The Original Redmond house

The Redmond Residence was a commonplace area to see Daniel and Ryan at. in 2012, before the 17th, The whole thing burned down,but everyone managed to escape.The new Redmond Residence is a large mansion that Daniel helped pay for through funds of his lab, Ryan helped for with money from his baby pig orphanage, and Strawdina payed the rest with some of her saved bills from being a doctor.

Original House's rooms

Daniel's Room: Red wallpaper, "Brown Puffle Lab" coming from computer,Vials and potion stains on the cabinet, old turtle tank with no fish or turtle, Fish stuff scattered all over the floor.

Ryan's Room: "Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012 Theme" music in background, dusty cabinet with Mirror, Yellow Wallpaper, poster of "Angry Style", music video hanging above light blue-colored bed, desk with VERY old notes, fish tank with a small octopus-bird.

Ally's Room: Hot Pink Wallpaper, "The Party Starts Now" pumping loudly from a Boombox, closet full of lots of outfits, Music books on stand, Daniel's notebook for Science Experiments with with words scribbled out on the cover on the cabinet.

Strawben and Strawdina's Room: Red wall, huge bed, white cabinets.

Bluetop, Bluberta, and Blueberry's Room: Blue walls, April Fools music playing, Closet full of prank items, desk full of notes.

Anna and Andy's Room: Red Wallpaper, quilted bed, western cabinet

Alvin's Room: Black wallpaper with skulls, Rock punk Cabinet, Rock Punky Bed with sheets

Kitchen: looks like any other kitchen, but when you turn to the right, you see a very beautiful Turtle tank.

Attic: old Junk, old christmas Decorations, old photos, misc. boxes, Telescope pointing towards pig castle.

Basement: same stuff as attic, minus the telescope.

Redmond Mansion's rooms


The Redmond Mansion

Daniel's Room: "Bubbling Lab" playing, Vials, Chemistry set, Closet of Various items, Phantom Daniel Labs enterance, Robot Lab enterance, Ghost Canisters, red wall, Black and White Damselfish tank, Science themed bed.

Ryan's Room: "Ryan Blast" playing in Background, Yellow Wallpaper, Same bed as Original, frog-bird tank, secret hatch under bed to get to EBA Command Room, closet with old toys.

Ally's Room: Musical Wallpaper, "Vedrai Carino Instrumental" in Background, Closet of costumes, Music stand with Music books, "Angry Birds Island Talent Show" poster, Play posters, Baby Grand Piano, Shelf of Music books.

Lewis' Room : "Cipher" playing. Painted blue, Bunk beds, converts into jedi training room, Lewis' Lightsaber in glass case, Pictures of Redrick and Zoey, Table for lego building, Toy box For Lewis Jr, Superbrick Closet (Lego Games only), Wardrobe with Jedi Robes in. Secret wardrobe elevator to secret part of lab where Gander I, Lewis' ships and the Delorean are. Teleporter to Franks house

Strawdina and Strawben's Bedroom: Same bed as from original house, Red walls, White Cabinet, same type of bed as Daniel's Science Themed Bed (possibly for when Daniel sleeps there), Same type of Bed as Ryan's, Elm nightstands.

Theater: Movie Theater Chairs, Stage, Movie Screen

Alvin and Andy's Bedroom: Rock Punk Bed, Cowboy Bed, Line across Room, Black Rock Guitar Red Rock Guitar (Possibly Daniel's), Acoustic Guitar, Rock Dresser, Western Dresser.

Anna's Room: Western Dresser, Cowgirl bed, Acoustic Guitar.

Attic/Observatory:Telescope, cage (for pet animal bird), Boxes of unused items.

Muna's Room: White Walls, Daniel's original Goggles in a case, White bed, Daniel Memories collection frame.

Autumn's Room: Ryan, you do this one.


  • It was Revealed in the "Holiday music video by Bird Day, the fire that burned down the original Redmond Residence lasted 4 minutes, as to the band having time to record while Alvin's room started burning.
  • Five maps were made of the Redmond mansion, and it was Revealed there are Underground levels, and that's where the Bedrooms are located on the 1st underground level. the 2nd Underground level is locked to all others except Daniel, Ryan, and Tyler.
  • Daniel's new lab is inside the Mansion, on underground level 2, as well as some other secret rooms of Daniel and Ryan.
  • in the Original Redmond Residence, Daniel labs was public.
  • The Redmond Mansion was once attacked in 2012, but the only effects of that were several stains.

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