday Surprises

Two days after Ron's Birthday, the Trio, Lewis and their respective Partners enter the Common room and find Ron smiling stupidly in Tyler's bed. "What the..?" Asked Tyler "Ron, what are you doing in My bed?" Asked Tyler "I'm sorry... It was my birthday two days ago... and I had to.." Said Ron. "Yes, we already gave you Presents remembe-- Oooooh.. You also had a treat, didn't you?" Asked Tyler, pointing at some chocolate wrappings in the floor.

Ron looking at the Window with Chocolate Wrappings all over the room

"Hehe... they were for you.. I'm sorry.. It's just that.. I think I'm in Love..." Ron said and hugged Tyler "I hope not with me.." Said Tyler "Don't tell me... Lavender again?" Said Hermione. "Who's That?" Asked Ron "Your Annoying Girlfriend, duh!" Said Daniel. Muna looked next to Tyler's bed and saw a box with a letter "I think I know what's wrong.." Said Muna, holding the pink, heart-shaped box "They WERE Actually for you, Tyler" She said "Hermione?" Asked Tyler "Nah, that wasn't me" Said Hermione. Tyler looked at the box and saw the letter with a Picture of Romilda Vane that said "For Tyler. Hope you like them" "I told you she liked you!" Said Hermione. Tyler smelled the only Chocolate left "Uhmm.. What are you doing?" Asked Autumn "Smelling" Said Ryan, and Tyler snapped his invisible fingers "This is a love potion! She wanted me to drink it, but Ron did it for me!" Said Tyler "How did you know what Potion it is by smelling it!?" Asked Daniel "I read it in the Half Blood Prince's book" Said Tyler "Ok, That's enough. You go everywhere with that book, I think you even sleep with It!" Said Hermione "Nuh-huh! I sleep with Mr. Cuddles, Y-- I mean.. I.. erh.. Sleep alone.. yeah.." Said Tyler "....Point is: We gotta get rid of that book, It may be cursed like Riddle's diary!" Said Hermione "Uh.. We'll take Ron to Slughorn and see if he can Cure him" Said Daniel, and left with Muna, Autumn, Ryan, Lewis and obviously Ron.

Chapter 16: The Unknowable Room

The gang proceeds to take Ron to Slughorn's office. Slughorn accepts to help Ron, and tells the gang that "The Past Is Past" Something that Ron finds stupidly amusing. "Well, now that you are here, how would like a little of this new non-alcoholic Champagne?" Said Slughorn "Sure, Why Not?" Said Evan. Slughorn pured the Non-Alcoholic Champagne on the gang's glasses, and tried to cure Ron. Nobody drank the Champagne until Ron was finally cured. Slughorn cured Ron, and he didn't seem to remember the incident "For Ron!" Said Daniel, and Ron drank his glass, but suddenly he fell to the ground, started shaking, and white liquid came out of his mouth. The gang put their glasses in the table, and looked at Ron, Smart enough, Kashy looked through Slughorn's Cabinet to see something that could rapidly cure Ron "According to the Book, you should give him a Bezoar!" Said Tyler "Bezoar, Right" Said Kashy, pulled a bezoar and put it in Ron's mouth "Swallow, Swallow" He said. Ron, swallowed, and he stopped shaking. They took him to the Hospital.

Meanwhile, Ryan is still thinking about Draco constantly dissappearing from Birdwarts.. Until one day, the Trio run into Dobby and Kreacher "Oh, Sorry! I didn't see you there" Said Dobby "You Idiot!" Said Kreacher. "It's Okay" Said Tyler "So, I can't find Malfoy anywhere" Murmured Ryan "Excuse me? You looking for Mr. Malfoy?" Asked Dobby "Yes" Said Daniel "Well I constantly see him dissappear into the Room of Requirement" Said Dobby "That's It! That's why I never find him! He hides there, or.. does something there" Said Ryan, and the gang ran to the Room of Requirement. See, the Room of Requirement shows only what a Person needs, and since the Trio didn't know what Malfoy needed, they couldn't fi

Draco and the Closet

nd him. Meanwhile, Draco stood in the Room of Requirement, and saw a Closet. He opened it, put a Little Spider in it and closed it. He then said some Magical Stuff and waited. He then opened the Closet, and the Spider was dead. He grunted and left.

Chapter 17: Aragog's Burial

The gang keeps trying to get Slughorn to give them the real Memory, but they never get it. "I can't get the Memory..." Said Tyler "All you need is luck" Said Daniel "Yeah, you-- That's It! All I need is Luck!" Said Tyler, and grabbed his Felix Felicis bottle "Didn't I drink that?" Asked Ron "Long Story Made short, You didn't" Said Autumn "Aw.. Man" Said Ron. Tyler grabbed the bottle and Drank It. "Ugh, Tastes like a Chocolate and Bacon Smoothie.." Said Tyler "Guess that didn't have that much Luck! Hahaha, you get it?" Said Ron "No. Please.. Don't" Said Muna "Ok..." Said Ron. Tyler ran out the Common room "Wait, where are you going?" Said Daniel "To Hagrid's. He called me early this morning" Said Tyler "So? What does that have to do with Slughorn?" Asked Ryan "He said he was gonna be there too" Said Tyler and left.

He hopped through the halls and went to Hagrid's, he saw him cry. "Hagrid, what's wrong?" Asked Tyler "He's Dead" Said Hagrid "Who?" Asked Tyler frightened. "Aragog! He was sick, and now he's dead" Said Hagrid "Oh, I'm sorry.." Said Tyler, and Slughorn arrived. They explained Slughorn Aragog's situation and they asked him if they could save Aragog with a Potion "No can do.." Said Slughorn.

They entered Hagrid's house and Hagrid drank some beer and he appeared to be Kinda Dazed and Confused. "You Wan' sum.. Tylerrr?" Asked Hagrid "Uh.. No" Said Tyler. Slughorn explained to Tyler that he would never give him the Real memory, bu Tyler insisted "Loo-- Lo-- Look at me!" Shouted Tyler "That Dang Memory! That memory could help us defeat Birdemort! Ok? Now, two options, Proffesor: 1. You give me the Memory and we defeat you-know-who (I wish it was that easy Thought Tyler) or 2. we die in his hands." Said Tyler. "Ok.. I'll give it to you. But promise me you won't think bad of me when you see it" Said Slughorn. Slughorn took the memory and put it in a jar, wich Tyler took to Dumbledore.

Chapter 18: Horcruxes

Tyler took the memory to Dumbledore, and they both watched it.

"Proffesor, Yesterday I saw something in the Library that made me curious" Said Tom "What Is It Tom?" Asked Slughorn "I read about some Horcruxes.. Do you know what they are?" Asked Tom "Yes.. I'll explain, but promise me this is a Homework or just academic information.." Said Slughorn "Oh, of course, Proffesor!" Lied Tom. "Well, a Horcrux is an object in wich a Dark Wizard puts a part of his soul so that when he dies.. He can be revived in that form.. The only Wizard who tried it had one Horcrux.." Said Slughorn "And, how do you make a Horcrux?" Asked Tom "Doing the worst thing ever.. Killing" Said Slughorn "And.. What If a person made 6 Horcruxes?" Asked Tom "Six!? That would mean you would have to kill Six People, Tom! Tom, Promise me this is only Academic" Said Slughorn "Of Course.." Said Tom, and left.

"So.. Did Tom make the six Horcruxes?" Asked Tyler "We Believe so.. I also believe that we had already found two of the Horcruxes..." Said Dumbledore "Really!?" Asked Tyler "Yes. In Fact, we already destroyed them" Said Dumbledore "And what were them?" Asked Tyler. Dumbledore opened his cabinet and pulled out a Ring and a Diary. "The first one is this.. Tom's Mother's Ring. Quirrell used it to return him to life in your second year, and then you killed him. Remember?" Said Dumbledore "And the Second one.. Tom Riddle's Diary. He came back and opened the Chamber through the Diary, that's why you killed him with the Diary." Said Dumbledore "But, How did he come back in my Fourth Year?" Said Tyler "He used another of his Horcruxes, Salazar Slytherin's Locket. He stole it from his Grandma and transformed it into a Horcrux. Tyler, you know why in your second year you felt a disturbance when you were near the Diary? And remember how I told you you could feel things Birdemort can feel?" Asked Dumbledore "Uh.. Yes?" Said Tyler "This means, you can FEEL Horcruxes... And I need you to help me find the Locket.. Ok?" Asked Dumbledore. "Yes, Sir.." Said Tyler

Chapter 19: Sectumsempra

The next day, the gang visits Ron at the Hospital, and Muna, Autumn and Hermione lie to Lavender about Ron doing some stuff, and she breaks up with Ron. "So, what did he drink?" Asked Dumbledore "A non-alcoholic Champagne I had.. A student told me that it would be a great present for you, but I couldn't resist and I tried it. well.. Ron did" Said Slughorn "So, you planned to give it to me?" Asked Dumbledore. "Yes, but I didn't know it was poisoned" "And who gave it to you?" Asked Dumbledore "I Don't know, I don't remember who It was" Said Slughorn, and they left.

Back at the Great Hall, Hermione sees Katie Bell has recovered, and the Three girls run to her and ask her who gave her the Necklace. "I don't know. A boy Imperiused me in the Three Broomsticks Restaurant, and He told me to give it to Dumbledore" Said Katie "Do you know who It was?" Asked Autumn "No. I think he erased my mind in those details. I THINK he was a Red Bird" She said "Malfoy.. Ryan was right" Said Muna.

Meanwhile, Draco was still looking at that Cabinet, and he put an Apple in it. He closed it, and said the Magical Words. He waited for it to come back, and he opened it. He saw the Apple had a Bite in it. "The Signal... It Works" Murmured Draco. He decided to try another Spider in the Cabinet. "Now... The apple worked, why Shouldn't you.." He put the Spider and did the same Process in the Cabinet again, but when he opened it, the Spider was dead "Still doesn't work on Humans... AAAAAGH!" Said Draco, and Ran crying to the Bathroom.

The Trio saw Draco and followed him. Draco stood in the Sink, in front of the Mirror, he washed his face and said, "It has to work.. It's the only way to get them In... He'll kill if it doesn' work" Just then, the Trio entered "What's wrong Draco?" Asked Daniel "Your Face! Confringo!" Shouted Draco, and Almost hit Daniel, but he covered it. The trio ran through Birdwarts' ginormous Bathrooms while Draco casted spells at them "Crucio!" Said Draco "Protego!" Shouted Ryan. "Hold him for a while, there's a spell in the book!" Said Tyler. Ryan and Daniel protected themselves, as Tyler searched the book "Here It Is...Sectumsempra: For enemies.. Ryan, Try Sectumsempra!"

Top: Ryan casting the spell while Dan and Ty cover themselves Down: The effects of the spell

Said Tyler Sectumsempra!" Shouted Ryan, and Draco fell to the ground, he had two ginormous bleeding scratches on his chest. "We.. Better Go" Said Daniel "Yes.." Said Tyler, and they left. "Just then, Snape entered, and saw Draco and the Trio leaving. He cured Draco "Vulnera.. Saramenti" Slowly casted Snape, and Draco went to normal.

Chapter 20: The Cave

Dumbledore asks The Trio and Lewis if they can go on a mission with him to find the Locket, One of Birdemort's Horcruxes, and they agree. They all go to the top of the Astronomy tower, and Dumbledore said, "Now, Listen. You'll go with me with one condition. You'll do EVERYTHING I say, Ok?" Said Dumbledore "Yes, Sir" Said the Four Birds "If I say Hide, you Hide, If I say Run, you Run. If I say escape and leave me here to die while you save your lives, you do it" Said Dumbledore "Yes, Sir" "Now, grab my hands, we'll apparate to the cave." Said Dumbledore "But, Sir.. It's Impossible to apparate at Birdwarts.." Said Daniel "Well, Being Headmaster has some Benefits." Said Dumbledore, and they dissappeared.

They appeared in the Middle of the sea, in a small Rock. "That's It... The Cave" Said Dumbledore. They apparated again, but this time they entered the cave. The door -Or, at least a gigantic rock- was closed. Dumbledore took a little knife, and cut two feathers. "Sir!" Said Lewis "In order to enter, you need a little sacrifice" He said. "You know how I know the Horcrux is here?" Asked Dumbledore "How?" Asked the Birds "When tom was at Birdwarts, he commited the Mistake to tell me that If he ever were to hide something valuable, he would hide it in here Said Dumbledore, and they entered. "Lumos.. Maxima" Casted Dumbledore, and the whole place had light. "We have to cross this little Lake" Said Dumbledore, and pulled out a boat that was already there. They entered, and rowed the Boat until the reached Land again. "Here It Is" Said Dumbledore. They saw a big cauldron with Water, and a glass. The water was grey, and it looked awful. "The Horcrux is there" Said Dumbledore. Tyler felt something.. "Yes.. I think.. I feel something" He said. Lewis touched the bottom of the Cauldron, but the Locket wasn't there. "It doesn't appear until someone drinks the Water." Said Dumbledore "Remember the Condition with wich I brought you with me? This Potion might paralyze me, or even Kill me. You HAVE to make me drink it ALL" Said Dumbledore "Why Can't anyone of us drink it?" Asked Ryan "'Cause I'm old, and much less valuable" Said Dumbledore. He grabbed the glass and started to drink it. He swallowed it, and started shaking and fell to the ground. Daniel and Lewis grabbed Dumbledore while Ryan and Tyler went to get the water and give it to Dumbledore. FINALLY, He drank it, and the Locket appeared. Tyler grabbed it "W--Wa--Water.. G-Give Me W-At--Water.." Said Dumbledore "Yes, Yes.. Water.." Said Ryan "Aguamenti" Said Ryan and pointed at the Cauldron, but when he tried to grab the water, it dissappeared. "Lewis, grab water from the Lake!" Said Ryan, and tossed the glass to Lewis. He grabbed the Water, and Dumbledore drank it.

Just then, Thousands of green monsters called Inferis appeared out of the water, the quartet tried to fight, but It was impossible. Just then, Dumbledore got up and set them ALL on fire. He then got on the boat "What are you waiting for? Let's go!" He said and they escaped

Chapter 21: The Astronomy Tower

The Five birds return to Birdwarts in the Astronomy tower. "Quick, Hide.. Someone's coming" Said Dumbledore. Tyler pulled out his cloak and hid the Quartet in there "Don't make a sound" Murmured Lewis. Draco appeared. "Lovely evening, Isn't it Draco" Said Dumbledore. Draco pointed his wand at Dumbledore "Who's with you?! I heard you talking!" Shouted Draco "I talk to myself. I find it highly amusing and relaxing" Replied the Headmaster. "Let's make It easy... Av--Ava--" Said Draco. "Draco.. You're trying to kill me? Don't do it.." Said Dumbledore "Don't you understand?! I have to kill you! Or You-Know-Who will Kill me" Said Draco "Listen.. Draco.. We can work this out" Said Dumbledore, just then.. Bellatrix, Fenrir Greyback, Quirrell and other death eaters appeared "Quirrell? Didn't the Dark Lord petrify you?" Asked Dumbledore "Yes, But now I'm new a--" Quirrell was interrupted by Bellatrix shouting, "Kill Him, Kill Him!" "And, Draco. How did the Death eaters entere Birdwarts?" Asked Dumbledore "The Vanishing Cabinet! at the room of requirement! I've been fixing it since! There's another one in Borgin and Burkes, If you enter it, you can appear here!" Said Draco. "Draco.. Don't kill me.. You're no assassin." Said Dumbledore "How do you know what I am? There's things that would shock you!" Said Draco "Like cursing the necklace? Or Slughorn's Champagne? Draco..Years ago, I met a boy who made ALL he wrong choices. You can change" Said Dumbledore "Kill him, Draco.. Kill him.." Said Bellatrix. Dumbledore pulled out his wand "Expelliarmus!" Said Draco, and he grabbed Dumbledore's wand. "Go, On Draco.. Kill HIm.... NOW!" Shouted Bellatrix, and Snape appeared "No" He said. "Severus... Please..." Said Dumbledore. Snape looked at Dumbledore in the eye for the last time, and "Avada Kedavra" He coldly said, with a shivering body. Dumbledore fell of the Balcony, dead. Bellatrix shouted and laughed in the Balcony, while creating the Dark Mark in the sky.

Chapter 22: Fighting the Prince

After that, the Quartet follows the Death Eaters in the grounds of Birdwarts "He Trusted You!" Shouted Tyler, but Snape ignored him "You were his Best Friend!" Shouted Daniel, While Bellatrix set Hagrid's Hut on FIRE. "Fight back, you Coward!" Shouted Tyler. Snape turned around and Sent Tyler flying with Everte Statem "DON'T.. CALL ME.. COWARD" Said Snape. Lewis looked at Snape "Crucio!" He shouted. but Snape repelled it "Petrificus Totalus!" Shouted Daniel, but It was repelled. Ryan looked at Snape and remembered the Sectumsempra curse. "Sectumsempra!" He shouted. Snape repelled it and shouted "You dare to use my own spells against me?! I, the Half-Blood Prince!?" Asked Snape. Snape attacked them all. They ran away, with nothing else to do. They return to Birdwarts only to see that Bellatrix has destroyed the Great Hall.

Chapter 23: The White Tomb

They take Dumbledore to a White Tomb, and they place it in an island near Birdwarts. McGonaggall asked Tyler what he was doing when Dumbledore, but Tyler, under Dumbledore's order, doesn't tell her.  After the Funeral, attended by almost every Wizard in Angry Bird Island, and many other characters, such as Strawdina and Strawben, Anne, Bob, Ernie, Rainbow Bird and even Mighty.

Then, at the top of the Tower was the gang. Daniel hugging muna, Tyler with Hermio-- You know where this is all going. Tyler looked at the Locket "At least we have that." Said Lewis "No. It's a Fake" Said Tyler "What?" Asked Hermione, and Tyler opened it. and pulled out a little note in it, and read it:

To the Dark Lord,

I know I will be dead before you read this, but I wanna tell you that I discovered your secret. I stole the Real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I'll face death in order to you to face it too.


"That's It" Said Tyler "Now.. We have to find the Horcruxes" Said Muna "Yes. And we will" Said Daniel "This is the beggining of an Epic Battle" Said Ryan. "A battle we'll win" Said Lewis "Of Course" Agreed Evan.

Sadly, THE END.

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