About the time Daniel, Tyler and Frostbite where dragged off, Ryan was out in the forest when he saw the half-finished slingshot. Then, all of a sudden, his feathers started twitching. Whenever that happened, something was wrong! He sensed that his friends where in trouble and exactly where they where. He quickly followed their footprints to GLaDOS' layer. A few minutes later, Daniel, Tyler, and Frostbite where about to attack when they heard a bang. Ryan had tried to jump through the wall, which was made of hard steel. "OW!" "That sounds like Ryan," said Daniel, groaning. "What has he gotten himself into?" Ryan had never fought before. "Hey, I'm still standing here," said GLaDOS. "Are we supposed to fight or what?" Daniel, Tyler, and Frostbite once again started to glare. GLaDOS pointed his vaporizing gun at the birds. The birds knew they could take the gun easily, but it didn't matter because right at that moment, something knocked GLaDOS' gun out of her hand. Then, on the floor, it appeared, holding the gun. "RYAN?!" the birds all said at once. "Who's Ryan?" said GLaDOS, who had never seen Ryan before. Ryan had turned invisible to get passed the guards to get inside. "GIMME THAT!" said GLaDOS. Ryan, who had actually knocked the gun out of GLaDOS' hand when he flew in by accident, and was oblivious to the fact that GLaDOS was bad, willingly reached out to hand the gun back. "Here you go!" "NO!" yelled Daniel, jumping at the gun and knocking it out of Ryan's hand. He explained to Ryan, "This guy's the one who captured us and brought us here!" Daniel, still holding the gun, looked at Tyler and Frostbite. "Why don't you two keep him in line," said Daniel, pointing the gun at GLaDOS. "Uh, guys?" asked Ryan. "That clock over there is beeping!" "Oh, boy," said Tyler. "Daniel!" shouted Frostbite. "We've got a bomb!"

Daniel was about to vaporize GLaDOS when he saw.

"Great, now we're all doomed," said GLaDOS.

What happens next? Find out in Part 3!

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