Poor Ryan

Baby Ryan after almost drowning.

It was a hot summer day. Daniel was was sitting at the pool with Ryan, who was still a baby. Daniel was relaxing on the side of the pool while Ryan was floating on an inflatible pig toy. Ryan had fun floating on it, and every once in a while he would try to kill it. Daniel observed as Ryan crawled into one of the fake pig's nostrils and tried to kill it from the inside-out. This gave Daniel an idea. He remembered his super potions he had made in his lab by using some of his own DNA, but then learning how to make some potions that gave powers that HE didn't even have, and had just been saving it fro the right bird. Then Daniel thought back to how Ryan defeated the Dark Pig about a minute after his hatching, and how when Ryan grew up, he could be useful with his powers. Just then, Ryan pecked the infatible pig, popping it. Ryan fell in to the water and started drowning. Daniel quickly jumped into the pool, grabbed Ryan, and brought him out of the water. "Yikes," thought Daniel. "He really DOES need superpowers, and FAST, before Ryan got hurt again.

Part 2 soon!

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