Complete Disguise, Data Scanning

First Appearence

Return of The Inventor


Robot Pig


Robo-Daniel,Robo-Tyler,Robo-Ryan (probably), The Inventor


Daniel,Tyler,Ryan (probably)

The Robo-Hamm was a robot duplicate of Hamm which was made by The Inventor.

Somwehere 6 months before Return of The Inventor takes place, The Inventor kidnapped Hamm leaving Robo-Hamm

Robo-Hamm's True Form

to take his place. Due to it's disguising powers, Daniel, Tyler and Ryan couldn't tell any diffference and were unaware that Hamm had been kidnapped. Robo-Hamm also scanned them so that The Inventor could make sturdier robots of them with all their powers with some extra ones.

When the robots were complete, The Inventor activates Robo-Hamm's true form to gaet the birds to his trap. The birds are shocked to see that Hamm is a robot and after easily destroying it, they go to The Inventor's abandoned factory to get the real Hamm back, falling directly into his trap.

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