Ryan ran in, only to be more shocked than he was. having never BEEN in the gas room, he suspected it was a huge room full of pipes and Gas tanks. but when he got in, he noticed that the HALL was buzzing. he fixed the boilers and mixers, and when he moved on, his eyes widened. the gas replacer was LAVA! Ryan heard the door shut behind him. he turned around, Davey held a controller, and pressed a button. a rope fell down, and Daniel was attached to it. Daniel was both blindfolded and muted with one hankercheif. Ryan saw a twinkle of light in Daniel's belt, and a shape like a thunderbolt stuck across the walls. they both heard a humming, and Lightning ACTUALLY struck in, the rope snapped, but Daniel arced and landed on the bridge. Lightning struck again, and the Hankercheif turned to ashes. Ryan drew Thunderblade, which was RICH with Energy. he pointed it at Davey, and ZAP!!!!!!! Davey screamed and fell onto the bridge's floor. Daniel stared at Davey with glaring eyes, and left him there. "we did care, and you treat us this way?" Daniel said as he walked away. Davey said nothing, because he was knocked out cold.

The End.

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