This page is to list all the Redmond Family members, telling wich is what relation with Daniel and Ryan:


  • Daniel Eric Redmond
  • Eggboy Redmond (Daniel's Baby Son, Ryan's Younger Nephew)
  • Henrietta (Daniel's Daughter, Ryan's Niece)
  • Perry Sol Redmond (Daniel's Son, Ryan's Nephew)
  • Grandpa Roule (1st Grandfather)
  • Grandpa James (2nd Grandfather)
  • Amanda (Original Sister, Missing)
  • Alvin Redmond (Older Brother)
  • Ally Redmond (Older Sister)
  • Andy Redmond (Younger Brother)
  • Anna Redmond (Young Sister)
  • Strawdina (Mother)
  • Strawben (Father)
  • Herma Johnson (Sister, missing)
  • Bluetop Redmond (1st of Blue Triplets, Brother)
  • Blueberta Redmond (2nd of Blue Triplets, Sister)
  • Blueberry Redmond (3rd of Blue Triplets, Brother)
  • Coco Vanes ( Divorced Father)
  • Robbie Redmond (4th Uncle)
  • Blacky Redmond (Once Father, Now 3rd Uncle)
  • Bernardo Redmond (2nd Uncle)
  • Benny Redmond (1st Uncle)

Addopted, Married or Other.

  • Ryan Rory Redmond (Adopted)
  • Bianca (Daniel's Cat-Bird)
  • Muna Mary Redmond (Daniel's Mate, Ryan's Sister-In-Law)
  • Autumn Barbra Redmond (Ryan's Mate, Daniel's Sister-In-Law)
  • Ray Autumn Redmond (Ryan's Baby Son, Daniel's Youngest Nephew)
  • Ricky Shea Redmond (Ryan's Son, Daniel's Nephew)
  • Cassie Daniel Redmond (Ryan's Daughter, Daniel's Niece)
  • Hamm Tyler Redmond (Ryan's Baby Pig, Daniel's Younger Nephew)
  • Ashes Redmond (Ryan's Cat-Bird)
  • Tyler Gregory Franks (Best Friend, Like the Brother They Never Had)

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