Orange Goggle Bird


Chapter 3

"Your job is WHAT?!" Daniel screamed. "What's so bad about getting him whatever he needs?" I asked. Daniel groaned. Because if you fail-" he cut himself off. "I don't think he's the monster you make him out to be," I said. "Every time I bring him something or do him a favor, he gives me $100!" I held up a wad of $100 bills to prove it. Daniel looked at the wad with big eyes, then looked back at me. "Look," he said. "Uncle Jack has money to BURN! Eventually, he's going to... to... um..." "He's going to what?" I asked, confused. "He's going to EAT you!" Daniel shouted.

Chapter 4

The next day, I couldn't find Uncle Jack anywhere. So I snuck out into the field to see Autumn. I spied on her from behind the gate and watched her tend Uncle Jack's crop. Then I realized that she was getting sleepy. Eventually, she fell asleep right there. Then I saw Uncle Jack. He hopped over to her and opened his beak wide. "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed. I jumped over the gate and lit a match. "Dare try, or your whole crop goes up in flames!" I hissed. "Or YOU go up in flames." Uncle Jack's workers must have heard my shouting, because they all gathered around to watch. "What's wrong, little one?" Uncle Jack snarled. "Need your diaper changed?" Autumn rushed over and hid behind me. Uncle Jack was VERY stingy, so he charged at me. I grabbed Autumn and dodged Uncle Jack's attack. He was about to charge at me again when EVERY PIECE OF CROP BURST INTO FLAMES! "Come on, guys!" I called to the other workers, and we all got out of the mansion safely before it burst into flames.

What happens next? Find out in part 3!

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