It was a cold and cloudy night. The moon and stars barely showed through the tough clouds. Ryan silently snuck out of the Redmond Manor. He was about to run, when he heard a voice behind him. "Redmond! Turn around!" Groaning, Ryan slowly turned around. Standing in front of him was Travis, a big bulky red bird thug. Behind him was Scrap and Steve, his posse. "Where's my 20 bucks, Pinky?!" Travis snarled "What he said!" Scrap yelled.  "I-I don't have them yet," Ryan stammered. Travis frowned. "I warned you. I WARNED you. Didn't I guys?" "Y-Yes, yes you did, Boss!" Steve said. "What he said!" Scrap agreed. "See, I did," Travis growled. "Sick 'em, boys." Scrap and Steve lunged at Ryan. Ryan quickly doged. The three thugs began to attack him. Ryan did his best to block their attacks, but he was no match for the big slab of metal Travis hit the back of his head with. "You had your chance, Tiny." Travis laughed. "What he sai-" Ryan suddenly blacked out.

To be continued! (Don't worry, the entire story isn't this dark)

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