Strawdina Sprite

Mom (Strawdina)

Chapter 5

"There," I said. "You're mansion's completely fixed and I added 10 new floors, with a pool-sized hot tub, theater room, an oversized vault to keep all your money in, two very quick elevators, one for you and one for your workers, and a nice remote-control chair that lets you get around without even having to get up. Your field's even bigger and every plant has been replanted." Uncle Jack thought for a minute. "Very well then," he said. "Welcome back aboard. I can see you've worked hard on this, so I'll give you, say, ten bucks." "WHAT?" I said. Uncle Jack raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem, Rookie?" he growled. "Play nice, Ryan, play nice!" I told myself. "Nope, no problems, sir," I said. "Very good," He said, walking into his new mansion. How was I gonna get through this?!

Chapter 6

That evening, a terrible hurricane swept across the island, so Uncle Jack's workers, including myself, couldn't get home, and we all had to stay at the mansion on old, crusty mattresses. Me and Autumn slept next to each other. That night, after I thought everyone else had gone to sleep, I lay awake, thinking about how I maybe wasn't safe here. Uncle Jack still had every right to be mad at me, and he could easily kill me in my sleep. "Ryan," a voice said, startling me. "Who said that?!" I whispered. "It's just me," Autumn said, turning to face me. "Oh," I said. "Hey." "I never formally thanked you for saving my life," Autumn said. "Well," I replied. "No one deserves to be eaten by Jack." "I know," said Autumn. "He's the reason I'm an orphan. Both my parents were workers for him, and he killed them when I was five." "Wow," I said. "I'm so sorry." Then we heard a weird thumping noise. "What was that?"

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