Strawdina was at the pool sitting on Ryan, who was still an egg. Strawben was next to her, playing with Baby Daniel. Then, all of a sudden, Daniel fell into the pool! Strawdina screamed. Strawben dove into the water to save his son. Strawdina hopped up to watch, forgetting about Ryan for a minute. When they got Daniel out of the water and everyone dried off, they saw a crying newborn baby yellow bird chick, shivering cold. "Oh, look at this little guy!" Strawben said. Strawdina gasped. "Oh, he's so cute!" "But where did he come from?" wondered Strawben. Then Strawdina looked over at Ryan's egg, which was broken. "Wait... RYAN!" Strawdina shouted. Ryan had hatched and could finally play with Daniel! Strawdina picked Ryan up, kissed the top of his beak, set him down next to Daniel, and put a diaper on him. "Wewo, Wyan!" Daniel greeted his new brother. Ryan opened his eyes. There, starring back at him, would not only be his brother, but his friend for life.

The End

Poor Ryan


Cute baby ryan Redesign


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