Blacky Sprite


Chapter 6

So, I guess Daniel was right about Uncle Jack. He's just a bloated, cannabirdistic jerk. I thought that Daniel would be proud of me. He wasn't. "RYAN!" Mom called when me and Autumn walked in the door. "GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!" Me and Autumn went upstairs. Daniel and Dad were already there. "Tyler told me you burned down Uncle Jack's mansion! "You WHAT?!" Daniel screamed. "Look, I didn't purposely burn down the whole darn building! I just wanted to burn a few of his plants. He tried to eat my friend Autumn!" I said jest erring towards her. "Yeah," said Autumn. "He was only trying to stand up for me!" "Man," Dad said. "I gotta teach you about matches."

Chapter 7

Autumn was sent home and I was sent to my room, grounded for a month. I lied down on my bed, and listened to "We are Young" by F.U.N. I relaxed and stroked Bianca. I was in a world I had never been in before: True Peace. I squatted by my miniature waterfall in the corner of my room. I felt a slight tingle, as if I was experiencing true meditation. Daniel had tried to teach me things like this, and the reason I couldn't do them is because I hadn't taken the time to focus. But now... Now was different. I had done wrong, but I was going to make this right. "That move was SUICIDAL!" Daniel had told me. "The guy's gonna MURDER you!" Oh, he could try alright, but if it was a fight Uncle Jack wanted, a fight he was gonna get. He wasn't getting near my family and I wasn't about to let him. I would rebuild his mansion and be as nice to him as possible, but if he still wanted to kill me after that, he was gonna have to try hard. I now had something he didn't: A will to fight fot what I loved.

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