Original Ryan

This article is about how Ryan's creator (who's name is also Ryan) came up with the idea for his character and how it ended up being really well-known.


1. When a boy named Ryan dicovered Wikia, he quickly became interested. Ryan has an oversized addiction to Angry Birds, so he searched for an Angry Birds Wiki. He found one alright, but quickly realized it was NOT for him. The users where hostile. Some of the admins where strict. And there was constant arguing. Then Ryan met a user named Daniel T. Goggle Bird, who had his own Angry Birds Wiki, Angry Birds STORY. Ryan quickly fell in love with the wiki and began contributing every day, eventually getting himself to the top rank on the Wiki Leaderboard (which is number #2, becuase the top spot is owned by Daniel, since he created the wiki).

2. Ryan knew he needed a character. His favorite bird was the yellow bird, so he created a regular yellow bird character that looked like any old yellow bird. But then he realized that a user named Angrybirdsfan had alreaddy created an ordinary yellow bird character. Then Ryan had an idea. He would alter the yellow bird pic slightly to make a one of a kind, yellow bird character!

3. Ryan started his character off by simply taking a yellow bird and making his eyes look seperate ways from each other, to indicate stupidness. Ryan enjoyed being an idiot character for a while, but it grew old. Then he had another idea: he would start his life as an Angry Bird OVER, meaning at first his character would be a chick, and would grow older as time passed by! And so Ryan simply made a Yellow Bird look young and made that his pic. Now, he has his grown-up look, which has a pink tummy, two tail feathers, and a warm grin.

4. Now Ryan the Yellow Bird appears in many stories as Daniel's adopted brother. Because of his frequeant involvement and editing on the wiki, Ryan, both real life and character, have become well known on Angry Birds Story Wiki.

5. Aside from the triangularness, beak, and color, Ryan's face vaugly resembles Ryan's actual face, but only a little.

6. Ryan was devestated when his grey tabby cat, Ashes, died, so he decided to make her a character on the wiki.

7. The reason Ryan has a bubble-gum colored tummy is because Ryan was chewing bubble-gum while he was making the pic, and he decided it looked good.

More facts soon!

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