One morning, Ryan woke up and went to go feed the Dragon-Birds. Onyx was circling around Destructobot's parts, Lindo was tearing through the remains of Danbot, and Cuddles had broken into Ryan's hot dogs and was now gobbling them all down! Ryan brought them back to the stables, and noticed Flash was missing. in a flash, Flash reappeared. "Flash, you clever boy!" Ryan said. Flash had a look of pure hilarity, which was unusual for Invisible Sleuthwings, which are usually VERY shy. Lava all the sudden let out a shreik, and Ryan saw a Snarling Orange Sleuthwing looking at him. Onyx let out a Roar-shreik of fury, and attacked. the Orange Sleuthwing let out a cry of Fright, and flew off. Ryan went into the house to see if Daniel could explain it. he opened the door... Daniel's Bed was Danielless, and he checked the lab and the Breifing Room, but Daniel was nowhere to be found!

Where is Daniel? why is he gone? find out in part 2!

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