Hey, Tyler here. This might be the Last story of Birdwarts, But I promise I'll make a special surprise when this story's finished. So, starting the story......

Chapter 1: The Dark Lord Ascending

As Snape walked to the Malfoy manor, he finds Lucius Malfoy and start to talk "The Dark Lord is discussing where the boy is" Said Lucius "Good for him. I know" Said Snape, and entered the room. "Severus.. Take a seat" Said Birdemort. "Who knows when will the boy be more vulnerable?" Asked Birdemort "Tomorrow. His family is gonna move to Grimmauld Place 12. He'll stay a few more days on his house." Said Snape "Fine. Then we'll kill him tomorrow, and I will be invincible" Said Birdemort. "But, there's one problem.." Said Birdemort "My wand and the boy's are sisters. This means we can't kill each other, just hurt. Anybody would like to offer me their wand?" Asked Birdemort. "You, Lucius?" He asked. Lucius gave Birdemort his wand. "Tomorrow.. The Boy.. DIES!" Said Birdemort, and the whole place cheered.

Chapter 2: The Ten Tylers

The Next day, Back at the Franks, empty home, Anne and the Chidlren were ready to leave. "Why do we have to leave now?" Asked Freddie "Death Eaters.. They know where we are" Said Anne "Tyler's not coming?" Asked Freddie "No.. He.. Decided to stay along with Carl and Lewis, I don't know why" Said Anne. "Goodbye, Freddie.. Or should I say, Fred?" Said Tyler "Goodbye, Bros..!" Said Freddie-- Er.. Fred. "Bye" Said Lewis. Tyler hugged Anne and remembered her "You know tha--" "Yes, Tyler. If death eaters arrive, I can use any spell" Said Anne. "Then, Goodbye" Said Tyler, and Anne left.

A Minute later, the Order arrived. At least the remaining members. "Ok, Hurry, Hurry. We have no time" Said Moody, entering. Tyler and Lewis greeted their friends as they listened to Moody "Listen, Tyler. The Dark Lord is planning to kill you tonight" Said Moody "We All Created a Plan to get you out of here" Said Mr. Weasley, pulling out a Polyjuice Potion glass. "What's the Plan?" Asked Tyler "9 of us will transform into you with Polyjuice Potion" Said Moody "No, you can't.. What if he kills you?" Asked Tyler "He won't." Said Mr. Weasley. Moody gave the glass to Daniel, Ryan, Kashy, Lewis, Evan, Ron, Muna, Autumn and Hermione and they drank it. They soon transformed into Tyler, all of them "We're identical" Said Evan and Ryan at the same time. "Each of us will go with one member of the Order. Tyler with Hagrid, Daniel and Mr. Weasley, Ryan and Tonks, Ron and Kingsley, Hermione with Mrs. Weasley, Autumn with Fleur, Muna and Jack, Kashy and Fred, Evan and George. Mundungus! You'll go with me along with Lewis. I'm gonna keep an eye on you..." Said Moody. They went out, and went on the Broomsticks, except Tyler and Hagrid who went in a Flying Motorcycle (Originally Remus')

Tyler fought next to Hagrid while he drove the Motorcycle. Until, Birdemort finally appeared. He casted the Stunning Spell at Hagrid, and shouted, "Avada Kedavra!" Tyler quickly casted "Expelliarmus!" And green and red light was respectevily thrown out of each wand, and a Green and Red ball of eneregy was formed (Priori Incantatem) Birdemort, using Lucius Malfoy's wand took a look at it, and saw the Wand cracking, as the Energy ball almost surrounded Tyler. Lewis saw from behind, and escaped from Moody "Where are you going!?" He asked "I gotta save my bro. Bro, I got Your Back!" Shouted Lewis "Expelliarmus!" He shouted and Birdemort's wand was thrown into the air, Causing him to stop and scream in anger. "Goodbye, Baldymort!" Shouted Lewis.

Chapter 3: A Fallen Warrior

"Revelio Truiselvious!"  Birdemort casted at one of the Tylers, which just happened to be Daniel. Daniel fell, because he didn't HAVE a Broomstick, nor did he ever want one unless he needed it. Daniel grabbed the tail of a Black Sleuthwing that was flying up, and flew it at Birdemort.  "AVADA KEDAVR-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" screamed Birdemort as the Black Sleuthwing hit his broom, and the spell hit the Sleuthwing. it fell, dead. Daniel closed his eyes, when he felt himself rising in the Air again. he opened his eyes. he was caught by  Onyx, his Black Sleuthwing! she had caught him in midair and was heading back into the fight! "Onyx, you speedy girl!" Daniel laughed. They all arrived at the Weasley's, like they do every year. Molly and Ginny are already there, "Tyler, Hagrid, you have arrived!" Said Mrs. Weasley. They entered the house and saw that Evan and George were already there, and George was laying in the Couch, bleeding. "What happened to him!?" Asked Tyler. "Snape cut his ear..." Said Ginny. "Oh, No!" Said Hagrid. Muna (Still Looking Like Tyler) and Jack arrived. "Muna!" Said Tyler "Is Daniel here yet?" She asked "No, But--" Tyler was interrupted by Jack, smashing him in the wall and pointing his wand at Tyler "Who was it you saw the first time I took you to my Mansion!?" Jack asked "What The--" "Answer!" Shouted Jack "Uh.. Ergh.. Autumn! It was Autumn!" Shouted Tyler. Jack let go of Tyler and relaxed "We've been betrayed... Turns out there were actually ELEVEN Tylers, and he betrayed us" Said Jack "Who!?" Asked Mrs. Weasley "Mundungus Fletcher" Said Jack. The rest arrived. "We've been betrayed!" Said Fred "Yes, And.. another thing.." Said Lewis "What?" They asked "Mad-Eye's.. dead" He said, and the whole clan gasped "Who Killed him..?" Asked Autumn "Fletcher... When I left to save Tyler, I took another look and Moody, and saw Fletcher shooting green light from his wand, then.. Mad-Eye fell.." Said Lewis "That Stinky Pig!" Shouted Kingsley.

Chapter 4: The Will Of Albus Dumbledore

Two days after spending nights in the Burrow, Bill and Fleur's wedding is just a two days away, and Tyler's birthday is the next day. Tyler has been having nightmares/reading Birdemort's mind of Birdemort looking for someone named Gregorovitch. The next day, Tyler doesn't really recieves gifts, because of the Situation everybody is in. As the Weasleys set out the Roof of where Bill and Fleur are getting married, Fred sees the Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour. "Is that.. The minister?" He asked "Yes.. He wants to see the boys" Said Mr. Weasley. The minister entered and saw Ron, Hermione, Tyler, Ryan and Daniel, and he sat them in the couch "What is it you want, Minister?" Asked Tyler. "I have come to read you The Will Of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" Said The Minister. "To Ronald Billius Weasley, I leave my Deluminator. An item I created to find light in the darkest places." Read the Minister as he gave Ron a little thing that looked like a Lightsaber's base. "Cool.. What Is It?" Asked Ron. He pressed the Button, and the lights in all the house turned off. He pressed it again, and they came back on "Sweet..." He said "To Hermione Jean Granger, I leave my copy of The Tales Of Beedle the Bard Hoping she finds it interesting" Read the Minister "To Tyler Gregory Franks, I leave the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch Game" Read the Minister "To.. Ryan Jeffrey Redmond I leave The Diary of Tom Riddle, hoping it will give him Ideas on how to destroy You-Know-Who" Said The Minister "And, To Daniel Eric Redmond I leave the Lightsaber he used in his third year to destroy the Basilisk, although, the Location of said Lightsaber is unknown" Read the Minister "That's all.Good Luck" Said the Minister, and left. "My.. Snitch?" Asked Tyler "The Diary...?" Asked Ryan "Dumbledore knows what he does" Said Hermione "Guess you're right" Said Daniel

Chapter 5: The Wedding

The day of the Wedding, Tyler looked for a place to sit before the party started. "Excuse me, Can I sit here?" Asked Tyler. "Oh, Yes, Yes.. Of Course" Said An Old Bird "You're Elphias Doge, right? I read your article about Dumbledore. I found it pretty good" Said Tyler "Thanks, Thanks." Said Elphias "You knew him pretty well, right?" Asked Tyler "Oh, ho! Of all the people, I knew him the best" Said Elphias "Well, that's if you don't count his brother Aberforth" Said Ron's Aunt, Muriel. "Dumbledore had a brother?" Asked Tyler "Oh, Yes.. They weren't pretty good friends, but Bathilda Bagshot usually took care of them" Said Muriel "But, didn't Bathilda live in Godric's Hollow?" Asked Tyler "Yes, So did the Dumbledores, but they had to move after Dumbledore Sr. Killed three muggles.." Said Muriel "He what?" Asked Tyler "Are you sure you knew him well?" Asked Doge "Not anymore.." Said Tyler. Just then, Kingsley's Patronus arrived in the Middle of the Party, sending a Message "Escape from here, now. Birdemort has taken over the Ministry and he killed Rufus Scrimgeour he's coming to the Wedding, Escape Now!" Said Kingsley via Patronus. Just then, Death eaters arrived, and the whole place went on Fire. Tyler, Ron, Daniel Hermione and Ryan were ready to fight "Run, he's coming for you!" Shouted Jack. The five heroes hugged and dissapparated from there.

Chapter 6: A Place To Hide

They arrive in Muggle Angry Bird City. "We have to find somewhere to hide" Said Ryan "Yes, But first, we have to change" Said Hermione "This are the only clothes we have" Said Daniel "Not really.." Said Hermione, as she pulled out a pink purse. She put her hand in the little purse, and pulled out clothes for everybody. "How the Bird?!" Asked Ryan "Indetectable Extention Charm.. I can fit anything in there" Said Hermione "Awesome" Said Ron. A Thud was heard in the purse "Ooops. That must have been the books" Said Hermione.

They entered a Cafe. and the Waiter appeared "What would you like?" Said the Waiter "Three Dr. Peppers and Two Sprites" Said Hermione. "Birdemort has take over the Ministry, and we can't even find the Real Locket" Said Ron. Two Birds dressed as mechanincs entered. They were quiet... "DOWN!" Shouted Daniel, and they hid under the Table, just in time for one of the Mechanics to shout, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" They started shooting spells "Petrificus Totalus!" Said Hermione, and one fell to the ground dead "Stupefy!" Shouted Ron, and the other one fell unconscious. Ron saw the first Bird "This one's Rowle. He was at the Astronomy tower when Snape killed Dumbledore "This One's Dolohov." Said Ron "Yeah, I saw him in the Wanted Posters" Said Ryan "Where do we go now!?" Asked Daniel "Uh.. My parents' house?" Asked Hermione. "No.. they know where that is" Said Ryan "I know, Grimmauld Place No. 12! That place is hidden, and my mom's in there!" Said Tyler "That's It! Said Ron.

They arrived, and Tyler casted the spell in order to make the house appear. "There it is, Let's go" Said Tyler, and entered. Anne heard the door opening "Who could it-- BOYS, QUICK! HIDE!" She said, and Fred and Jackie hid in their rooms "Who's there!?" She shouted "Mom, It's me" Said Tyler "Oh, Tyler you had me so worried!" She said, and hugged him "Daniel, Ryan, Ron! Hermione!" said Anne "Hi, Aunt Anne" Said Daniel. The first thing they did was go to sleep. Ron found a room "Remus John Lupin.." This was Remus' room. he saw another room "Regulus Arcturus Lupin.. Regulus.. Arctu-- R.A.L... R.A.L.!" Shouted Ron "Guys, come here! and Bring the Locket!" Shouted Ron

Chapter 7: Kreacher's Tale

The gang goes upstairs with Ron, and they agree that Remus' brother is R.A.L. And they start searching all over the room or house for the real locket. "Ugh, We can't find it" Said Ron "Call Kreacher! The house-elf! He might know" Said Daniel "You're right. Kreacher!" Shouted Ryan, and Kreacher apparated "Yes.. My Master..?" Said Kreacher. Tyler showed Kreacher the Locket "Do You know what this is?" He asked "Master Regulus' Locket.." Said Kreacher "There's another one, right? Where is it?" Asked Tyler. "Years ago, Master Regulus and Kreacher went to a cave to substitute the real Locket with a fake one. Master Regulus told Kreacher to try to destroy the original Locket, but as much as Kreacher tried and tried, Kreacher couldn't destroy the Locket, and then, Master Regulus was killed" Said Kreacher "And who has the Real one!? Did somebody steal it?" Asked Ryan "a Year ago, a Bird came to the house and stole a lot of things, He stole Master Remus' One-way mirror. This is all that is left" Said Kreacher, handing Tyler a piece of a mirror, wich Tyler put in Hermione's bag. "Did he steal the Locket too?" Asked Daniel "Yes..." Said Kreacher "And Who was it?" Asked Daniel "A guy.. named.. Mundungus.. Fletcher" Said Kreacher "Kreacher.. Go get him.." Said Tyler, and Kreacher dissaparated.

Jack then talked to the gang via Floo Network, and told them that the Birdemort-controlled Ministry is now searching For Muggle-Borns and "Blood Traitors" Since they want a world full of Pure-Bloods.

an Hour later, Hermione was teaching Ron how to play Fur Elise on the piano, while Jackie baked Brownies that tasted like rocks, Freddie took a nap, Anne knitted a sweater, and the Trio played New Super Mario Bros. U. They heard a door opened, and footsteps. They quickly ran to the Kitchen and saw Kreacher grabbing Mundungus by the tail, and Dobby grabbing him by the Hair. "Master Ty.. Master Dan... Masters! Dobby saw Kreacher going after Fletcher, and Dobby decided to help" Said Dobby "Kreacher got Mundungus" Said Kreacher "Expelliarmus!" Shouted Hermione, and grabbed Mundungus' wand. "What Do You Want!?" Shouted Fletcher "The Locket! Where Is It?" Asked Tyler "When you came to steal here, and don't deny it, you took a Locket like this one, where is it?" Asked Daniel "I sold it, I sold it" Said Fletcher "To Whom!?" Asked Hermione "To.." Fletcher saw a newspaper in the Table, and saw Umbridge in there "There, That Lady! I sold it to that Lady in the Pink outfit!" Said Fletcher "That's all we need to know, Obliviate" Said Hermione. "We gotta go to the Ministry and take the Locket from her" Said Ron "Yes, uh. Just let me leave a note to my mom" Said Tyler. He wrote the note, and they left.

Chapter 8: At The Ministry Again

The five heroes keep spying on five workers from the Ministry, Mafalda Hopkirk, Reg Cattermole, Albert Runcorn, Marvin Gaunt and David Cresswell. They hid in the garage of an empty home and waited for one of them to arrive. The first one to arrive was Albert "Stupefy" Murmured Tyler, and Albert fell to the ground. They carried him to the garage and layed him there. They did the same with the other four workers, and layed them. Hermione pulled out a Polyjuice Potion glass she had in her purse, grabbed a hair from each worker, and put it in there. "Now, remember: Each of us will try to get the Locket. Do NOT Talk unless necessary, remember, we don't have their voices." Said Hermione, and they drank it.

Tyler, Ron, Ryan and Daniel went to the first entrance, wich was in the Men's bathroom at a public bathroom. Hermione entered via the Women's bathroom.

Ryan and Tyler/Albert and David worked together, so Ryan and Tyler had to spy Umbridge from the same spot. They walked through a series of Pigs working in some books, called Mudbloods and the Terrible Things They Do "Gee, these people really hate Mudbloods" Said Ryan "Yes, Oh Look.. Umbridge's office. Maybe she has the Locket there..." Said Tyler. They saw a door that said Dolores Umbridge. Chief Of The Muggle-Born Registration Commission And saw, believe it or not, Mad-Eye's Fake Eye glued (or something) to the door. "How could they.." Said Tyler "How are we going to enter, the whole building watches this door" Said Ryan "That's the Problem.." Said Tyler "Oh, Remember those little Gas-Spraying Robots I bought in the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Last year?" Asked Ryan "Yeah, you still got 'em?" Asked Tyler "Yup" Said Ryan as he left a Little tiny robot fell. The robot walked through the Tables and multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied until there were like 100 Robots in there. Ryan pressed the button, and green smoke appeared from the Robots. "Quick, Let's go!" Shouted Ryan and entered the door. "Uhmm.. Accio Horcrux!" Said Tyler "It may not work in here.." Said Ryan. They started to check the Cabinets and Tyler saw a book List of Muggle-Borns/Half-Bloods to eliminate Said the Book. They saw an Image of Mad-Eye Moody with a giant X on it, then an Image of Dumbledore with an X, Then Hermione, but this image said Too Dangerous. They left because they couldn't find the Horcrux.

Chapter 9: Retrieving The Locket

Meanwhile, Daniel, Hermione and Ron were going down to the Third Floor. and Yaxley (A Death Eater) appeared, and greeted Cattermole/Ron "Cattermole. It's Still raining in my office" Said Yaxley "Have you tried an Umbrella?" Suggested Ron "You do know, I'm going downstairs to interrogate your Mudblood wife, don't you? I mean, if MY wife was about to be banned from Magic, I would fix my chief's office Inmediately" Said Yaxley, and left. They stayed on he Elevator "Oh, My! My wife is downstairs, all Alone!" Said Ron "Ron.. You don't have a wife" Said Daniel "Oh.. Right.." Said Ron. The three went down to where Cattermole's wife was being interrogated, and guess who was interrogating her? Umbridge, and sure enough, she had the Locket on. Daniel saw Dolores' Patronus sitting next to her, and on the roof, he saw like 12 Dementors, that looked ready to attack "Oh, Cattermole, Hopkirk, Gaunt! I was waiting for you. Gaunt, could you send a message to Cresswell and Runcorn that I'm waiting for them?" Asked Umbridge. "Reg! Reg!!" Screamed Cattermole's wife, as Ron slowly walked next to her. Daniel conjured a Patronus and sent a message with it to Ryan and Tyler.

Ryan and Tyler were walking dissapointedly to the Bathroom, when Daniel's patronus arrived "Ryan, Tyler. we're in the Court with Umbridge. She has the Locket, and luckily, she wants you here. Hurry up!" Said the Patronus, and the duo ran to the Court.

"Runcorn, Cresswell. Am I happy to see you.. I might need you to take Mrs. Cattermole out of here in a minute" Said Umbridge, and pulled out a wand "Mary Juliette Cattermole, Wife of Reginald Arthur Cattermole and Mother of Benjamin James Cattermole?" Asked Umbridge "Yes" Said Mrs. Cattermole "A Wand was taken from you when you entered the Ministry, Is THIS that wand?" Said Umbridge while showing her the wand. "Yes, It Is" "Can you tell us who you stole it from" Asked Umbridge "I didn't It's mine. I bought it at Ollivander's when I was eleven" Said Mrs. Cattermole "You Lie!" Shouted Umbridge 'I don't, It's Mine" Said Mrs. Cattermole. "YOU LIE! And we don't like Liars, OR Mudbloods here at the Ministry... Dementors, Attac--" "Stupefy!" Interrupted Tyler and stunned Umbridge. Daniel took the Locket from Umbridge "Listen, Run. Escape from the Country" Said Ron to his "Wife" "Yes, Yes.." Said Mrs. Cattermole and kissed her "Husband" Just in time for the Polyjuice potion to finish. The real Cattermole arrived "Mary... who's that man?" He asked "Er.. Uh... Nice meeting you!" Said Ron and they started to run. "Hey.. That's Tyler Franks and the Redmond Brothers!" Said a worker in the Ministry "Tyler?" Said another Worker "Stop Them!" Shouted Yaxley, and the Police started to run along with Yaxley "Stop Them!!!!" Shouted Yaxley as the gang got in a Floo Network, and Yaxley followed them.

Chapter 10: The Thief

The five Birds managed to escape from the Ministry, and appeared in a strange forest, but Ron was bleeding. "W-What Happened to him!?" Asked Tyler with the Locket in his hand "Well, Yaxley followed us, and he cursed Ron, but I managed to escape!" Said Hermione "Tyler.. Ryan! Grab some medicine from Hermione's bag" Said Daniel. Tyler looked in the purse "Accio Medicine!" He said, and grabbed the Medicine "Here, Here" Said Tyler. Hermione poured the Medicine on  Ron's back. "There.. There... Just one more.." She said. Ron was cured, but still had to be very careful and use some Crutches Hermione had in her purse. "Now, Listen.. I have no idea where we are right now, but we are NOT in Angry Birds Island" Said Hermione "And what's the plan?" Asked Daniel "DON'T YOU SEE!? WE DON'T HAVE A DANG PLAN!" Shouted Tyler "T-Tyler..?" Asked Ryan "It's The Locket. It's cursed. Take it off, Tyler" Said Hermione, and Tyler took it off "Better?" Asked Hermione "Better.." Said Tyler "So, My plan was to NOT return to Birdwarts" Said Hermione "But.. Kashy, Evan, Lewis, Autumn and Muna.. They're still there" Said Daniel, as Ron sloooooowly grabbed the Locket from the bag "But we can't go, Snape is the Headmaster" Said Ryan. "Then we'll stay here. Let's build the Tent" Said Hermione "What Tent?" Asked Tyler. Hermione looked at the Purse "Seriously?" Said Daniel

That night, Tyler had Nightmares of Birdemort entering Gregorovitch (The Wand Maker)'s House. "Where Is It?!" Asked Birdemort "I Don't know.. A Boy! A boy took it from me years ago!" Said Gregorovitch "You're alive.. for now!" Said Birdemort, and Tyler woke up. He wakes up to see Daniel, Hermione and Ryan discussing something on the Table "What are you talking about?" Asked Tyler "Well, Ryan saw the Diary.. and thought that we destroyed the Diary with a Basilisk fang, right?" Said Hermione "Um.. Yes?" Said Tyler "And remember how you got that fang?" Asked Daniel "Yeah.. You cut it from the Basilisk with Dumbledore's Lightsaber" Said Tyler "Don't you see? This means the Lightsaber has Basilisk Venom, and It can destroy--" "Horcruxes" Interrupted Ron "Yes. I'm still here" Said Ron "Doesn't It feel bad? That Dumbledore gives you a Darn Task, but does not tell you how to complete It!?" Said Ron "Ron, Calm down" Said Daniel "No, I'm not calming down, I'm just very angry for that! Our mission is beggining to be Hopeless if we don't find that dang Sword!" Said Ron "Ron, you're using the Locket, take it off!" Said Ryan "No, I'm not! You know what!? It doesn't even make sense staying here with you!" Said Ron, and left the Camp "Ron, Wait!" Said Hermione, but he dissaparated "It's not his fault.. It was the Locket's" Said Daniel "I Know" Said Ryan "Look, at least he left the Locket!" Said Tyler.

Chapter 11: Godric's Hollow

The next morning, Hermione was reading the book Dumbledore gave her, And saw something weird "Daniel.. look" She said "What is that?" Daniel asked "Look at this symbol. It's not from the book, somebody drew it with a pen"

The Sign

Said Hermione "Uh.. Yes.. Wait a Min.." Said Daniel "What?" Asked Hermione "That symbol.. At Bill and Fleur's wedding! Xenophilus Lovegood, Luna's father was using it as a collar!" Said Daniel "So?" Asked Hermione "He might know what it is!" Said Daniel "Good idea" Said Hermione. "But first we gotta find the Lightsaber" Said Daniel "Guys, Guys!" Said Ryan as he ran up to them with Tyler. "What if Dumbledore left the Lightsaber at Godric's Hollow, I mean.. What better place to leave it at, but the creators' Birthplace!?" Asked Tyler. "Sure!" Said Ryan. "Good, um.. Let's go!" Said Daniel. They disarmed the tent and put it in the Purse "Let's go.." Said Hermione, and they dissapparated together.

They appeared at Godric's Hollow, and saw a church with a Graveyard in there "Hey, guys... I think it's Christmas..." Said Hermione. Tyler looked at the Graveyard "Do you think he's there?" Asked Tyler "Who?" Asked Ryan "My dad" Said Tyler "We can look for him" Said Daniel. They started looking at the graves, and Hermione found one IGNOTUS PEVERELL Said the Grave she  looked down and saw the same Sign in the Grave. "Uh.. Tyler?" She said. She looked around and saw the Trio looking at a Grave Tyler Gregory Franks Sr. R.I.P. Said the Grave. "Well, we gotta go.. And look for the Sword" Said Tyler. They started to walk and saw Bathilda Bagshot. "That's Bathilda.. Maybe she knows" Said Daniel "Mrs. Bagshot?" Said Ryan. But she didn't answer "Mrs. Bagshot?" Asked Tyler "Let's just follow her. Maybe that's what she wants" Said Daniel. They followed her, until they found the Franks' old, destroyed home. "That's... My house" Said Tyler "It's still destroyed" Said Daniel

Chapter 12: Bathilda's Secret

They keep looking at the house for a moment, and Bathilda is looking at them "Look, she wants us to follow her" Said Hermione. They entered her old, disgusting house and Tyler saw a photo of a young boy. "Mrs. Bagshot... Who Is that Boy?" Asked Tyler, but she didn't answer. Bathilda looked at Tyler, and slowly said "Kosha.. Mess sen lesutt" In parseltongue, meaning "Come, but without the others" Tyler thought he was gonna be given the Lightsaber of Gryffindor. They stopped in a little room "Besho.. Quesse kilsah (Look over there)" Said Bathilda, pointing at the wall. Tyler looked at the wall, and Bathilda's body suddenly started to melt, and Nagini, Birdemort's snake came out! Nagini tried to attack Tyler, but he dodged. "Flipendo!" Casted Tyler, but Nagini blocked it. She jumped at Tyler, and bit his wand, breaking it into two "GUYS, HELP!" He screamed. Hermione, Ryan and Daniel ran upstairs "Confringo!" Shouted Daniel, and hit Nagini. "Come at me, Snake!" Said Daniel, but just then,  Birdemort appeared. "Let's Go!" Shouted Hermione. They quickly hugged and dissapparated "AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Screamed Birdemort, and Destroyed the whole house with Anger.

Chapter 13: The Silver Doe

They apparate at The Forest of Dean, and set the camp there. Meanwhile, Tyler sits to look at his Broken Wand. "Gosh.. What Am I gonna do now?" He thought. Hermione walked to him "Tyler.. you wanted to know who that boy in Bathilda's house was, right?" Said Hermione "Yeah?" He said "Look, I found out in this book. His name is Gellert Grindelwald. He looks a little older now, this Pic was taken two years ago" Said Hermione. "What's that book called?" Asked Tyler "The Life Of Albus Dumbledore Written by Reeta Skeeter" Said Hermione "So, Grindelwald knew Dumbledore?" Asked Tyler "Yes. They were great friends, and they were against Mudbloods" Said Hermione "What?!" Asked Tyler "They WERE. Now they're not! They changed" Said Hermione "Ok.. Just go in and warm up.." Said Tyler "Sure. Here.. have my wand. You need it" Said Hermione, and left. Daniel and Ryan sat next to Tyler. Suddenly, a Patronus arrived in shape of a Doe. It stood on top of the Frozen Lake, and pointed at the bottom and then It dissappeared. The Trio walked to the River. Daniel looked at the very bottom, and saw what he thought was A Lightsaber base. "Can It be..." He thought "Guys! Guys!!! It's Godric Gryffindor's Lightsaber!" He said. The Trio broke the ice, and took a dive for it. Meanwhile, Hermione was studying the Horcrux, and it escaped. It hopped to the Lake, and just when the Trio was about to grab the Lightsaber, it tied them and started to choke them. They saw a Bird walking over the ice, and the Bird took a dive, too. That Bird pulled the Horcrux, and untied it from the Trio. Ryan swam quick to the Lightsaber, grabbed it and went to the top. "Agh... *pant* Who are you... Hermione?" Asked Daniel "No, I-- Wait Seriously?" Said the Bird. Daniel looked closely. "Ron?" Said Daniel "Well, yeah.. I--" "No Time for Asking, destroy the Horcrux!" Said Tyler. "Listen, I'll open the Horcrux speaking Parseltongue, and whoever has the Lightsaber will destroy it.. All right?" Said Tyler "Ok.." Said Ryan as he held the Lightsaber "Assha.. Dezieth" Said Tyler and the Locket opened, revealing a Dark Hurricane in form of Birdemort's Body. "Ryan, destroy it!" Shouted Daniel. The Hurricane blew the Lightsaber out of sight.

"Ron, The Lightsaber!" Shouted Daniel and Ron slowly grabbed it. Suddenly, three figures came out of the Hurricane, representing Dan, Ty and Rye. "What are YOU going to do? You can't do anything right" Said the Daniel figure "Least loved by the Mother who crawled a Daughter. Your mother conffesed she would rather have me as a child" Said The Ryan figure. "Who would want to be your friend, compared to us?" Said the Tyler figure. "Ron, None of that is true! Destroy It!" Shouted Ryan. Ron bravely got up, turned on the Lightsaber.. "AAAAAGH!" He screamed as he ran to the center of the Hurricane, and cut the Horcrux in two. Suddenly, the Hurricane dissappeared "Ooof.. Close One.." Said Ron. "Why did you come back?" Asked Tyler "The Horcrux.. Once I took it off, I slowly began to regret leaving" Said Ron "Then what Hermione said is true. The Horcrux was controlling you" Said Daniel "Anyway, Let's go" Said Ryan.

Chapter 14: Xenophilus Lovegood

They go back to the Camp, and Tyler wakes Hermione up "Hermione, Hermione! Good news.. Actually, Great news!" Said Tyler "Uh.. What?" Asked Hermione "1. Ron Is Back!" Said Tyler "What? Ron? Ron!?" She said. Ron looked at Hermione "Hey.." He said "Ronald Weasley! You leave for a month, come back and you say HI?!" Asked Hermione "I'm sorry... I regreted leaving when I took the Horcrux off" Said Ron "I knew it.. But how did you come back" Said Hermione "With This. It has more powers than I thought" Said Ron, grabbing his new Deluminator "When I was looking for you, It slowly started to speak, and guided me here" Said Ron "Really?" Asked Ryan "Really. Call me crazy, But I think That's why Dumbledore gave this to me" Said Ron "Guys. I think we should go to Xenophilius Lovegood's. He was wearing the sign in his collar at the wedding. He must know what it is" Said Daniel "Ok, Let's go" They said.

They knocked on Lovegood's house. "Excuse me, Mr. Lovegood.. I'm Tyler Franks. We met at the wedding" Said Tyler "Oh, Sure Come on In!" Said Lovegood. Minutes later, they sat down and had tea. "So, what you are asking me is if I know that symbol?" Asked Lovegood. "Yes, do you know what it is?" Asked Daniel "Well, Have you read the Tale of the Three Brothers?" Asked Lovegood "Yes, I have it right here.." Said Hermione, and pulled out her book of The Tales Of Beedle the Bard, and Started to read it.

There once were 3 Brothers, who were trying to get past a long river. They pulled out their wands... -Read Hermione- ...And created a bridge. Suddenly, the Death appeared, frustrated, because people normally drown in the River, but he gongratulated them and gave each one a reward. The First one asked for the most powerful wand ever. The second one asked for a Resurrection stone, to bring loved ones from the death, and the Third one asked for an Invisibility cloak, to hide from his enemies. The first brother went to his enemies' houses, and killed them all.. But then, one day he was assasinated by a new enemy he gained while killing other people. He was killed, and the Death took him. The second brother brought the girl whom he was gonna marry before she died back to life, but after realizing he couldn't touch her, he commited suicide, and so, the Death took the Second brother. The Third brother hid from the Death for years, until he finally died of age, and greeted Death like an old friend.

Chapter 15: The Deathly Hallows

"I don't understand -Said Ron while sipping his cup of tea-... What does that have to do with the symbol?" "I'll show you" Said Lovegood and went upstairs a while. They sat in silence. "Oh, Tyler!" Said Ron "Yeah?" Asked Tyler "You lost your wand in that duel against Nagini, right?" Asked Ron "Ummm... Yeah.." Said Tyler. Ron pulled a wand out of his backback. "Here, try this one! I stole it from a Snatcher when I left you.." Said Ron, excited. "Let's try it out.." Tyler pointed at the candle. "Engorgio!" He said. The flame suddenly became about two times the size of Hagrid. "Reducio!" He shouted, and the flame went back to normal. Then Lovegood came downstairs again, with a pen. He grabbed a piece of paper and drew a Triangle "This.. Is the Cloak of Invisibility..." He said. He then drew a line between the top of the Triangle and the middle of the bottom line. "....The Elder Wand..." He said and finally drew a circle around the Elder Wand "...And the Resurrection Stone. -Said Lovegood, while grabbing his cup and sitting back down- It is said, that if one masters the three hallows, he will be... The Master Of Death" "Does this mean... -Tyler said while getting up excitedly- That my Invisbility Cloak could be one of the Deathly Hallows?" "Perhaps.." Said Lovegood as he finished his tea "Yes!" Shouted Tyler. They looked at him in silence. "Sorry..." He murmured. "You... You have a daughter, right?" Asked Daniel "Oh... Yes.. My Little Luna..." Said Lovegood. "Did she go to Birdwarts this year?" Asked Daniel "Oh.. Oh.. Yeah.. She.. Uh.. Went to Birdwarts..." Replied Lovegood with a slight, nervous chuckle. "She shouldn't have.." Said Daniel, worried. "She shouldn't have? Why?" Asked Xenophilus. "Birdemort is going there.." Said Daniel "Bird--" Lovegood was interrupted by a loud Boom, and Death Eaters flying around the house "I have them Here! I have them here!" Shouted Lovegood "Wh--What!?" Said Ryan, mad. "The Death Eaters -Said Lovegood nervously- They kidnapped Luna, and they told me that if I sell you to them, they'd bring 'er back to me!" "Well, Then You Ain't getting back Luna!" Shouted Ryan as he hugged the four others and dissapparated.

Chapter 16: Birdemort's Taboo

They apparated in a little forest. "That Lovegood.. Such a Coward!" Ron shouted. "Yes, But I still don't get it why Death Eaters appeared JUST When we said Birdem--" "DON'T SAY IT!" Hermione interrupted Tyler "Why?" Asked Tyler curiously. "Bird-- You-Know-Who turned his name into a Taboo: Everytime you say it, Death Eaters appear." Said Hermione Matter-A-Factly. "That's really dangerous.." Said Daniel "..At least we learned what the sign meant..." Said Ryan trying to cheer them up "Yeah.. You're right. Let's put the tent and rest for a while.." Suggested Ron "This Time I'll do the Protective spells.." Said Daniel.

During sleep, Tyler is having dreams of Birdemort searching the Elder Wand.. "Where Is It???" He could hear Birdemort asking... "AAAAAAGH!" He got up "W-What happened?" Asked Daniel "My Dream.. Birdemort... He--" "TYLER!" Interrupted Daniel.. "What? Oh, Blast It! The Taboo!" Tyler suddenly realized. They quickly woke everyone up, disarmed the tent and started to run. "It won't be long time before Death Eaters arrive!" Shouted Ron "Then we better RUN!" Shouted Ryan. Suddenly, they heard an apparition noise behind them. "Stop right there...." Gently said a Death Eater, Scabior. "I wonder if you could be the ones we're looking for.. We've been apparating at thousands of places just because stupid people accidentally say the Dark Lord's name..." Said Scabior. He looked at Tyler from behind. Hermione knew they were gonna recognize him.. She slowly pointed her wand at Tyler, and whispered, "Beako" Tyler's beak suddenly bented down, and it looked all broken. "Eeeew... I don't think this really is you..." Said Scabior "Sir... The Boy in the cap.. I believe he really is a friend of the boy" Suggested another Death Eater. "Fine. Let's take them, then.." Said Scabior. Hermione looked in her purse, when the Gryffindor Lightsaber slipped. "I'll have this..." Said Scabior, picking the saber up.

Chapter 17: Malfoy Manor

After long hours of waiting Tyler saw they were walking by Jack's mansion "Tyler.. Your Uncle" Said Hermione, Handing her purse to Tyler. "He's not there" Replied Tyler. They finally arrived to Malfoy Manor and Bellatrix gave them a welcome (Well, in her way) and entered them to the Manor "Well hello there.." Greeted Lucius Malfoy. "These are the ones we caught. I think they're the ones the Dark Lord is looking for" Said Scabior "Gee... I don't know.. The last time I Saw them was 3 years ago.. Draco!" Called Lucius, and Draco came to him. "Yes, Dad?" He asked "Do you know if this is the boy the Dark Lord is looking for?" Asked Lucius "Gee.. Erm.. I.. Don't.. I'm not sure.." Lied Draco. "Draco.. Imagine if we were the ones that gave the boy to the Dark Lord.. Imagine.. Our Reward..." Insisted Lucius "I'm just.. not sure..." Said Draco "Fine Then. -Lucius said ignoring Draco- We'll call him.. Lord Birde--" "WAIT... WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!?"  Interrupted Bellatrix pointing at Scabior holding the Saber. "It fell from the Girl's Purse. It's mine now..." Said Scabior. "I don't think so... Crucio!" She tortured him, and grabbed the saber, and finally, she kicked him in Scabior's big, Pig Snout. "Wormtail! -Bellatrix Screamed- Take the boys to the Dungeons! Except... the Girl.. I'm gonna have a little girl-to-girl Talk with her..." She said with her creepy smile.

Wormtail took the four Birds to the Dungeon, but they found out they weren't the only ones there. Tyler saw Lewis "LEWIS!" He screamed, and ran to hug him. "Guys!" He said. They hugged. "Who else is here?" Asked Ryan. "Mr. Ollivander, the Wand Maker, Griphook the Goblin and Luna!" Said Lewis "Mr. Ollivander... How are you?" Asked Ryan "Alive..." Replied Ollivander. Suddenly, they heard screams from upstairs "...THIS SABER WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AT MY VAULT AT GRINGOTTS! HOW DID YOU GET IT!?" Asked Bellatrix. "..This one is a fake, I swear!" Lied Hermione to save her guts. "ARE YOU LYING TO ME!?" Asked Bella "No, I swear!" Cried Hermione "Wormtail.. Bring me the Goblin!" Said Bellatrix. "Yes.. Ma'am.." Said Wormtail. He went to the Dungeon and pulled Griphook out. "HOW DID SHE ENTER MY GRINGOTTS VAULT?!" Said Bellatrix "She didn't.. This is a fake Saber.." Said Griphook, helping Hermione. "You.. LIE! -Shouted Bellatrix- Wormtail! Take him back!" Screamed Bellatrix "Yes Ma'am" replied Wormtail and took Griphook "..WHAT ELSE DID YOU TAKE FROM MY VAULT!? TELL ME!" Shouted Bella "Nothing, Nothing!" Cried Hermione "LIES! CRUCIO -She tortured Hermione- WHAT ELSE DID YOU TAKE!?" Asked Bellatrix "Nothing.." She cried "Take her to the Dungeon..." said Bellatrix. Wormtail took her. "What did they do to you!?" Asked Tyler "She tortured me.." Said Hermione. "That..." Grunted Tyler.

Suddenly, Dobby apparated in there "Dobby!? What are you doing here?" Asked Ryan "Dobby came to save his friends...." Said Dobby. "Fine.. Uh.. Take Griphook, Ollivander, Luna, Lewis and Hermione.. They're too weak.." Said Ryan "Yes, sir.. But.. where do I take them?" "To my Brother and Fleur's house. They told me we could use the house for emergencies." Said Ron "Yes, sir" Dobby hugged them all, and Disapparated away.

Upstairs, Wormtail, who had all the Wands confiscated, heard the Dissapparating noises, and went down to investigate. Just when he opened the door, The four Birds jumped at him, took their wands, stunned Pettigrew, and escaped. Lucius, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Draco followed them, while Dobby apparated at the other end "Masters, hurry up!" Shouted Dobby "Stupefy!" Casted Daniel, and Lucius was sent away. "Flipendo!" Ryan shot Narcissa. "Expelliarmus Maxima!" Casted Tyler, and Disarmed Bellatrix and Malfoy, and grabbed their wands. They ran onto Dobby, and just as they were about to apparate, Bellatrix shoot her knife at them, and they dissapparated along with the knife.

Chapter 18: Shell Cottage

They arrive near the Shell Cottage, Bill and Fleur's house. "Hermione.. We're safe.. Are you okay?" Asked Tyler "Yes, I--" "Master Tyler..." Interrupted Dobby holding his stomache "What Dobby?" Tyler walked towards him "The.. Knife..." Dobby pointed his stomache "Oh God No.. No, no, no..." Tyler held Dobby who panted heavily. Daniel and Ryan ran towards them "Dobby... You've been so Brave.. Thank you very much.." Said Daniel "It.. Is.. Always.. -Dobby panted heavily- Nice.. To.. Help.. Friends..." Said Dobby. "Don't... Don't worry we'll try to see if Bill and Fleur have something to cure you..." Said Ryan "No... This...Is.. A Nice.... Place.. To be With... Friends.. for ...Last... Time..." Dobby suddenly stopped breathing. "He's.. Gone.." Said Ryan "I Know..." Tyler sniffled. "I want to bury him. Not with Magic, Like Normal People.." Said Tyler. And so, they buried him, and wrote on the grave, Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf.

When they entered the Cottage, Bill and Fleur greeted them "Is everything Ok? What happened?" Asked Bill, and the Trio told him the story. Soon, they were just sitting around in the couch, with nothing to do. Suddenly, Daniel got it: "I Know where the next Horcrux is!!!! I KNOW!!" He excitedly shouted "Where!?" They asked "It's in Bellatrix's vault at Gringotts!" Replied Daniel "And how do you know?" Lewis asked "When she asked Hermione what else did she take from her vault, she seemed very worried.." Said Daniel "Well, Who Knows? Perhaps It IS In there..." Said Hermione "But how are we gonna break in there?" Asked Ryan "Yeah, the last time someone managed to break in, was Quirrell, 7 years ago in search for the Philosopher's Stone." Said Tyler "You ask him, Tyler.. You know him" Said Hermione "All right" He agreed.

He entered the room, alone. "Mr. Griphook.. How are you?" He asked "Alive..." Replied Griphook. "I.. Listen.. I need to break into Gringotts.." Tyler said. "What?" Asked Griphook "a Part of You-Know-Who is in there, I need to go and destroy it.." Said Tyler "It's Impossible.." Said Griphook "Alone, Yes. With you, No." Said Tyler "The Lightsaber.. That Is My Price." Said Griphook. Tyler thought a while. "..Mhm... All right. Speaking about the Lightsaber, is this really a fake? Bellatrix said she had the original in her vault" Said Tyler "No. This one's the real one. Only a Goblin can spot the few differences." Said Griphook "Then why would she have a fake one in her vault?" Asked Tyler "Snape put it in there. He was supposed to give the Saber to Bella, but he decided to put it in her vault.." Said Griphook "Why would Snape give Bellatrix a fake one?" Asked Tyler "There are always weird things happening in Gringotts, you know?" Said Griphook "All right.."

Tyler went out and asked Ollivander some stuff "Mr. Ollivander. I got this two wands.. Are they safe to use?" Asked Tyler handing him Bellatrix's wand. "Mmmh.. This wand is.. Bellatrix Lestrange's.. Use it Carefully.." He said. "And this one?" He handed Ollivander Draco's wand. "Mmmm...This wand.. It WAS Draco Malfoy's.. Use it well." Ollivander said. "Was? Not anymore?" Asked Tyler "Perhaps.. if you disarmed him.. It may be now yours, too.." Said Ollivander. "What if.. I want to give a wand to someone?" Asked Tyler "The wand chooses the Wizard, Mr. Franks, but if you really want to give a wand to someone. The only thing I can figure, is being Disarmed or killed by the person you wanna give that wand too." Said Ollivander. "Thank you.." Said Tyler and left

"All right Lewis, I'm gonna give you this wand. Disarm me" Tyler said "What?" Asked Lewis, confused "Just do it with this wand.." Tyler handed Lewis his wand, and held Bellatrix's wand "Expelliarmus!" Lewis disarmed Tyler "There, the wand is yours." Said Tyler. "Thanks." Said Lewis

"So, we need a plan to break in.." Said Daniel "I.. Have a Polyjuice potion ready, in the living room" Said Hermione. "Good, who are you gonna transform to?" Said Ryan "I.. When Bella tortured me, She dropped hair all over me.." Said Hermione "Ok, so you'll go disguised as bella wich is Great. "Tyler, how much people can your Invisibility cloak hold?" Asked Lewis "Four." Said Tyler "Ok, Me, Ryan, Daniel and You will go in there, and Griphook with Hermione-Bellatrix" Said Lewis "Great!" Said Ryan.

Chapter 19: Breaking Into Gringotts

"And I?" Asked Ron. "You'll go with us in the Cloak. I think you can fit if we all Squeeze" Said Tyler "All right" Said Ron Hermione put the hair in the Potion, and drank it "Glurgh... Tastes Awful..." She said. Suddenly, her red feathers turned black, her brown eyes turned green, and her beak became bigger. "So... How do I look..?" She asked "Awful" Said Tyler "Then It worked, let's go" She said "We're counting on you, Griphook. If you can get us to the Vault, the Saber's yours" Said Daniel, And they Dissapparated.

They apparated at the entrance of Diagon Alley, and Tyler, Ron, Ryan, Daniel and Lewis quickly hid under the Cloak, leaving only Hermione and Griphook. A Death eater passed by "Madam Lestrange" He greeted, and left "Good Morning" Replied Hermione "What are you saying!? You're Bellatrix Lestrange, not a First-Year Girl!" Said Griphook "You're right. Sorry." She said.

They entered the Building. Hermione looked at the Goblin that lets people pass to their vaults, Bogrod "Madam Lestrange. Griphook.. How are you doing?" Asked Bogrod "I would like to go to my Vault" Said Hermione "May I see your wand, please?" Bogrod asked "And Why Should I do that!?" Asked Hermione "You know. Bank's politic, because of these Dark Times..You get it.." Bogrod said. "Well, No I don't get it! Why can't I pass without using my wand!?" She asked. Griphook slowly leaned to Tyler "They know she's an impostor..." He whispered. Ryan looked around. The Police-Pigs were getting slowly closer to them. Bogrod looked at her and sighed, "Mrs. Lestrange.. I'm gonna have to call the police if you do not show me your wand..." He said. Hermione stood in silence not knowing what to do. Tyler picked his wand out the cloak, and aimed at Bogrod.. "Imperio.." He whispered. Bogrod took a big sigh. "You can pass now....." He said, and went along with them.

They boarded the little cart that takes them to the Vaults, And Hermione-Bellatrix saw a waterfall that was in the middle of their way. "Griphook.. What's that!?" She asked "I have no idea!" He said. They passed, all wet and the cart stopped. Suddenly an alarm started to sound and the car exploded, and they fell "WAAAAAAAAH!" They screamed "AAAARESSTTOOOO MMOMMEEENTUUUUUM!" Daniel casted, and they stopped just when they were about to touch the floor "Nice work, Dan.." Said Ryan "Thanks" Said Daniel. "Wait.. Hermione.. You're back to normal!" Said Tyler. "That was the Fall of Doom. Clears all Potion effects and Spells" Said Griphook. Bogrod looked at them "What The Heck are you doing here!? Thieves!" He said "Imperio!" Casted Ryan. "Nice work, you too" Daniel chuckled "Ha, Thanks" Said Ryan. They walked, and walked towards Bellatrix's vault, until they reached it. "Ok. Griphook. Your Turn.." Said Lewis. Griphook put his hand on the door, and opened it. It was FULL Of Gold stuff, and they saw the Fake Lightsaber, too. "Where is the Horcrux, Tyler. Can you feel it close?" Asked Ron. "Mmmh.. There, There It Is!" Tyler pointed at a little, gold cup. Hermione turned around, and knocked a little plate. Suddenly, the plate started to multiplicate, and so did the other stuff, and soon, they were almost flooding in gold stuff! Tyler grabbed the Horcrux, it fell and Griphook catched it "Griphook! Give it to Her!" Said Tyler "The Saber for the cup!" He said "Hermione, give it to him!" Said Ryan. Hermione tossed Griphook the saber, and he tossed Hermione the cup. "I said I'd bring you in.. I didn't say anything about getting out!" Said Griphook and left "That Stupid Coward!" Exclaimed Ron.

"Guys, Let's go! He didn't really close the door!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Yup, Let's go!" Said Daniel. They quickly escaped. "Let's go, quick!" Said Tyler "Tyler, wait!" Said Hermione "The Dragon!" Said Ryan. He pointed and saw a big, red Dragon. "This wasn't the way we came here!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Griphook locked the other entrance so we couldn't escape!" Said Ryan "That Stupid Goblin!" Said Ron. Suddenly, Griphook appeared from behind the Dragon, and looked at them, waving the Lightsaber with an evil smile. "I'm gonna Kill you, Griphook!" Said Ron. "Oh, no you won't -Griphook screamed from behind the Dragon- Police, Help! Help!" He said, and ran away. "Any Ideas?!" Asked Daniel "Well.. I.. Uh.. I got one, but It's... Crazy!" Said Hermione "What Is It!?" Daniel asked "Follow me!" Hermione pointed at the Dragon's chain, and destroyed it with the Blasting Curse. "Jump!" She said. They jumped on the Dragon, wich flew away with them, destroying the whole bank.

Chapter 20: The Final Hiding Place

Just after the gang escaped, Birdemort arrived. "They're not here anymore..." Birdemort spoke in Parseltongue to Nagini. "How.. are you sure?" Nagini replied "I've killed everybody in this place.. They're nowhere to be found.." Said Birdemort. "I must stay close to you.. right?" Asked Nagini "Yes.." Said Birdemort. The Saber that was in Griphook's hands (the real one) Suddenly vanished...

Back with the gang, The Dragon flew across a blue, deep sea, wich seemed very close to Hogsmeade. "Is.. Is that Hogsmeade!?" Asked Tyler "I believe so!" Said Ryan. "Let's drop!" Said Daniel "Ugh.. Fine!" Said Ron, and they all jumped from the Dragon to the sea. Just as Tyler jumped, he read Birdemort's mind. He saw Birdemort screaming in terror, knowing that they were collecting his Horcruxes, and heard Birdemort speak, "Ravenclaw.. Ravenclaw...".

They swam to the ground, and Tyler told everybody what he saw in Birdemort's mind. "So.. You think One of his Horcruxes is in Birdwarts?" Asked Ron "Yes, We gotta break in to Birdwarts, today." Said Tyler "And how?" Asked Ron "The secret passage from Honeydukes..." Said Daniel. "Yes! Let's go!" Said Tyler.

As they arrive to Honeydukes, Hogsmeade, an Alarm starts beeping. "What the Bird!?" Asked Ryan, and Suddenly they heard voices coming from other houses. "They're Here! They're Here!" Said a Bird "Let's go! we have to give them to the Dark Lord!" Said Another one. "Quick, Hide!" Said Daniel. The two Mysterios Birds looked around for them, but gave up, and left. "Pssst! Pssst!" Said somebody standing in the door of a house. "C'mere!" He said. And So, The Birds followed..

Chapter 21: Entrance to Birdwarts

They followed the Bird, who quickly entered his house "Did.. did you see him..?" Asked Hermione "I Know.. He looked exactly like--" "Dumbledore" Lewis interrupted Tyler.

"You are fools to come here!" Said The Bird "Excuse me.. But who are you?" Asked Daniel "I Am Aberforth.. Albus' Older Brother." Said The Bird "And.. What was it you were saying?" Asked Ryan. "You are fools to come here! What do you want to do here!?" Asked Aberforth "Your brother gave me a mission.." Said Tyler "That Ain't no Mission! That's a suicide attempt!" Said Aberforth "We were sent to destroy Horcruxes" Said Daniel "See? Did he tell you where they are? What they are? My brother always wanted people to do what he didn't want to!" Said Aberforth. "I trusted the man I knew.. And I don't care about what happened between you and your brother." Said Tyler "We need to get into Birdwarts, now" Said Daniel. Aberforth looked at a painting of a Lady Bird "You know what to do.." He sighed. The picture smiled, and left the Picture. "That's your sister Ariana, right?" Asked Hermione "Yes" Agreed Aberforth "She died at a young age, right?" Asked Hermione. "Well.. One day, she was running through our fields, and some boys kicked her. She lost her Magical abilities. Then My Father killed those three Muggles. She was kept at home, under control of Albus.. One day, Albus and another boy had a duel, she got in the way and died. At least that's how Albus told the story. I'd really like to know what happened" Said Aberforth, and left. "At least he helped us.." Said Lewis. Suddenly, the Girl in the Picture, Ariana returned "Look, she's back" Said Ryan "She's coming with someone else.." Said Tyler. Suddenly, the picture opened like a door, and Evan and Kashy were there "Guys!" They screamed, and hugged. "We've come to get you in to Birdwarts, now let's go!" Said Kashy "Do you regularly use this passage?" Asked Ryan "Yup, everyday. We come and hang out and eat with Aberforth" Said Evan "Why?" Asked Lewis "Birdwarts has changed a lot with Snape as the Headmaster..." Said Kashy. They noticed scratches in both Evan and Kashy's faces. "What happened to you?" Asked Tyler "Oh, The Carrows did it" Said Evan "The Who?" Asked Ryan "The Carrows. Brother and Sister. They're D.A.D.A. Teachers, and today's lessons was the Cruciatus Curse against first graders. We refused to do it, and they did this to us" Said Kashy "That's Terrible!" Said Hermione "I Know.." Said Kashy "We reunited Dumbledore's Army... We've all been staying in the Gryffindor Common room, even us Ravenclaws!" Said Kashy "And Slytherins!" Said Evan.

Chapter 22: Snape Escape

As they reach Birdwarts, they found all their friends such as Autumn, Fred and George, and Even Seamus. "Guys, look what we have here!!" Said Evan "I hope it isn't Aberforth's soup, we can't swallow that stuff!" Said Seamus "Even better.." Said Kashy, and Tyler, Daniel and Ryan walked in. "Woohooo!" Everybody cheered. "Hey, Neville.. Tell the rest of the Order that Tyler has arrived" Said Kashy "All right!" Said Neville

"Ok, so.. What's the plan?" Asked Autumn "We don't have a plan" Said Ryan "But we need to find something little, easy to hide.. I believe it has something to do with Ravenclaw.." Said Tyler, reffering to the Horcrux. "All right, And where Is it?" Asked Fred "We don't know" Said Daniel "And What Is It?" Asked George "We don't know either" Said Ron "Listen, we know it doesn't help a lot, but--" "It doesn't help at all" Seamus interrupted Tyler. "I know!" Said Luna "What!?" Asked Tyler "Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem!" She said "What's a Diadem?" Asked Ron "Like a Tiara.. But Luna.. No one alive has seen it.." Said Hermione. Suddenly, an alarm sounded "Uh Oh! That's Snape's alarm! It always means he wants to see us in the Great Hall..." Said Fred "He doesn't know you're here.."  Said George. "Let's hide in my cloak.." Tyler said to Ryan and Daniel.

And so they went to the Great hall.. The Trio hiding in the cloak. Snape arrived. "Now I know you're wondering why I gathered you here.." Said Snape "I have heard that Tyler Franks was spotted in Honeydukes, and that he somehow got in here.. Now.. If anyone was to help him.. He or she will suffer.. a lot" Said Snape "If anyone knows of the whereabouts of him.. Step forward." Said Snape. Tyler breathed, and stepped forward. The whole school was surprised. "It seems, proffesor, that even with your Death Eaters, you have a security problem!" Said Tyler, and the door opened, revealing The Order: Weasleys, Kingsley, Tonks, and everybody else. "..And It's quite big, Headmaster.." Said Tyler. "How dare you stand where he once stood! Tell them! Tell them how you looked at him, the Man that trusted you, and you looked him in the eye.. And Killed Him!" Shouting Tyler reffering to Dumbledore.

Snape pulled out his wand, and shot a Fireball directly to Tyler. Just then, McGonaggall stepped in, and protected Tyler. The whole place took a step back. "Traitor.." McGonaggall murmured. They kept on like that for some time. McGonaggall shooting fire to Snape and Snape counterattacking. Snape finally gave up and fleed through the Great Hall window. "COWARD!" Screamed McGonaggall, and the school cheered because of Snape's escape. "Franks.. It's good to see you.. What do you need?" McGonaggall asked Tyler. "Time.. and an Army.. You-Know-Who has gathered Trolls, Dementors, Death Eaters, Snatchers... What do we have?" Asked Tyler "Well, If I gather Students, The D.A., The Order and the Statues from the Castle, it would be more than a 1,000 People!" Said McGonaggall "Ok, That's Perfect, Let's go!" Said Tyler and ran away with Daniel and the rest. Suddenly Birdemort's voice was heard...  The voice started to Talk: I know that you are preparing to fight. Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have great respect for the teachers of Birdwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood. Give me Tyler Franks, and none shall be harmed. Give me Tyler Franks, and I shall leave the school untouched. Give me Tyler Franks, and you will be rewarded. You have until midnight.

A Group of Slytherins stepped forward. "Well, what are you wating for?! Take him to You-Know-Who!" Said Pansy Parkinson. They stood in silence "Mrs. Filch!" Called McGonaggall. "Yes, Ma'am?" Asked Filch "Take Mrs. Parkinson and the rest of Slytherin to the Dungeons, as a grounding!" Said McGonaggall "Yes, Ma'am" Said Flich. The gang ran to find the remaining horcruxes.

Chapter 23: The Great Battle of Birdwarts

Meanwhile, McGonaggall led an army to the front door. She looked at all the statues. "Piertotum.. Locomotor.." She casted. The statues started to move and came to life. They walked next to McGonaggall. "Birdwats is threatened! Cover the Boundaries, Do your duties to the school!" She said, and the Statues walked to the main entrance of Birdwarts waiting to attack. "You do realize, that we can't stop You-Know-Who, right Minerva?" Asked Proffesor Flitwick. "But we can delay him.. And call him by his name Filius, he's gonna try to kill you anyway.." Said McGonaggall. Mrs. Weasley, Flitwick, Slughorn and Tonks covered each corner of the castle, casting protecting spells, like Protego Maxima, Fianto Duri Or Repelle Incantatum. Lewis and Evan were following McGonaggall. "You two.. Blow up the Bridge!" Said McGonaggall "What?" Said Evan "Blow Up the Bridge from the Quidditch field, that way no one can get in!" Said McGonaggall "Ok, Proffesor!" Said Lewis, and he and Evan ran to the Bridge.

Back at Birdwarts, the whole school ran in panic, Death Eaters were about to arrive! "Tyler, where are you going?!" Asked Ryan "To the Ravenclaw Common room, maybe the Horcrux is there!" Replied Tyler "Ok, me and Daniel were thinking -Said Ryan as they ran upstairs- You destroyed The Diary with a  Basilisk fang, right?" "Yeah?" Asked Tyler "Well, Me and Ryan know where to find one!" Said Daniel "Oh, Ok... Hurry Up!" Said Tyler as he ran upstairs. Kashy saw Tyler. "Tyler, you won't find it there!" Said Kashy "I better search, Kash!" Said Tyler "Tyler, Listen to Me!" Screamed Kashy. Tyler stopped and looked at him "Hermione said the Diadem hasn't been seen by anyone alive.. Isn't it obvious?  You have to talk to a ghost!" Said Kashy "But.. What Ghost..?" Asked Tyler "Helena Ravenclaw.. She's Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter. C'mon, I'll take you to her!" Said Kashy, and they left.

Meanwhile, At The Bridge...

The Bridge ended just when the Protective field casted by Tonks started. Lewis and Evan stood alone in the Bridge, and about 500 Hundred Snatchers stood at the other side, with Scabior as their leader, outside the protective field. They ran to attack them "Uh Oh.." Said Evan. Lewis and Evan closed their eyes, thinking they were about to die, but suddenly, the Snatchers that touched the field were desintegrated! Lewis chuckled and looked at Evan. "Oh Yeah? You and Whose Army!?" He asked.

At the fifth entrance of Birdwarts, Birdemort and his Death Eaters arrived. "Destroy it" Said Birdemort. The Death Eaters shot Killing Curses at the Protective field (It was the only curse that could destroy it. Slowly, but It worked) Some Minutes later, the Field was completely destroyed, granting everyone access to Birdwarts.

Scabior smiled at Lewis.. "THIS ARMY, AAAAAGH!" He screamed as he ran toward them both. "Run, Run and Destroy!" Said Evan. Lewis and Evan ran while casting Exploding Curses at the Bridge.. As they almost reached the end, Lewis tripped. Evan jumped and made it to the end, Alive "LEWIS!" He screamed "Levicorpus! Ugh, I hope this works!!!" Evan said. He pointed his wand, and Lewis was hanging from the Tail. Evan put Lewis in the ground, safe. "You Okay?" He asked "Well, That went well.." Said Lewis. They chuckled and entered Birdwarts to fight Death Eaters.

Chapter 24: The Lost Diadem

Kashy took Tyler to Helena Ravenclaw. "Aren't you coming?" Tyler asked "No, I think it's better if you two talk alone..." Said Kashy. A Ghost appeared "Who are you?" The Ghost asked. "Tyler Franks.. You're Helena Ravenclaw, right?" Tyler asked "I do not answer to that name." Said Helena, and turned around "I'm sorry! You're the grey lady, right?" Asked Tyler "Yes.. What Is It You seek from me?" Asked Helena "I need to know your mother's Diadem's Location!" Said Tyler "What? Are you gonna curse it with Dark Magic too!?" Asked Helena "What do you mean?" Asked Tyler "A Long time ago, a boy with a strange name cursed it with real Dark Magic" Said Helena. "Tom Riddle.. So It IS A Horcrux.." Said Tyler "You Know? Mmmh.. Smart Boy.. Do you want to know where it is?" Asked Helena "Yes, Please" Said Tyler. "Room of Requirement. The entrance to where the Diadem is is there" Said Helena, and dissappeared "Well, Uh.. Thanks" Said Tyler and left.

Meanwhile, with Ryan and Daniel.. They were walking to the Girls' Bathroom entrance, where Myrtle died. Daniel rubbed the correct faucet, and spoke in Parseltongue in order to open the Chamber Of Secrets. "How Did You???" Asked Ryan "Hehe, Tyler talks in his sleep, have you noticed?" Asked Daniel "No, Of Course Not..." Said Ryan. They entered the Chamber and saw the Skeleton of the Dead Basilisk. "Let's grab two fangs, In case something happens to one" Said Ryan "Ok.." Said Daniel, and each grabbed a Fang. Suddenly, a Light came from the roof, and the Gryffindor Lightsaber appeared, and fell on Daniel's hands. "Wha!?" Said Daniel "The Lightsaber!" Exclaimed Ryan "Have you noticed the Lightsaber only appears when I'm in trouble?" Asked Daniel "Oh, I think I know why.. I think you have a far, far, far, far X50 Relationship with Godric Gryffindor. So the Lightsaber appears to you only.." Said Ryan. Daniel pulled out the Horcrux Cup from his hat, and layed it on the ground. "Destroy it" He said "I can't.. You do it" Said Ryan "I know.. Both" Said Daniel. Each grabbed a fang, and stabbed the Cup. While Birdemort screamed in Terror, knowing a part of him was destroyed. "We did it!" Said Ryan "Neat... Now let's go pop some Death Eaters!" Said Daniel, and they left the Chamber.

Back with Tyler, Kashy was waiting for him outside the room. "What did she say?" Asked Kashy. "The entrance to where the Diadem is is in the Room of Requirement, let's go!" Tyler said. Him and Kashy battled his way to the Room of Requirement, defeating Snatchers and Death Eaters in what would soon be a Destroyed Birdwarts. They entered the Room of Requirement, and started to look for the entrance "Here, look!" Kashy saw a pile of old Books "Books?" Asked Tyler "No!" Said Kashy, he moved the books revealing a Tube. Tyler looked closely at the Tube. "This.. Is Daniel's Tube.. It takes you to his Lab" Said Tyler "Well, She said the entrance was here, right?" Said Kashy "Ok, Let's go." They hopped on the Tube, and were transportated to Daniel Labs. Tyler looked at the Lab.. "Can you feel the Horcrux?" Said Kashy "Actually.. I can..." Said Tyler. He looked all over the lab, until he saw a really big box that said Lightsaber Supplies "Uhm.. There!" Said Tyler. He opened the box, and took out all the Saber Crystals, Handles, Grips and Hilts, until he saw a Diadem "The Diadem!" Gasped Kashy. Tyler grabbed the Diadem. "Ok, now let's go!" He said as he hopped on the Tube and went back to Birdwarts.

Chapter 25: The Battle Continues

Ryan and Daniel ran and battled their way to the Room of Requirement, looking for Tyler and Kashy, and Daniel dropped the Saber. Just then Lewis passed by. "The Saber.." He murmured, and picked it up and Ran away. Daniel and Ryan finally reached the Room, and Bumped into Tyler. "Guys, Guys! We found the Fifth Horcrux!" Said Tyler "Great!" Said Daniel. Suddenly, Draco apparated, along with Crabbe and Goyle. "Well Hey, Franks.. What are you doing here?" Asked Draco "I could ask the same to you, Malfoy!" Said Tyler "I would like you give me something back.. My Wand.. I know you have it" Said Draco "And what's wrong with the one you have?" Asked Tyler. "It's my mothers... It works fine, but It doesn't.. Understand me.." Said Draco "Well, you Ain't having it. RUN!" Screamed Tyler and They all ran away "Avada Kedavra!" Shouted Crabbe, aiming at Daniel, but missed as they ran away. Ryan stopped "Hey, that's my brother you were about to Kill, Come here!" He shouted as he ran back to Crabbe. Kashy, Tyler and Daniel stood in awe. Ryan came back running seconds later "Run, Run, RUUUUUN! GOYLE SET THE WHOLE PLACE ON FIRE!!!" Shouted Ryan, and they Ran for their lives. They reached to the end of the room and the fire was about to get them. "What do we do now!?" Screamed Kashy. Daniel looked to his left and saw 5 Broomsticks "Here, take this!" He screamed. Tyler took two Broomsticks instead of one. They jumped on the Broomsticks and flew away

"Stop the Fire, Idiot!" Screamed Malfoy "I can't it's stuck!" Screamed Goyle. Draco sighed and started to climb to the top of a big pile of trash in the Room. Crabbe followed him. Goyle started to climb, but he tripped and fell to the fire. "Wait!" Said Tyler as they passed near Draco and Crabbe "Take this, Save yourselves!" Screamed Tyler, and tossed a Broomstick at Draco to save himself. "Ok, Let's Go!" Screamed Daniel. Draco and Crabbe followed them in the Broomstick Tyler gave them. They got out of the room "Tyler, Quick!" Daniel tossed Tyler a fang, Tyler grabbed the Diadem, and quickly stabbed it. Ryan got up and kicked it to the Room of Requirement and the Fire ceased.

Meanwhile, Birdemort felt extreme pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAGH!" He screamed as he pointed the Elder Wand that he had stolen from Dumbledore's Tomb and casted a spell. At the middle of the spell, the Wand stopped "Ugh!? What!?" He asked himself. "My Lord.. Perhaps the wand doesn't truly work because you're not it's true owner" Suggested Lucius. "The True Owner... Call Him! Tell Him I'll meet him at the Boat House!" Screamed Birdemort "Yes, My Lord!" Said Lucius. Birdemort looked at Nagini. "They've destroyed another one.. This means that you, My friend.. Must stay close to me" Said Birdemort.

Tyler saw Birdemort's mind.. He saw the Boathouse. "You-Know-Who.. He's in the Boathouse.. And.. His Snake! His Snake is the Sixth and last Horcrux! We need to go and destroy it, then it's only me and him!" Said Tyler "All right, Let's go!" Said Daniel "I'll stay and help the others" Said Kashy "All right.." Said Ryan, and they battled their way to the Boathouse.

Chapter 26: The Half-Blood Prince's Tale

Birdemort was waiting at the Boathouse for the True-Owner-Of-The-Elder-Wand to arrive. Snape entered the Boathouse "Severus.." Said Birdemort "Yes, My Lord?" Asked Snape. "The Elder Wand. Why Is it failing me?" Asked Birdemort. "It hasn't. You've been doing excellent things with that wand" Said Snape, as Birdemort rubbed Nagini's head. "No, Severus.. The wand was property of Dumbledore's.. You killed Dumbledore, therefore, the wand is yours.. And If I want it to truly work for me.. I have to.." Said Birdemort "..Kill.. Me.." Said Snape, scared "Exactly, Severus.. Very Smart Man.. But you must understand that I HAVE to kill the boy and I need the wand. Snape gulped. "You've been a faithful Servant, Severus.. But Only I can live forever.. Sectumsempra!" Birdemort cut through Snape's body, as Ryan did to Draco a year ago. Snape fainted. "Nagini. Dinner" Said Birdemort, as the Trio arrived. Nagini attacked Snape thrice, and Birdemort dissapparated with Nagini "Darn It, we Lost him!" Murmured Ryan. Tyler entered the Boathouse. Snape cried in pain, and saw Tyler. "Tyler.. Take.. My Tears.. Take them to The Pensieve. You Must Learn... The Truth.." Said Snape, pointing his tears "Quick, Daniel, Ryan! A Glass, something!" Exclaimed Tyler. Daniel grabbed a bucket. "Here" He said. Tyler put Snape's tears in the Bucket. "Tyler.. look at me.. You.. Have.. You Have Your Mother's.. Eyes.." Said Snape, and stopped breathing. "Well.. He's dead" Said Tyler "Hurry, take the tears to the Pensieve!" Said Ryan. Birdemort's voice was heard speaking again. "Tyler Franks.. You Great Coward.. Letting your Friends die in battles for you.. Instead of facing me yourself... I now command all my forces to leave... Tyler Franks.. Meet me at the Forbidden forest in an hour.. Let's end this..." Said Birdemort. "Tyler.. You have one hour.." Said Ryan "I Know.." Said Tyler, and left to Dumbledore's office in the Seventh Floor, where the Pensieve was.

He opened the Pensieve, put the Tears in it, and saw what The Truth Was.

(These whole scenes are in the Pensieve)

Snape (as a kid) Sat next to Anne (Ty's mom). "My mom sometimes tells me I'm a freak" Said Anne "Why?" Asked Snape. Lily opened her beek, and a flower came out "Anne.. You're a Witch!" Said Snape "A Wicth?" Asked Anne "Yes.. My father is one. He does things like that. He told me that if anyone can do magical stuff, he deserves to go to Birdwarts, School of Magic!" Said Snape "Neat, Thanks Severus!" Said Anne. Snape smiled.

The scene changes to the Sorting ceremony between Tyler Sr., Jack (Tyler's uncle), Anne, Remus and Snape. Anne tried on the hat. Snape had already been sorted into Slytherin "Please get her on Slytherin.." Snape murmured. "GRYFFINDOR!" Screamed the Sorting hat. Anne went happily to Gryffindor as he passed near Severus, completely Ignoring him. Snape went totally sad.

The scene changes to Snape and Anne walking in the Birdwarts hallways, as Tyler Sr., Jack and Remus pass between them, dropping their books, with Snape's voice in the Background saying, "The Boy is like his father.. Lazy.. Arrogant.."

Scene changes, this time a conversation between Snape and Dumbledore. "The Dark Lord thinks the Prophecy of the boy who could kill him means Anne Franks' son!" Said Snape. "So?" Said Dumbledore "I beg you to Protect Her.. I mean.. Them! Protect them!" Said Snape "All right.." Said Dumbledore

Scene changes, to Snape crying in Dumbledore "He killed her!" Said Snape "She didn't die, Anne, you know? Anne is alive.." Said Dumbledore. "But I can't go out of Birdwarts, I need to see her!" Said Snape "I'm telling you.. She's all right" Said Dumbledore. "I don't trust you! You didn't protect them!" Said Snape "Tyler and Anne put their Faith on the wrong person" Said Dumbledore. Snape cried "But.. The Boy survived.. If you truly loved Anne.. You could take care of him and protect him.." Said Dumbledore "All right.. But NO ONE Must know... This must stay between us, Dumbledore.. Swear It!" Said Snape

The Scene changes to Snape examining Dumbledore.. "Albus.. When you put on the ring.. The Horcrux Ring.. It cursed you.. You'll die in weeks" Said Snape "Well.. We both know that you-know-who has given Draco Malfoy the Task to kill me.. But we know that he won't.. It must be you to kill me... So that when you kill me, You-Know-Who will trust you, and then you can betray him" Said Dumbledore "All right. I must go now.." Said Snape "There's one more thing.. Tyler must know that when his father sacrified himself in order to save him, a Part of Birdemort added itself to Tyler.. This means.. Tyler..." Said Dumbledore.. "Is.. A Horcrux.. So.. You kept him alive so he could die at the Proper moment, and we could defeat Birdemort.." Said Snape. "Exactly" Said Dumbledore "Brilliant" Said Snape.

The last scene is Snape seating on his office.. thinking. He had the Gryffindor Lightsaber. He saw the Lightsaber.. He put the Lightsaber inside his Patronus, and send it to where Tyler was hiding. That's how Snape helped them find the Gryffindor Lightsaber. The Memory ended

(Outside the Pensieve)

Tyler thought. Snape was a Double agent! That's why Snape saved Tyler on his second year from Quirrell.. That's why Snape pretended to not have any truth potion when Umbridge asked him for some more to use on Tyler. Snape sacrified himself for Tyler. Snape sent them the Sword of Gryffindor to save them. He was a Real Hero! Tyler realized he WAS A Horcrux. That's why he was so similar yet so different from Birdemort. Tyler knew he had to Die. Tyler sat down and cried, while holding the Snitch Dumbledore gave him.

Chapter 27: The Forest Again

He wiped his tears, and got out of the office, and Daniel and Ryan were waiting for him "What did you see?" Asked Daniel "Turns out Snape was the bravest man I'll ever Know" Said Tyler "What?" Asked Ryan "He always saved me from anything. He was a double-agent. He sent us the Saber" Said Tyler "Speaking of wich, I lost it" Said Daniel "Ugh, well we still have the fangs" Said Ryan. Tyler started to leave "W-Where are you going?" Asked Daniel "To The Forest. I MUST Die if we wish to defeat Birdemort. "No, No! Tyler I don't wanna loose you!" Said Ryan "Sorry.. I have to. When I die, I want any of you to kill the Snake. That way, Only Birdemort will remain, and you will kill him.." Said Tyler "But Tyler.. The Prophecy we saw Three Years Ago.. It said only you could defeat Birdemort, or only he could defeat you" Said Daniel. "Prophecies are not always correct" Said Tyler, hugged them and they walked him to the Entrance. When they pass the great hall, they see Ron crying on Hermione's shoulders. "What happened?" Asked Daniel. Ron pointed at the floor. Fred's dead body was lying there. "Oh, I'm so Sorry!" Said Ryan. Tyler kept walking and saw Tonks' dead body lying in the floor. First Fred, Now Tonks. Tyler walked fast to the door, and walked out to the Forest..

As he walked through the Forest, he grabbed the Snitch wich said I Open at The Close. Tyler looked at it "I'm ready to die." He whispered, and kissed the Snitch. The Snitch opened, revealing the Resurrection Stone. Tyler gasped, and grabbed it. Just then, the Spirits of Remus, Snape and His Dad appeared. He looked at them. "Dad" Said Tyler "Son, you have been so Brave" Said Tyler Sr. "Thanks Dad.." Said Tyler. He looked at Remus "Remus.. Does It Hurt? Dying?" Tyler asked "Not At All. It's just like falling asleep" Said Remus. He looked at Snape "Proffesor Snape.. You have been the Bravest Man I ever knew" Said Tyler "Thanks, Mr. Franks. I also believe I have found peace with your Dad and your Godfather" Said Snape. "Great.. But.. Promise me.. You'll stay with me" Said Tyler. Remus pointed Tyler's chest. "We'll be with you.. In there. In your heart" Said Remus "Until The Very End" Said Tyler Sr. Tyler put the Stone in his pocket and kept going on. The Spirits dissappeared. He finally reached the place where Birdemort was. Some Death Eaters had Hagrid tied to a tree "Tyler! No! What are you doing here!" Screamed Hagrid. Birdemort laughed "Tyler Franks.. The Boy Who Lived.. Has Come To Die..." Said Birdemort. Tyler breathed heavily "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Screamed Birdemort. Tyler instantly fell to the Ground. Birdemort laughed maniacally, not realizing that Tyler was still breathing.

Chapter 27: King's Cross

Tyler woke up in what seemed King's Cross station, only.. Everything was white. Dumbledore looked at him "Wake Up, Tyler, Wake Up" Said Dumbledore. "P-Proffesor?" Asked Tyler "Well, Yes, I Am" Confirmed Dumbledore. "Am I in Heaven?" Asked Tyler "Well, where do you think you are?" Asked Dumbledore. "It looks Like King's Cross.. Only Cleaner.. and No Trains" Said Tyler. "You're In Limbo. A Place between Life and Death" Said Dumbledore. They started to walk and talk "So Is it True, Proffesor? I'm a Horcrux?" Said Tyler "You were. The Horcrux you were was just destroyed by Birdemort a minute ago, and now you can go ahead and defeat him" Said Dumbledore "But, How? I'm dead" Said Tyler "Yes, but.. What was it in that Snitch I gave you?" Asked Dumbledore "The.. Resurrection Stone.." Said Tyler "Yes. If you want to.. You can come with me to Heaven, and meet Your Dad, Remus, Tonks and Snape.. Or you can choose to go back to Life and fight with the Resurrection Stone." Said Dumbledore.

Tyler thought "Meh, I'll someday die, So I'll go back, and defeat Birdemort!" Said Tyler "Well, I guess I'm gonna move on. Since Snape killed me, I've been waiting for this moment. Goodbye, Tyler" Said Dumbledore "But.. Proffesor! How Do I go back?" Asked Tyler "Just.. Sit down and wait for your train" Said Dumbledore, and left. Tyler sat down. I have to go back, hurry up, Train! Tyler thought.

Chapter 28: The Flaw In The Plan

Birdemort ordered Hagrid to carry Tyler's (supposedly) dead body to Birdwarts, and so did Hagrid.

When they arrived, everybody went out to see what happened. Hermione saw Hagrid carrying Tyler "Who-- Who's that Hagrid's carrying? Who Is It!?" She screamed "That's.. Tyler." Said Ryan "Oh, No!" Hermione cried. Daniel sobbed, so did Kashy, Lewis, and Evan. Ryan, for some reason, had his eyes closed and seemed to be concentrating very deeply. Birdemort looked at everyone "Tyler Franks.... IS DEAD!!! AHAHAHAHA!" He screamed. Birdemort turned around and looked at his Death Eaters "He Is Dead!" He said, laughing. "Now, If anyone wants to Surrender to us.. Please Come Here!" Said Birdemort. Draco was standing on the other side "Draco.. Come here.. Come.." Murmured Lucius. Draco stood there "Draco.. Come here.." Said Narcissa. Draco slowly walked to them, and Birdemort hugged him "Well Done, Draco.. Well Done.. Now go" He said. "Anyone else?" He asked. Lewis stepped forward.

"I must say I expected something better" Said Birdemort. His Death Eaters laughed. "What's your name, boy?" He asked "Lewis.. Lewis Franks-Redmond" Said Lewis "Lewis.. I'm sure we'll find you a place in our army..." Said Birdemort "I don't want a place. I want to kill you for killing my brother!" Exclaimed Lewis. "Haha! Don't you understand? It's Over! I Won!" Screamed Birdemort. "No, It's Not Over.. IT'S NEVER OVER!" Lewis shouted as he Turned on the Lightsaber Daniel dropped. Birdemort gasped "AVADA KEDAVRA!" He shouted, and Lewis covered with the Saber. Suddenly, Ryan opened his eyes. "Daniel!" he said. "I'm feeling something!" "What?" asked Daniel.  Just then Tyler fell from Hagrid's Arms, Alive. "Remember how the three of us could never die when we where close together?" Ryan said. "That's it!" said Daniel. "Actually, it was this ressurection stone," said Tyler. "Well, that killed the moment," Ryan sighed. "Franks, Take This!" Said Draco as he tossed a Wand to Draco "Now we're even!" He said. Tyler smiled. "Everte Statem!" He shouted as he ran inside Birdwarts "WHAT!!??? CONFRINGO!!!" Birdemort shouted trying to destroy Tyler. Some Death Eaters, including the Malfoy family fled from Birdwarts "What!? Cowards!" Screamed Bellatrix. All the Birdwarts Heroes ran inside followed by Death Eaters, to continue the Battle. Nagini followed Daniel and Ryan, who ran upstairs.

Daniel pulled out a Fang, But Nagini jumped over him and destroyed it. Ryan had the other fang, but Just as he was about to stab Nagini, she Moved, causing Ryan to fail and drop the Fang. Daniel ran towards Ryan.. They saw Nagini about to eat them. Daniel Casted a Cruciatus curse at it, but it failed. Just as they were about to get eaten by Nagini, Lewis arrived and beheaded Nagini with The Lightsaber. Daniel opened his eyes "Gee, Thanks, Lewis!" He said "No, Prob, Now let's go and fight some Death Eaters!" Lewis Said "All right!" Said Ryan.

Tyler put on his Cloak, and Birdemort could not see him. Birdemort grunted and went back to the Great Hall, where the Order of The Phoenix, Students and Dumbledore's Army fought Death Eaters. Bellatrix fought Hermione, Ginny and Autumn at the same time. She shot a Killing Curse at Ginny, who dodged it just briefly. Mrs. Weasley saw it, and stepped forward. "Not My Daughter, You PIG!" She screamed. "Hahaha! And A Granny like you is gonna fight me? Hahahaha!" Screamed Bellatrix. They fought, until Mrs. Weasley Petrified Bellatrix "Reducto!" She screamed, and Belltarix exploded into pieces "Hhm!" Said Mrs. Weasley. Tyler entered the Great Hall in his cloak. Birdemort, fully angered because his Most loyal servant ever just got killed, tried to destroyed Mrs. Weasley, but Tyler stepped in and blocked the Killing Curse Birdemort had just casted. "There You Are, COME HERE!" Screamed Birdemort. "I Don't Think So!" Said Tyler, and ran out of the Hall. Birdemort angrily followed him while he casted Curses and Tyler blocked them. As they ran Birdemort screams, "You're no Lucky! I have the Elder Wand, I just killed Snape! It belongs to me know!" As they reached to a dead end, only remains a window, that if someone jumped off, he would fall Directly to the Birdwarts Main Entrance. "The Wand is not yours!" Said Tyler. Birdemort grabbed Tyler by his tail, about to throw him out the Window "And Can I please know why? I killed Snape!" Said Birdemort. "The Wand's Alligeance was never to Snape, but to Draco. He disarmed Dumbledore, and then I disarmed him at Malfoy Manor.. The Wand Is Mine!" Screamed Tyler "That.. THAT CAN'T BE!" Said Birdemort "Oh, Yes.. Tom.. Let's finish this all the way we started it, TOGETHER!" Screamed Tyler. Tyler hugged Birdemort, and dropped out the window, and they fell directly to the floor. They quickly got up and grabbed their wands. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Screamed Birdemort "EXPELLIARMUS!" Screamed Tyler. They got stuck In Priori Incantatem again. The Energy ball slowly went towards Tyler, meaning Birdemort was about to kill him.. Suddenly..As the Energy ball was about to touch Tyler, The Elder Wand wich Birdemort had killed Birdemort, instead of Tyler, and Birdemort desintegrated, remaining only ashes. Tyler couldn't believe it. He had finally defeated Birdemort! after Seven years of Trying to Kill him, he just had killed him. His theory was correct: Since the Elder Wand was Tyler's, It refused to kill it's master, causing it to attack Birdemort instead of Tyler. Even better: Tyler know had the Elder Wand, The Invisibility Cloak, and the Resurrection Stone, He was the Master of Death.

All of Birdwarts got out. They all cheered and chanted For Tyler, Daniel, Ryan, Evan, Kashy and Lewis, Our Heroes!!!! Tyler Kissed Hermione and they had a great Party.



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