Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack (Not even CLOSE to actual size, which is saying something)

Chapter 1

It was a hot summer day, and by now I was 11. "Ryan!" Mom called. "Great news!" I quickly hopped over to the kitchen table, where she was sitting. "Remember how you wanted to get a summer job so you can earn money?" "Yes," I said. "Well, I signed you up to work at Tyler's Uncle Jack's Mansion for the summer." "Cool!" I said exitedly. As I hopped back to my room, Daniel pulled me aside. "You do NOT understand," he said, seriously. "Uncle Jack is a monster." "How so?" I asked. At the time, I was too young to know what Uncle Jack did to his workers whenever they failed him, so he just said, "He's not the nicest bird ever."

Chapter 2

"Hello, you must be Ryan," Uncle Jack said warmly. "Welcome to my mansion." He seemed nice, but I wasn't sure I trusted him yet. I had never seen a bird more bloated. He showed me around his mansion and all his workers. Then we went outside. "Now you can meet Autumn," Uncle Jack told me. "She's my field worker." Autumn was an Orange Goggle Bird that I had never seen before. When I saw her, It was love at the first sight. We looked at each other with fond eyes. I could clearly see she was in love with me, too. "Hi," I said to her. "I'm Ryan." "Autumn," she replied. Uncle Jack made a face then sighed. "Come on, Rookie, let me show you your job," he said. Pulling me away. "Nice meeting you!" Autumn called after me.

Will Ryan and Autumn meet again? Find out in part 2!

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