Chapter 7

Me and Autumn crept through the nearly pitch-black mansion. When we came to the main hall, we saw Uncle Jack preparing to go outside. "Doesn't he know how sick it'll make him, even with an umbrella?" I thought to myself. Then I realised he had no umbrella. He picked up a tiny magnent and strapped it around him. I immediately recognized it as Daniel's newest invention, the Anti-rain-inator 2000. He had stole from Daniel's lab! "That no-good Miss John's gonna pay for signing that idiot up to burn down my property," we heard him murmur under his breath. He turned and walked out the door. "Quick, Autumn, hop on my back," I told my friend. "Why?" she asked. "Quick, just do it!" I told her. And she hopped on. "That jerk's not gonna mess with the fastest bird on the island," I said as I sped out the door with Autumn.

Chapter 8

We made it to the house in less than three seconds- a new record! We burst in the door and woke everyone up. "Ryan, WHAT?! Mom said, holding a crying Bluetop, Blueberta, and Blueberry. "There's NO WAY the triplets are going back down now." "You don't understand, Mrs. Johnson," explained Autumn. "It's Uncle Jack. He's comi-" Suddenly, the door slammed shut and the light went off. We saw a big, fat figure. "He's here," Daniel said. "Everyone out except for me and the goggle birds!" I shouted. Everyone else evacuated and the lights went back on. "Your mother WILL pay," Uncle Jack said. "But first I must remove YOU from the equation!" "FAT chance!" I joked. "Ryan!" Daniel said as we moved aside of Uncle Jack's first attack. "Why must you always joke when the going gets tough?!" "Because," I said. "It's easier then joking when the tough gets going!" "Guy's look out!" Autumn screamed as Uncle Jack puffed up and lunged towards us at top speed. And then, it all went black.

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