Red (Full name Redrick Redmond) is the twin brother of Strawben and father of Lewis. He has yet to make an apperance in a story.


Red is mainly an easy going guy. He gets along well with anyone, and is very modest. He doesn't like to show off. He was generaly more popular than his brother. He is also very modest, and will often try and pass his popularity to Strawben.

On the battlefield, Redrick is a strong, fearless, couragous warrior. He has a tendency to be able to battle for hours on end without getting tired or worn out. He will never backdown from an adventure, and will be the first to fight back. He will often lead the battle.

He is also shown to care deeply about those he loves. He treats his flock like family and would do anything to help them.


  • He is a connection from the original Angry Birds gang to the Angry Birds Story gang.
  • It is also rumoured that he will appear in an upcoming story in 2014.
  • Red and Daniel look alike. In fact, they say Daniel gets his looks from Red.
  • He has the same power as Lewis, A good aim. He can also speed up, like Lewis
  • Red owned a sword that was famous for casting down over a thousand enemies.