Prototype- Super Vision, Dizzy Beam

Mark I- Tyler's and Prototypes's

First Appearence

The Inventor


Robot Oriole




Robo-Daniel,Robo-Ryan,The Inventor

The Robo-Tyler was a robot duplicate of Tyler which was made by The Inventor.


The Inventor sold robot duplicates to birds and next day, they diassapeared. When Daniel, Tyler and Ryan came to

Robo-Tyler Prototype

investigate he revealed his plans and set their robot duplicates on them. Our heroes led the robots to the bell tower and trapped them in the bell. They then banged it causing the robots to shatter. The Inventor was sent to prison on another distant island and never seen again.

Mark I

After Daniel, Tyler and Ryan found out that Hamm had been replaced by a robot for 6 months, they went to The Inventor's abandonded factory where The Inventor revealed
Robo-Tyler 2

Robo-Tyler Mark I

the previous robots were just prototypes. He then released the upgraded versions on them. While Robo-Daniel and Robo-Ryan escaped from the traps of Daniel,Tyler and Ryan Robo-Tyler strayed away to kill Tyler's family. However when he got thier house, he saw how much they love him and he had a change of heart, becoming good. He helped the birds trap the other Robo-Birds in a rocket and sent them to the moon.

Later, he and Tyler became like brothers and did everything together.

Robo-Tyler Good

Good Robo-Tyler

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