Ryan Sprite


one night, Daniel settled down, and watched the clouds fly by in the sky. Strawdina was looking at something different. she was looking through the trees. "i hope he'll find his way back" Strawdina muttered. "Who?" Daniel asked, looking with her. Strawdina laughed and said "i haven't old you abut him, have i?" "you weren't the only child i had, you have a brother, ten years old. i found him when you were 1 a year old, but you found him first." . Daniel's eyes widened. "another Red Bird's egg?", asked. "No, not a red Bird, a Yellow Bird." Strawdina said, making Daniel wonder more. Daniel saw a shadow of a yellow bird... or was he seeing things? Daniel heard a voice. Strawdina jumped a full Bird-foot in the air. "RYAN! YOU FOUND ME!" Strawdina shouted with joy. at that moment, Daniel began to remember things he had forgotten from 10 years ago, and Ryan began to remember HIM.

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