Ryan Sad

Where are You?

Ryan looked around, Daniel was nowhere to be found. "Daniel?" Ryan asked, looking around the Sky fort. his echo mocked him, as it echoed through the huge control room "Daniel? Daniel? Daniel?" it bounced back. Ryan was in tears. Then he thought he saw something red hop by. he followed it, it was not Daniel, but he sure looked firmiliar... it turned around, and the instant they met eyes, their eyes pinned. "Davey?!" Ryan said to the bird, who looked EXACTLY like Davey, except with no scratches or Damage whatsoever. "H-H-Hi Ryan!" Davey said nervously. Davey dashed away, only for Ryan to follow. "Davey! you lied to me! you lied to Daniel!" Ryan said.Davey stopped the second Ryan mentioned Daniel, and turned around with a look of BITTER anger. "he lied to ME, he promised to keep me safe, and yet he STILL went to dangerous places. he never cared, he thought i was an advantage!" Davey said as bitter as a lemon. Ryan was shocked. "Daniel would NEVER do that, he cared. Daniel is loyal to EVERYONE except enemies." Ryan hissed also bitter with anger, but at Davey's foolishness to beleive Daniel never cared. "too bad he and his precious sky fort is about to explode!" Davey said, gesturing to the gas room, where there was a hissing and rattling. "oh snap!" Ryan said.

WILL the Sky Fort explode? Can Ryan save Daniel and Himself before the Gas gets into the Engine and explodes the whole fort?

find out in part 3!

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