Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow is a Rebel Lieutenant with a silver visor made of One-Way glass. some birds think it may be Daniel, because Daniel and Silver shadow are never in the Same Room. but it is disproved by the scene when Ryan is attacked by a Wampa on Hoth, the Silver shadow catches him then shoots it, while Daniel is talking in the Echo Base meeting room. it is possibly PROVED by in the same scene, the Silver shadow calls him Bro. Andy was seen wearing the Silver Shadow Mask, and saying he found it in the garage. it is known the Silver Shadow is a member of the Redmonds. but Alvin is ruled out, he wouldn't care about Ryan. Ally is also ruled out, she cares about Ryan, but never came with the Family to Hoth. it could be Terence, Andy, Anna disguising her voice, Daniel with a well disguised voice, or one of the Sextuplets. It is not Lewis as Lewis Skywalker is seen on Hoth with Silver Shadow. Lewis Skywalker is the only character who knows Silver Shadow's identity.

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