Hey hey, BirdLovers! I'm back and with a new story! Not to mention that it can be quite confusing, I purposely did that so you would have to read it more than once to understand. Hehehe...

-Ryan When Ryan is captured by King Pigram, he is taken to the fortress and killed subsequently. Just Kidding! What really happens is King Pigram captures Ryan and takes him to Dr. Pigtastic's layer. He is let out, but inside Pigtastic's latest invention, the Thoughtinator 3000. The idea is that the pigs can extract the wherebouts of the eggs from Ryan's head, but it will take a LONG time. In the process, Ryan is forced to to comfort some powerful feelings about his place in the gang... as well as the world.

Chapter 1: The Capture

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"Sire, if you don't mind me asking, uh, why are we doing this exactly?" "Because, me unfaithful number two, I haz me a plan!" King Pigram and Major Pig were hiding in a bush, watching the birds hop by. "I looking for somebirdie," King Pigram explained. At that moment, Ryan hopped by. "Bingo!" said King Pigram. "Do, it, Minion!" Major Pig tossed out a rope with a decoy egg tied to it. Ryan stopped. "Woah, an egg?! How'd it get here...?" And he went to pick it up. The moment he did, it released a cage from the tree above, immediately trapping Ryan! "Hey, what the.. LET ME OUT OF HERE!" King Pigram and Major Pig grabbed the rope and pulled the cage back to the fortress."Dr. Pigtastic," said King Pigram when they got there. "We can haz da specimen," "SPECIMEN? I'M A BIRD!" Ryan shouted. "Shut up!" said King Pigram.

Chapter 2: The Dream Machine

"Exellent," said a voice. Dr. Pigtastic walked into the room sinesterly. "What do you want with me, swine?!" Ryan said. "I'll show you," said the mad inventor. He walked over to a very large cubical-shaped device with a thick, white tarp covering it. "W-What's that?" said Ryan nervously. "I'll show you," said Dr. P as he pulled the tarp off. It was a ginormous glass container with a metal control pad and a computer screen. The inside of it was filled with a strange green liquid. The nameplate near the top of it read Thoughtinator 3000. Ryan gulped. "Using this thingamajigger, we shall be able to see into you bird's mind and find out where eggs are!" "NO!" shouted Ryan. "You fiend!" "Oh, but there's more!" said Dr. Pigtastic. "When we extract all your thoughts, you will forget everything, INCLUDING how to breathe!" "What?!" said Ryan. "You'd do all THIS for a few EGGS?!" "Of course, bird!" said King Pigram. "I loves eggs! Major, put pesky bird in!" Major Pig rode into the room on a forklift. He used it to pick up the cage, and dump Ryan into the machine. The second Ryan plunged into the tank, he fell fast asleep.

Chapter 3: In the Mind of Ryan

Ryan opened his eyes. Everything was dark. "Hello?" Ryan called. "W-Where am I?!" Ryan heard distant breathing. "I-I'm not scared of you!" Ryan shouted. A mysterious figure approached Ryan. Ryan screamed. "So much for not being afraid," the figure said. The room lightened slightly. There, infront of him, was a ghost. "U-U-Uncle Dave?" Ryan stammered. "Yes, my nephew, it is me," said Dave's ghost, taking off his dark black cloak. "What's going on?!" asked Ryan. "Nothing is going on," said Dave. "You are just in a very deep sleep." "Oh, okay.." said Ryan. "Ryan," said Dave. "Close your eyes, and tell me what you see." "Um, okay?" said Ryan, closing his eyes. Suddenly he was lost in a vision.

Ryan woke up in Daniel's lab, strapped down to the specimen bed. A huge laser starred at him from above. "Hey, what's going on in here?!" Ryan yelled. A very unusualy sinister-looking Daniel walked into the room. "I'll tell you exactly what's going on," Daniel chuckled. "We will deprive you of almost everything stored up in your temporal lobe in order to rid us of your expendableness." "What?!" said Ryan. Daniel sighed. "We're gonna erase your memory so that you don't know you ever joined the gang, and what a much better gang we will be when this is overwith." "WHAT?!" shouted Ryan. I mean something to the gang!" "Do you, or do you just speed around and protect Hamm and chew bubblegum all day?" Tyler asked. "Besides, you joined the gang long after we did." "But-" Ryan began. "Butts are for sitting," said Daniel. "Everyone knows that." And he pulled the lever on the laser's control pannel. Ryan felt a shock in his brain area, and was knocked out cold.

Chapter 4: The Unthinkable

Ryan woke up again next to Dave's ghost. "That was horrifying!" Ryan exclaimed. "What the Bird would a vision like that mean?!" "Obviously," Dave said, "it means that you've been feeling kind of sad lately, but you haven't even noticed. "Why would I not know if I was sad?" Ryan asked. "Ah, sometimes when our brains don't want to think about something, they make us think that we're feeling differently," Dave replied. "So, what was I sad about?" Ryan asked. "I think lately you've felt a little jealous that you were the last to join the gang," Dave said. "Meaning-?" asked Ryan. "You're always hearing Daniel and Tyler talking about the old days, the days in which you weren't with the gang." "Are you kidding? Why would me joining the game make them less happy?" "They aren't less happy," Dave explained. "You are just jealous that they have been through more with each other than with the three of you as a trio." "Well, so maybe I'm a little jealous, and maybe I joined the gang long after them. That's nothing to blame them for," said Ryan. "You're absolutely right," said Dave. "It has nothing to do with them. You just wish you had been with them sooner. Sometimes the new(est) teammate can be thought as the most expendable, other times, otherwise." "What?!" exclaimed Ryan. "The fact is you're not useless, you just feel like you are. Now there's something else I want to show you..." Dave went over to the door and opened it. "Take a look outside," he said. Ryan hopped over. The entire area around the room he was currently in was nothing but blank white. "In you go," Dave said, pushing Ryan out of the room. Ryan fell about a foot and landed on his face.

Chapter 5: Converstion with a Beast

Ryan looked up from where he had fallen. The room had mysteriously disappeared. "Interesting," Ryan though. Now he was just alone in blank white space. Ryan began to hop around, looking for a way out, when he heard a hardy pig laugh. "Pigram," Ryan thought, charging at the sound. When he saw who it really was, he skidded to a stop. There, towering above him, was the menacing Dark Beast. Ryan screamed and tried to zoom away when the Dark Beast made a mighty lunge and grabbed Ryan back by his tail. "W-What do you want with me?!" Ryan cried. "Oh, relax," the Dark Beast said. "I couldn't eat you if I wanted to, a speedy bird like you would just upset my stomach," and he set Ryan down infront of him. "Come on, make yourself at home," the Dark Beast said. "But," Ryan said. "But I don't want to be with you!" "Oh, tell me something I don't know," the Beast chuckled. "No bird does and no bird should. But you should know that I can understand your pain. "THE PAIN THAT YOU CAUSED THE EARLY STAGES OF MY LIFE BY SHOVING MY MOTHER INTO YOUR BIG MOUTH?!" Ryan shouted. "I'm sorry," said the Dark Beast. "It's my only food habit. What I mean by pain is how you feel disregarded. I felt that way when I lived in the pig palace, which is why I ran away to that small island your parents settled on. I didn't ever get a decent meal, so when I finally saw two birds living there, I HAD to seize the moment!" "Oh," said Ryan. "And I bet that the fact that they had an EGG with them didn't matter to you and you could make the chick inside an orphan just because you were hungry!" The Dark Beast sighed.

Chapter 6: The Flashback

"Look, Ryan," the Dark Beast said. "that's not what I'm here to discuss with you. "This is about your feelings, not your past. So let's say at a time you were a valuable new addition to the team, but that phase is over, and they've moved on. They can do things by themselves just fine, and while you look cool with your super-speedy ability and all that, you're just one thing now- expendable. So, now that they have moved on, shouldn't you do the same?" And just what do you mean by that?" asked Ryan. "Well, Pigram is searching through your mind as we speak, and he's probably extremely close to finding the location of the precious eggs. Daniel and Tyler will be horrifyed. And well? Serves them right for not treating you like a true member of the gang." "NEVER!" shouted Ryan, zooming at the Dark Beast, who popped like a balloon. Suddenly, the whiteness darkened. The entire room became pitch-black. A memory of a time when he and Daniel were captured by the pigs appeared before their eyes.

"Alright, birdz," King Pigram said. "Mah dungeon's full and stuff, so only one of you must stay here. "Sire, who will you pick?" asked Major Pig. "Duh, me's picking da one with da goofy hat! He destroys meh property and kills meh soilders. Da speedy one? We dont even have to worry about him, hes an idiot." "Very well, Sire," said Major Pig. "Yellow guy, you're free to go." "What?" said Ryan. "I'm not a threat at all? "What, you're colmplaing about freedom?" Major Pig asked. "No, I'm complaining about not being treated like I matter at all!" Ryan said, as he rammed into the wall of the fortress. He and Daniel made it out just before the roof collapsed, popping all the pigs inside.

Chapter 7: All is Well

"Maybe the pigs don't think I'm a threat," Ryan thought. "but maybe I can use that to my advantage by surprising them on what I can do." Ryan suddenly felt a burst of confidence in him again, and he woke up. Ryan swam up and jumped out of the tank. "What?!" exclaimed King Pigram. "How'd he escape?" said Dr. Pigtastic. "Maybe I'm a little better than you think!" Ryan said triumphantly, and he zoomed at the pigs, knowing that while some may not think so, he was perfect just the way he was.

The End

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