R5-D14 was a Death Star R5 unit found in the fight at the Fighter Hanger, but Daniel reprogramed him to be a Rebel R5. he is somewhat stern due to his original Imperial Programming. in the Lego Angry Birds Star Wars game as a glitch, R5 flies higher and farther than R2, but in the episodes, both droids fly the same height and length. he appears to look like R5-D3, an unreal R5 unit with an R2 unit's dome.

Abilities (in episodes)

  • Zap Drill (addition added to R5 units)
  • Power Transfer (another addition)
  • Jawa-proof power (modification)
  • Heat Blower
  • Zap
  • Cooking (Prototype)


  • As a Custom Astromech, he doesn't have a normal R5 unit's dome.
  • He appears in the Echo Base Angry Birds set with Daniel (Hoth) and Ryan (Hoth) Minifigures, along with R2.

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