On an uncharted island, very far away, there lived two Yellow Birds, a husband and a wife. Among the island lived many other Angry Birds, who where all laying their eggs. The yellow bird mother wouldn't lay an egg though. The other bird laughed at the Yellow birds, who would never be parents. Dejected, they left The island and dicided to sail to what is now known as Angry Birds island. They had no idea tha all the other Angry Birds had decided to come too, and where now living on the other side of the island. Their side became bright and happy. The yellow Birds' side became dark and gloomy. One of the red birds on the happy side was named Strawdina, who layed Daniel. Then, one happy day, the female yellow bird finally hatched an egg. The baby yellow bird lived a happy life among his parents yet never really got any education. Then one TERIBLE day, the Dark Pig came! It attacked and killed the baby yellow bird's parents. It was then that the baby Yellow Bird unlocked every Angry Birds's true instinct: becoming enraged. He attacked the Dark Pig and sent it running to the happy side of the island where it attacked the blue birds. The baby yellow bird followed and a few days after the Dark Pig was defeated by Daniel, he emerged and now lives among the other Angry Birds, who now call him Ryan.

The End.

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