Chapter 1

Ryan Birthday


"HAPPY BIRDDAY, RYAN!" Ryan jumped back in shock. "Woah!" he said. It was Ryan's birdday, and his friends had aranged a suprise party for him, complete witha giant, yellow cake with bubble-gum-flavoured icing. The birds started to sing.

"FORRRRR, he's a jolly good Yellow,

For he's a jolly good Yellow,

'Cause he's the fastest thing we know,

And no pig can deny!"

Ryan burst out laughing. "That's hilarious!" he cried, taking a bite out of his cake. Everyone was there- Tyler, Lewis, Kashy, Evan,- wait! Where was Daniel?

Meanwhile, in the lab, Daniel had not yet arrived at the party. He was arranging a little surprise for his brother. He was going to show Ryan how he got to the island. He activated his time-traveling robots, and let each one of them scan the pieces of Ryan's empty egg shell, which he had held on to all these years, despite the fact that they were rotting and smelled really, really, bad. Using the data from the pieces, they went into the past and immediately tracked down the DNA from who had laid the egg- Ryan's biological mother. The bots sent back transmissions to the projector in Daniel's lab, so he could see everything they saw. At the speed of sound, the bots raced to an island right of the coast of Piggy Isle. He saw what he was sure had to be Ryan's first parents, sitting on his tiny golden egg. That's when a shadow appeared over them. A ginourmous creature that looked somewhat like the Dark Pig with horns apeared. It was the Dark Beast! The male yellow bird jumped at it, but bounced off it's belly and into the water. He did not come back up. The bots then followed the Dark Pig as it chased the female around the tiny island. The female struggled not to drop the egg as she ran. The creature jumped infront of the female, not allowing the bots to see. Then they saw Ryan's egg fly from infront of the creature and into the ocean. The creature stomped away. Daniel wasn't sure, but he thought he saw something in its teeth. He looked back, the female bird was gone. Daniel gasped. Just then, Ryan hopped into the room. "Oh, there you are Dan-" "NOTHING!" Daniel said, pounding the "off" button on the machine.

Chapter 2

Ryan made a face. "Something wrong?" "Uh, no," said Daniel. "I was looking for you," Ryan said. "Tyler said you helped him make the cake." "Oh, yes I did!" Daniel said. Ryan's eyebrows moved up, then down. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked. "You don't seem like yourself." Just then, one of Daniel's time traveling bots sent an emergency signal to Daniel. The Dark Beast had thrown a rock at one of the bots, damaging it. "Uh oh," said Ryan. "Sounds like one of your bots are in trouble," before Daniel could stop him, Ryan pressed the "on" button. The damaged bot sent the video to Daniel's memory machine just before it hit the ground and broke. "Ryan's Birdday Present has been transferred to Memory Machine," the projector said. Ryan gasped. "Ooh, what is it?!" "Uh, Ryan, it's not finished yet!" Daniel said. Just then, the Memory Machine said, "Presentation is ready." Ryan chuckled. "Nice try, Daniel." "Wait Ryan!" Daniel shouted. "You may not want to-" Ryan had already hopped into the Memory Machine.

* * * * * *


Ryan when he hatched

Unborn Ryan sat inside his golden egg, breathing slowly and silently. All was peaceful. Just then, from outside his egg, he heard a loud growl, followed by a scream of his mother. Just then, everything around him started shaking as his mother ran with his egg. "Waaaaa!" Ryan cried. After about 5 minutes, he heard a loud chomping sound, and felt like he was flying as his mother threw his egg into the ocean just before she was eaten by the Dark Beast. That was immediately followed by a splashing sound. Ryan suddenly felt very cold. After about 10 minutes, he couldn't take the freezing cold anymore. He felt himself go into a deep sleep.

Ryan woke up to the gentle voice of a male and female bird talking. "See if he can say it," the female voice said. "This is an egg, Danny," the male said. "Can you say egg? "Eg!" said the voice of a chick. It was the voices of Strawdina, Strawben and Daniel. Ryan realized he was now very cramped inside his egg. It was time to hatch. Ryan chirped softly and began crying as he tried to break out of his egg. Strawdina gasped. "It's hatching!" she cried. "Eh mumu," said Daniel. "This is it!" said Strawben. Ryan cried harder as he broke the top of his egg off. Ryan slowly opened his eyes. He slipped off the bottom piece of his egg and shivered as he curled up into a tiny ball. "Aw, he's cold," Strawdina said. She got a small towel and wraped it around her new son. "We'll call him... Ryan." Strawben said. "Ryan is a lovely name," Strawdina replied. She picked her new son up and put a diaper on him. Baby Ryan sniffled.

Chapter 3

Ryan slowly stepped out of the Memory Machine. His face was frozen stiff. Daniel sighed. "I didn't think you would like it," said Daniel. "but I knew how bad you wanted to know where you came from. But when I found out how tragic your story was, I wasn't sure you would exactly want to find out on your birdday." "No, it's fine," said Ryan. "You can't escape destiny, and it was mine to find out where I came from." Daniel smiled slightly. "Would you like to head back up to the party?" "You go ahead," said Ryan. "I'll come up in a minute. I... I just don't feel quite right." "I understand," Daniel said, hugging his brother.

After Daniel had left, Ryan sat down to think. He couldn't believe the Dark Beast was the reason his parents where gone. But if the Dark Beast hadn't, then he may have never met Daniel. But even then, it's better to spend your life with your biological parents as long as they love you, right? But if not for Daniel and Tyler, he may never have had any friends in the first place. Which way was better? He couldn't decide. He sat back and closed his eyes. A single tear ran down his cheek. He sighed and hopped out the door.


Ryan hopped back to the party. "Hey, Ryan," Tyler called. "We're about to dig in to the cake. Come join us!" Ryan smiled. It was good to have friends like Daniel and Tyler. Maybe they weren't his real family, but he couldn't ask for a better one.

To be Continued in Ryan's Past: The Unseen

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