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Sean and Caoimhan-Adventures in Time cover

Front Cover

To my friend Caoimhan Ferris.

Chapter 1:The Time Machine

One day there was two black birds called Sean and Caoimhan.They were best friends.Sean had black feathers and black eyes.He wears a construction helmet.Caoimhan wears a cowboy hat.He has black feathers like Sean but instead he has Green eyes.

One day,the 2 birds were doing ordinary things.When suddenly something fell from the sky.Boom! as it banged onto the ground.What is that? asked Sean.It looks like a time machine..OK. replied Sean.Lets go check it out! said Caoimhan excitely.So they went to the time machine to check it out.
Time Machine

The time machine

Chapter 2:Travelling in the Past

They went inside.There was alot of buttons.They all said:


Lets go to the past! said Sean.

So they clicked PAST.The time machine brought the into the Land of Dinosaurs.WOW! said Sean happy.They explored the land.They went through jungles,oceans and deserts.Then they heard a pig noise.Huh? said Sean puzzled.

There it was again.Where is that. Caoimhan said.Then they saw a green pig stealing three eggs.There was prehestoric birds.We gotta saved them!.So they eliminated the pigs by exploding.BOOMKABLUEWY! as they exploded.Then the prehestoric birds said thank you and they gave their eggs back.

Chapter 3:Travelling in the Future

Then they went back in the time machine and then they decided to go to the future.

So they clicked:FUTURE.They swirled and jolted and went into the future.They arrived in a town with flying people.Thin TVs and Thin PCs.They were amazed.They suddenly a big pig came out of nowhere.TIME TO SQUISH YOU ALL! roared the Fat Pig.They exploded but each time they exploded they bounced of.He using a PSI power!He is using PSI Shield  Σ!' exclaimed Sean. So they got their PSI powers and used PSI Rockin Ω.Then he got weker and weaker until who couldn't stand it.NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! said Fat Pig angrily.Then he died.

Chapter 4:Victory

So they walked(just kidding) ran to the time machine and pressed ORIGINAL TIME.Then they went back to there original place.


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